The wind wall was broken inch by inch, and after a while, it turned into a breeze and disappeared completely.

58 Magic Scroll
The wind wall with blue breath is falling apart. Pitville’s face is unbelievable. He is a Samsung intermediate wizard. He can’t believe how his wind wall technique has become so fragile.
Looking at the golden mace, Pittville was frightened to death, and his fingers jumped around him. The blue breath instantly condensed Pittville’s face. At this time, he had tried his best to condense magic and even let it riot on his body. He knew very well that if he could not resist the golden mace, he would not dare to think about what he would become when he was hit by an intermediate soldier with his thin body.
He tried to run magic, and the atmosphere around him became sticky. Of course, this was because the Pitteville wind magic made the surrounding airflow condense continuously.
Leo sneered "late" and soon the golden mace in his hand suddenly shone. Big Leo naturally sensed the magic atmosphere around him. Although he could not release the magic, he was very clear about the magic elements around him, so he also mobilized the body to fight.
In his body, quarrelling is like a river rushing through his meridians. At the center of his arm, quarrelling is condensing golden mace all over his body. At this time, it has completely changed its appearance. The golden smell makes it heavy like a pure gold mace.
The breath is as heavy as a mountain. Leo held the mace in his hands and didn’t make the fighting skill. With his own physical strength and the strength of quarrelling and blessing, his arm trembled slightly, his wrist shook, and the mace leaned back and suddenly slammed into Pittville.
Pitville’s mouth has overflowed with blood, and his body’s magical elements have stirred him up, which has caused him no minor injuries. He is still strongly condensing the wind elements at this time, and a blue barrier slowly condenses on his chest, becoming more and more solid.
But Leo didn’t give him any chance to get in close contact with the blue barrier.
Pitville’s face turned pale like a blank sheet of paper without any color. However, Riverville was already stunned by him. When the wall technique was broken, he was always in a state of sluggishness. Coupled with the broken wall technique in Pitville, he was already scared to death.
"Magic Scroll" Pitwell shouted that the blue barrier on his chest had been completely shattered by the golden mace. It was too urgent when he tried his best to condense the magic and ignored the agitation when the magic elements condensed. That kind of magic agitation would do great harm to his body. Even so, it was too short to condense half of the windbreak.
The word "magic scroll" sounded in the dark.
Ryan instantly dull to yell at Leo "get out of the way"
Leo’s face swept the mace at Pittville’s arm without stopping. This is because he forcibly changed the direction of the mace, or the mace hit Pittville’s thin magician body. He didn’t believe that Pittville would stand it. After all, it was a magician’s body. Magicians’ bodies are always more fragile.
He doesn’t want to kill people. Although these two people are disgusting, they are the teachers of the Holy City College. If they die, they will definitely stir up a layer of * * * * in the Holy City College. After all, this is in the Holy City. But there are two wizards who are bigger than the magic guild. When the magic guild dies, both the Holy City College and the Holy City Guard will be alarmed. Then the four of them will be exposed in the investigation of these huge forces in the Holy City.
Solo has been merciful, but you can’t kill them. Once the dead are dead, it will be more troublesome.
Of course, he also heard the four-word magic scroll of Pittville. He heard it when he was studying the magic circle, but he didn’t know it specifically. At this time, he didn’t need to know that his mace hit Pittville’s arm hard
"Crash!" Pittville flew out with a heavy body. From the sound of his arm, he said that his arm was broken.
Just then, in a dull state, Revere suddenly woke up and watched as he was hit by a golden mace and flew out of Pitville. His eyes were red, and his eyes looked at Leo with a strong sense of murder. His right hand pulled out a scroll in his arms and suddenly threw it at Leo.
It’s a magic scroll with a strong magic flavor. The magic scroll unfolds instantly in the middle, and a huge wolf is lifelike on the magic scroll.
Moment a fiery red fireworks suddenly appeared in front of Leo, a fire wolf suddenly appeared.
It was a giant wolf composed of flames. The giant wolf stood on all fours, only one head lower than Leo. Its red hair was like a ruby, its eyes were sharp, its teeth were hard and its claws drew a scratch on the ground.
A powerful breath comes out of the fire wolf’s body, which is hotter than the temperature. The temperature transient is colder than the hot and dry. It seems that the gas is ignited, and the fire wolf’s body is flushed with fireworks. Even Leo’s hands are golden and quarrelsome.
This is the first time Leo has seen such a powerful fire element.
"Old three, that’s the third-level magic fire wolf technique. Run quickly. That’s the combat strength of senior wizards." Ryan saw that the fire wolf was shaking. He was worried that Leo Leo had just advanced, and that fire wolf had the strength of senior wizards.
"Ha, ha, ha." A miserable laugh rang out. Pittville was lying on the ground. His arm had broken, but he looked at the lux wolf and smiled more happily.
"Despicable warrior, do you think you want to kill me with the strength of an intermediate warrior? Ha ha joke: How can a noble wizard not have some means to save his life? This giant wolf is a three-level magic scroll, which was built by a great magic circle master. I bought it at first, but I lost everything to save my life, but I didn’t expect it to be in your hand. "
Pittville’s smile made him crazy more than the blood on the corners of his mouth.
"honey, are you okay?" Reverely squatted beside Pittville, and his eyes were full of sadness.
"This is the magic scroll?" Leo looked at the lux giant wolf and looked nervous. This was the first time he had seen the magic scroll, and the surging magic breath from the giant wolf made him feel palpitation.
"Old three run!" Ryan shouted and quickly ran towards Leo.
"Ha ha ha run? Can you run? I want you to die, "said Pitville, in a cold tone like a devil climbing out of hell."
"Kill them," said Pitville to Revere.
Revere nodded heavily, his eyes were murderous, and his hands moved. The fire wolf suddenly roared upwards, and two pillars of fire gushed out from its nostrils for half a meter.
Leo saw a magic scroll describing the magic scroll when he learned about the magic circle. Inside the magic scroll, the master of the magic circle portrayed a moment of magic or multiple magic scrolls. Normal magic was controlled by the person who opened the magic scroll.
Leo now knows that the fire wolf movement is probably in control of Ravelli.
Reverely looked ferocious and roared, "Go!"
The fire wolf’s limbs showed sharp claws and scratched the ground fiercely. Immediately, several deep marks appeared on the ground, still risking a trace of fog.
The fire wolf slammed the whole figure on all fours and jumped out. A lux ghosting pierced the night.
Leo’s eyes tightened, giving off a strange color, and a layer of light golden color emerged on the surface of his body. His body retreated rapidly, and the mace in his hand shone golden.