Opponents think that Lin Feng and Lan Beibei will definitely not be disqualified because the quarter-finals of this fighting competition will be recruited by the military department. Who is Lin Feng? The top imperial five-star fighter in the fighting family, this kind of talent can’t be found by the military department at ordinary times. Now that it has been shown and has a special excuse, how can this good opportunity be let go in vain? Therefore, the military will certainly put pressure on the organizing Committee of the tournament. Compared with the military, the Federation Fighting Association is insignificant. I have to say that these two arguments have their own reasons, and the number of supporters on both sides is similar.

So the supporters of these two views inevitably fought again, making the forum a mess. In contrast, the fate of Fei Xian, another blue star who was absent from the competition in the quarter-finals, and the "fake match" between Situ Liu and Kate King were less noticeable, and only a few posts were discussed. After all, Fei Xian is much more obscure than Lin Fenghuang’s five-star fighter, and everyone knows that the "broken thing" between Stuart Liu and Kate is well known, and the tacit cooperation between the contestants in the school is nothing.
"Come out, come out!" Lan Beibei spent the whole day in front of Lin Feng’s brain. When the survey results appeared at the top of the official forum of the fighting competition, she saw them at a glance. Although Sun Chuanyu’s assurance has been obtained, Lan Beibei still felt a little uneasy when the sea did not appear as a result. After all, this time, the forest air was released for her, and it would be bad if it only punished her.
"Oh, what does it say?" Compared with Blue Beibei’s sleepless nights, Lin Feng is much calmer. He is very clear about aunt Sun Chuanyu’s means to say nothing, so it must be nothing.
"Let me see … yeah … it’s okay. It says that the officials of the organizing committee determined that Brother Xiaofeng did have the reason why you couldn’t compete yesterday. As for what reason, it’s personal inconvenience to make public. However, the organizing committee of the competition also thinks that it is disrespectful to the competition to fail to participate in the competition on time for whatever reason, so it decides to give you a verbal warning and no additional punishment. Fei Xian, a blue star from Heyuan University who also didn’t participate in the competition yesterday, was also verbally warned. Yesterday morning’s two games were judged to be true and effective because you two didn’t participate in the competition on time. " Blue beibei said excitedly.
After the official forum of the fighting competition was announced, the guys who had been waiting in the forum were frying again. Some people expressed their congratulations on the results, others thought it was shady to ask for a new investigation, and others questioned why the fake match between Stu Liu and Kate King was not involved in the survey results. However, the person who raised this point was basically ignored.
Lin Fengke no matter how much he listened to Lan Beibei, he shook his head and sighed: "Gee … these officials are really lazy, but my aunt said that they would help me think of reasons. I didn’t expect it to end with just one sentence,’ It’s personal and not public’. I can’t stand it!"
Qin Xinyu, who was sitting on the side, saw that Lin Feng turned a blind eye to his verbal warning. Instead, he began to comment on the "work attitude" of the officials of the organizing Committee of the competition to make her feel angry and funny. He said, "It’s good to have nothing to do. You should play hard in the future competition. Don’t forget that you promised the outdated principal just now."
The fighting competition system of this Universiade stipulates that after entering the quarter-finals, each contestant has to play three games to decide the specific ranking of the quarter-finals.
Originally, Lin Feng’s plan was that since there was already a game that he didn’t attend, he simply didn’t go to the rest of the games. What’s the point of grabbing the fifth place if he couldn’t win the championship? Instead, people will laugh at you. Anyway, it has entered the quarter-finals, and even the last one can get the military specialty. What I didn’t expect was that shortly before the survey results were released, the president of Dream University took the initiative to contact Lin Feng. First, he gave Lin Feng a good scolding, and then he was ordered to take part in all the remaining competitions and must win the fifth place, otherwise Lin Feng would look good.
Usually, according to Lin Feng’s character, he won’t take other people’s threats seriously, but this time it’s different. At first, the principal was one of his grandfather’s disciples and his parents’ brother, so he had to give some face. Secondly, after I entered the Dream University, I often skipped classes, but for the protection of the principal, I would have been expelled. Third, it’s my own fault this time. Windson also feels a little guilty.
When Dream University was the host of the Universiade, the principal was already under great pressure. As a result, something went wrong when it was about to close. First, Lin Feng "released water", and then Stuart Liu and Kate King played a "fake match", when the principal was overwhelmed. And yesterday, when school officials came to ask the reason why Lin Feng didn’t participate in the competition, Lin Feng casually dealt with the sentence "overslept". From time to time, the principal helped to suppress the results of this survey in time, and I’m afraid it will make waves again. But it seems that "overslept" really belongs to "individuals" …
Anyway, on the whole, windson had to finish the rest of the game this time.
The organizing committee announced the results of the survey in the official forum of the fighting competition, and also announced the list of the top four and the subsequent schedule.
