He Ming smiled and said, "That’s right, after all, you can’t know this. I’m leaving. The road to proving the Tao is ethereal and there is no trace. I want to find the place of the Tao. Now I have a chaotic axe, and I have a big array of flags. And the Pangu mark. But it was almost impossible to prove it. What I lacked was the chance. "

Bai Jingjing opened his mouth. Still didn’t say it, He Ming got up and looked at her, and finally chose to leave.
In front of the Confucius Temple in Nanzhan Prefecture, Kong Xuan is still preaching. In the past 20,000 years, Kong Xuan has been preaching here, and there are countless people who come here to listen to the Tao. Nowadays, there are many monks who come to listen to the Tao in front of the Confucius Temple, among which there are many monsters and elves. It’s just that Confucius never chooses people to preach. Sometimes he talks about a method of monasticism, and sometimes he talks about the method of demon cultivation. Anyone who comes to listen to the Tao can find what he needs.
Kong Xuan suddenly stopped talking for a while, put a futon in front of him and said, "Since you’re here, why don’t you talk with me?"
A rainbow fell in the sky. He Ming sat down in front of Kong Xuan and said, "Brother has been preaching here for many years. What’s the matter?"
Kong Xuandao said, "All the monks in the Three Realms have the chance to gain enlightenment. I just gave them a chance. The monks in the Three Realms suffered numerous deaths and injuries, and now their vitality has not recovered. I just want to restore some vitality to the Three Realms."
He Ming Dow: "Brother, you know that the chaos in heaven is still chaotic. I’m afraid the catastrophe is not over yet. It’s a pity that you preach."
Kong Xuandao: "Everything depends on human effort, and the number of days is doomed to all beings, and I have nothing to say."
He Ming Dow: "Brother, I came here this time to seek the way. Can you tell me?"
Kong Xuandao said, "Which method did you choose?"
He Ming Dow: "Merit is the worst, and three corpses are not optional. I choose to prove it by force." Kong Xuandao: "It takes an infinite amount of robbery to prove the Tao by force. Can you be sure?"
He Ming Dow: "Now I have found the way to prove the Tao, but I have no chance to prove it. I have been wandering around the edge of the Tao, and I hope my senior brother will tell me."
Kong Xuandao: "He who testifies by force breaks the shackles of heaven and gains the avenue with boundless magic. When testifying, he doesn’t need chance. When the magic arrives, he can testify. What my younger brother lacks is still magic."
He Ming bowed his head and thought about it carefully. "Brother, what does Xuangong need for nine turns?"
Kong Xuandao: "Nine turns to Xuangong only cultivate the physical body, not the Yuan God. However, the last nine turns of Xuangong need to be accomplished by Yuan Shen, and the younger brother can’t make nine turns without Xuangong. "
He Ming Dow: "At the beginning, Brother Qingyun relied on the great array of gods and evil spirits to prove the mixed yuan. I wonder if I can prove it by this?"
Kong Xuandao: "When Brother Qingyun was preaching the Tao, eleven ancestors and witches helped him. Do you understand?"
He Ming nodded and said, "Thank you for telling me, brother. I’ll take leave." Then he got up and left, and Kong Xuan began to preach again.
He Ming has been thinking about the method of proving Tao since he left Nanzhanbuzhou. It’s extremely difficult to prove the truth by force. Now He Ming has everything, but he can’t prove the truth. Mana is supposed to be enough, but according to Kong Xuan, his own mana is still not enough, and his way is not enough. That’s for sure. He Ming has self-knowledge, and that way needs to be realized. He Ming hasn’t the ability to understand heaven.
All the way up, straight to the sun star, He Ming came to the Sun Palace again. Lu Ya looked at He Ming Dow quietly: "What is the demon emperor doing here?"
He Ming Dow: "The prince has been in Buddhism for many years. Has he ever learned the method of testifying in Buddhism dreams?"
Lu Ya said, "The method of proving the Tao in dreams is the unique skill of two Buddhist leaders. I am just a little Buddha. How can I learn this skill?"
