"Hey, hey, hey, don’t you know it’s rude to look at a lady like this?"

"I said what are you doing staring at me? Is it a fool for me to pick it up? "
"Whoops, I’m miserable. My first family as soon as possible was a fool! ! !”
Looking at the girl who has run to her face, the distance has made him smell the girl’s unique fragrance, which is not from Yuzryha Royal’s ear, but also makes him confused about what is going on at present.
Although Ye Yu wanted to answer the girl’s question, the girl spoke too fast. After that, she called him back to her mouth.
Finally, when Hessia was ready to give up, she organized her speech and Ye Yu spoke slowly.
And even Ye Yu himself seemed a little surprised at such an opening, because the sound was a little too cold.
It’s to keep people away as if you can freeze people’s souls.
Ye Yu really wants to be uncovered and see what’s going on with him. Is it ice?
"Call me Ye Yu, and then what the hell are you talking about? Where is this place and who are you?"
Ye Yu’s opening immediately excited the girl in front of her eyes, and then she spoke a word of Yuzryha Yu with black lines on her face.
"Great, so you are not a fool and mute. You were really worried about me just now."
Stupid, dumb?
You are stupid. Your family is stupid.
Fighting back the displeasure in my heart, I still feel a little cold. Ye Yu shrank and shrank, wrapping himself tightly and waiting patiently for Hessia to give himself an answer.
After a while, when Ye Yu’s patience was about to be exhausted, Hessia finally turned the conversation and began to explain.
"This is my home and the home of the post-Hessian family. Don’t you know about the family?"
I don’t know.
Ye Yu decisively shook his head and said that he didn’t understand anything.
Hessia saw this scene and held her forehead directly, and then Nai looked at him and said
"Oh my god, why don’t you understand anything? How come you don’t know anything? Becoming a family as soon as possible means making a contract with you, and God will give you strength and monster fighting power because of your family, and you are my first family. No matter what you do, you will support your family ~ "
Ye Yu looked a little dull. He murmured the words spit out by the excited girl in front of him. The chill of body and soul retreated a little.
Memories are still chaotic, but sadness comes like a flood.
Family …
Somehow, his heart was so sad that he couldn’t help crying, but he held back his tears.
There is no reason why he would never allow himself to cry so weakly in front of a young girl.
Chapter 1 Being a Family Member
However, there was a lovely wail at the moment when the palm of your hand touched Ye Yu’s back. The whole portrait of Hessia was touched and fell from Ye Yu’s body.
"Say what the hell are you playing?"
A face of depressed Ye Yu took care of himself and sat down again with a face of surprise. He looked at Hessia shivering at the bedside.
"Hessia? What’s the matter with you … Are you all right? "
"Cold … so cold …"
Hessia said this with a sad face, and her gloved hands were covered with light frost.
Ye Yu slightly one leng looking at Hessia palm frost revealed some apologies.
"I’m sorry … I don’t know what happened. Are you hurt?"
Did you scare her? Will she be afraid to approach me because of this? While thinking about Ye Yu so much, I want to deceive myself and help me fall to the ground again.
However, what Ye Yu had in mind didn’t happen. Hessia first saw Ye Yu reaching out to her palm for a moment, and then jumped and hugged Ye Yu’s head like a koala while making a fuss.
"Wow, what are you doing! ! Come "
"Treasure! Treasure! That was magic just now! It must be magic. My family actually got magic benefits when they just signed it. "
"I don’t understand what you’re talking about, but it always comes from my face."
Ye Yu walked on, but Hessia remained unmoved and immersed in herself until Ye Yu tripped and took Hessia to the ground with a jerk, which only calmed down.
"Pain pain pain …"
Because Ye Yu fell on his whole face, Hessia completed the meat pad and cushion and actually withstood the falling force.
Holding his head, Hessia squatted in the same place like a hamster with tears in her eyes and muttered, but she was almost killed by the other party’s invasion. Ye Yu was a saved man, breathing fresh air.
"Have you calmed down? If you have calmed down, please explain all this to me."
A face of Ke Nai Ye Yu sighed and sat down again and looked at Hessia.
"People know …"