The top four of this year’s Universiade Fighting Competition are: Zhao Rulong and Situ Liu of the host Dream University. Harry Green of Rainbow Star Martin University and Lan Beibei of Blue Star Lanyang University.
According to the schedule, there will be only one competition of five to eight tomorrow morning, with Lin Feng of Dream University playing Fei Xian, a contestant from blue star Heyuan University.
Finally off the list, just chapter 5o, hey hey.

Chapter 51 Revenge is coming?
When Lin Feng and Qin Xinyu came to the stadium the next morning, there was already a sea of people in front of the gymnasium affiliated to Dream University. Countless people are crowded together, which is extremely hot. After it was exposed that Lin Feng was alone in the wind, the fans of Lin Feng’s fighting home on the earth organized themselves and came to Dream University to witness the idol’s elegant demeanour with their own eyes and cheer for the idol. And some fighters who heard that the emperor’s five-star master will compete in reality are also flocking. It’s a rare opportunity. I’m afraid I’ll regret it for the rest of my life if I don’t come to the scene to see the competition of top fighters in person. If you can learn a trick and a half from middle school, you will definitely benefit endlessly.
The surging crowd actually made it hard to get a ticket for the college sports meeting fighting competition, which was not very optimistic. Some smart guys in the dream university also took the opportunity to make a guest appearance as a scalper, but they also earned a lot of money.
"Lin Feng Lin Feng I love you!"
"Lin Feng, you are the best!"
"Lonely breeze will win!
"Du Gu Lin Feng is invincible in the world!"
What makes people feel interesting is that Lin Feng’s fans in Dream University and his fans in Fighting House, who are the five-star master of the Emperor, stand on both sides. Holding a variety of photo banners and slogans, under the leadership of their respective heads, they shouted different slogans neatly. If someone who doesn’t know the situation sees this scene, I’m afraid they will think that one of the two sides fighting in the gym today is Lin Feng and the other is Gu Yu Lin Feng, and they will never take these two names as the same person.
Lin Fengxian also shook his head helplessly after this situation and sighed at this Qin Xinyu: "Why don’t these people know that unity is strength?" They are all a group and they have to fight each other! " Although Lin Feng’s tone was slightly dissatisfied, his expression was totally different. In the ancient old society, those guys who had just smoked too much were on cloud nine.
"You should stop boasting here." Qin Xinyu turned over a sanitary eye and said sourly, "So many people come to cheer for you. If you are beaten out of the water later, I’ll see how you end up."
"Xinyu, you don’t have to curse me like this. Don’t worry, I will never change my mind! " Lin Feng knew her little thoughts like the back of his hand and quickly comforted him: "Come and let my husband kiss me and let my fans die before it’s too late."
"Less disgusting!" Qin Xinyu pushed aside Lin Feng’s big mouth and spat, "Don’t touch me with that strange look!"
Windson can easily flirt with Qin Xinyu surrounded by a large number of fans. Of course, it is ready. Another identity "Xiaoye", which has not been used for a long time, has made a grand appearance at this time. Although only and Qin Xinyu simply explained a few words, the clever Qin Xinyu also roughly understood the usefulness of Lin Feng’s deliberate efforts to come up with this identity. Think of windson once with this face don’t know how many women and affectionate qin Xinyu feel spirit not dozen 1 come.
"Hey, hey, don’t touch my advanced game lounge. You’ll be ready to watch me show my great power later!" Lin Feng noticed that Qin Xinyu’s face showed signs of sunny to cloudy and cloudy. He felt that it was not so good. He quickly lost this sentence and slipped away in a hurry.
"Come on!"
A familiar voice came from the distance. Qin Xinyu turned to look at several sisters in her bedroom now. They were standing in the crowd of forest air fans at Dream University and waving at themselves. Qin Xinyu was not surprised by their arrival. At the beginning, when I was in the dormitory, I knew that Peipei He was also a supporter of the "Dream Four Masters".
"Is Xinyu Lin Feng the imperial five-star master of the fighting family alone?"
"Xinyu just with you who is the man? Where’s Lin Feng? You didn’t break up again, did you? "
Qin Xinyu just walked past and Li Xiaomei and Peipei He couldn’t wait to ask.
People around heard the name of Lin Feng and saw Lin Feng’s "gossip girlfriend", and they all gathered around and cocked up their ears.
Qin Xinyu looked at these people helplessly shook his head and decided to look at windson more tightly in the future.
"You are talking." Peipei He looked at Qin Xinyu and shook his head for silence.
"Yes, Lin Feng is the man who spoke to me just now in the lonely breeze, and he is also a friend of Lin Feng. As for Lin Feng, he has entered the gymnasium!" Qin Xinyu has already discussed with Lin Feng. Now that his identity has been exposed, there is no need to hide it.
"Yeah … I didn’t expect Lin Feng to be really lonely. No wonder his fighting strength is so fierce!"
"I didn’t expect that there would be an imperial five-star fighter in our school. It’s amazing!"