He Ming Dow: "To tell you the truth, I don’t have enough mana to prove Taoism now, so I want to learn the method of proving Taoism in a dream. It is said that the method of proving Taoism in this dream can be embodied in thousands of places in a dream, and I can practice together with thousands of members, so that I can quickly gather mana."
"I’m afraid the demon emperor will be disappointed if he wants to prove the Tao in that dream," said Lu Ya. After the introduction of the sage, it must be mentioned that the sage is missing. Now the only person who can know this method is the Buddha Tathagata. Unfortunately, the Tathagata was reincarnated as early as the beginning. "
He knew this would happen tomorrow morning, but he didn’t want to ask Liu Ya. Now he just confirmed his idea. He Ming Dow: "Does the prince know that there is any other method in this world that can improve mana quickly?"
Lu Ya thought for a moment and said, "Demon Emperor, we must not slacken our efforts in proving the Tao. I am afraid that it will be difficult for the Demon Emperor to prove the Tao."
He Ming sighed and said, "I don’t know, but there is chaos in heaven now." There’s chaos. If I don’t preach in time, I’m afraid there’s no future for the demon race. "
Lu Ya thought for a moment and said, "At the beginning, Nu Wa Niangniang made people with great merits to achieve mixed fruit. Why didn’t the demon emperor accumulate merits extensively and evolve mana with them?"
He Ming shook his head and said, "Merit is hard to find, and I’m just about to prove it. I’m afraid I’ll only prove it immediately after I add merit, and I can’t prove it by force at all."
Lu Ya said, "Penglai has the skill of gathering mana, and the demon emperor is a disciple of Penglai. Don’t you know how to gather mana? "
He Ming suddenly remembered what he had learned. I only chose the way of metaphysical change, but I didn’t study those ways. Now that I think about it carefully, I still forget to study it myself. He Ming meditated on this sun star and slowly studied the Taoist texts that he had not paid attention to at first.
Soon after, He Ming opened his eyes and said with some frustration, "It’s a pity that the Tao and Law are really profound, and I am not qualified enough to understand them. It seems that I still have to look for opportunities."
"Does the demon emperor know how to swallow spirits?" said Lu Ya.
He Ming frowned and said, "What is swallowing spirit?"
Lu Ya said, "Swallowing the spirit was originally practiced by evil practitioners at the beginning of the flood. This skill is to suck the evil skills of monks to enhance their mana. If the demon emperor can suppress the evil skills, he can practice it."
He Ming was surprised: "What eats itself?"
"Every time you smoke a person, there will be karma and magic gas entangled in your body. If you accumulate too much, you will only be possessed and turned into fly ash." Lu Ya said, "The evil practitioner was obsessed with swallowing spirits because of his practice, and finally turned into fly ash."
He Ming Dow: "The situation is pressing now, so I can’t choose the prince or give me the swallow spirit."
Lu Ya sighed and handed a jade slip to He Ming. He Ming took it and examined it carefully. He said, "Prince, please protect me."
He Ming said that he immediately sat down and began to practice. Lu Ya stood by to protect him, but Lu Ya looked at He Ming’s eyes with a few minutes.
The panda on the Cuifeng Mountain frowned and looked at the sky. Xuanqing and Qingyun descended from the sky and fell to the panda. The panda asked, "What did you come to see me for?"
Qingyun said, "Panda, the days are changeable now, and this heaven has been chaotic for tens of thousands of years. Do you know what happened to this heaven?"
The panda said, "There is no change in heaven now, but you just haven’t understood it."
Xuanqing said, "Heaven is chaotic. If we can’t see clearly, who can? You can understand, but all beings don’t. Do you want to make the magic robbery never stop? "
The panda shook his head and said, "The catastrophe has long passed, and it is just a catastrophe caused by saints. As long as the saints stop, heaven and earth should be at peace. Now that all the saints in heaven and earth can’t live in seclusion, the world’s disasters will naturally stop, so there is no such thing as constant robbery. "