In fact, Lin Feng also knows that there is some water in Palin’s words just now. In fact, it is not impossible to stay in Tran Star for a long time, for example, to occupy a country first, then slowly expand on this basis and finally rule the world. Of course, this method may take generations, which is why Palin doesn’t want to do it. But what makes Palin unwilling to stay in this plane and Lin Feng doesn’t want to take care of it? Since he wants to go back, just help him as much as possible to make up for his mistakes.

"Well, I’ll wait for your good news here. I’ll keep Stormwind in Transtar until the situation forces us to leave."
Speaking of this, Palin was silent for a while, then took a deep look at Lin Feng and said, "Actually, I prefer to be a strategist rather than a commander who has to bear all the pressure. Therefore, if Stormwind can go back, I hope you can arrange a peaceful and peaceful environment for it."
Is this a declaration of continued loyalty to me? Lin Feng smiled and nodded affirmatively. "I will." Who is willing to give up on a small war fortress?
Next, Lin Feng gave Palin the secondary supreme command authority of the brain of Stormwind, and Palin could control everything on Stormwind except that Stormwind blew itself up. In fact, in this more than two years, the size of the "Stormwind" transactions are almost all handled by Palin. Windson is just talking.
Three days later, Lin You, Chen Ling, was dressed in a space protective suit and Tess was busy on an instrument in the void where "Storm City" appeared in Tranxingyu.
Windson didn’t have any protection, so quietly floating in the void, carefully considering whether there is anything missing.
Palin has already communicated with him, and Tess doesn’t care who he works for or where he is, as long as he can do research.
Ann Snow Dragon Shines Queen Mother Puppet Guard 2 and that annoying boy are safely staying in the "Crystal House" and preparing to return to Earth with themselves. Before leaving Stormwind, Lin Feng sent puppet guard No.1 to protect Palin, and that woman’s 2 Lin Feng was going to take it back as a guard at home. Without soul, she would be the most loyal guard of the Lins.
As for the annoying boy, Lin Feng didn’t expect that under his long-term house arrest and repeated hints, the boy decided to go back to earth with his adoptive parents after considering it for a few days, which made Lin Feng angry and surprised. Lin Feng didn’t want that boy to follow him back, but he knew that his parents still had some feelings for that boy. After all, kittens and puppies have been raised for more than ten years, they will have feelings, not to mention a living person. So windson didn’t speak out against it in the end because he knew that if he opposed it at this time, it would only embarrass his parents and even make him feel guilty when he thought of that boy later, which windson didn’t want to see.
Will be disgusted with that boy aside windson and careful calculation again feel that everything has been arranged, this just looked up and looked at the plane tearing device carrying the hope of going home.
At this time, the circular metal skeleton with a diameter of 30 meters of the plane tearer has been operated by the mother and Tess on the central controller connecting the metal ring, and the little devil is hovering around him, which seems a little curious.
"System self-check … self-check finished … all data are normal …"
"Input of destination plane coordinates … input of spatial plane coordinates (k462.oJ656356) is completed … coordinate confirmation …"
"Whether to start the space barrier solidification equipment …"
Windson quietly listening to the voice coming from the ear com suddenly saw his parents turned to look at him. He immediately nodded knowingly and then Lin You slammed a red button on the central controller. "Space barrier solidification equipment start …"

Chapter one hundred and ninety-four Plane channel
Space barrier solidification equipment start … "
The sound of an electronic instrument flashed across the diameter of 30 m/.on the posterior plane tears, but the red, blue and green tricolor light flashed.
Although the lightning with forest air doesn’t need to use the strength concise energy system that has not yet been developed, it also needs huge and incredible energy to solidify the space barrier, so Tess directly dragged a 10,000-meter-long energy transmission line from the main power system of the war fortress to the central control system of the plane tearer.
At the moment when the metal ring flashed, Lin Feng immediately felt a powerful energy condensed in the metal ring, accompanied by a depressing spatial fluctuation like ripples. When the ripples cleared, the whole space seemed to solidify, and Lin Feng’s eyes flashed a little surprised. It seems that the high-tech exhibition is not lost to the power of fixing truth at the end.
"It’s almost windy." The father’s voice was heard in the com. Lin Feng nodded and summoned the true yuan shield to awaken the Yuan baby armor. He put on a set of armor specially refined for this return and even opened the ion energy shield on his wrist. For fix true person, lightning is the biggest threat. Windson thinks it is necessary to make the strongest defense.
At this moment, the void in the metal ring becomes like glass with a faint light under the pressure of powerful energy, and behind the glassy void is a black hole that seems to be able to swallow all the light, like a huge mouth of a fierce beast from ancient times, leading straight to the deepest part of hell.
Windson look at the time has come to hurriedly send parents to the "Crystal House" and sign for Tess to retreat to the distance before taking out the mine-accumulating bottle.
See the internal flashing purple electro-optic small bottle don’t have to windson commanded sensitive little devil wings a Bitters immediately hide. Don’t dare to go near.
Took a deep breath, windson tried to calm himself down, and there was only one thunder if it didn’t work this time …
Dumped his head windson threw this pessimistic idea to the outside of the cloud nine and tried to convince himself that this time will be successful!
Yes. "Tess anxiously urged in the distance. It is a great achievement for him to be able to open the plane channel with a glimmer of excitement in his eyes.
Windson didn’t speak again. He took out a "fate pill" and put it in his mouth. Then he manipulated the mine bottle with his spirit to aim the bottle at the center of the metal ring. His hands bloomed like lotus flowers. In the air, the mysterious tracks are condensed into symbols with faint light.
"disease!" Windson suddenly low drink a loud hands push forward in front of the flash symbol in an instant at the same time flew into the mine-accumulating bottle of purple lightning suddenly rolled up sharply scattered light is more dazzling. People can’t look straight.
Suddenly, a purple lightning with arm thickness came out from the bottle mouth!
"bang-". In this airless space, everyone in Windson, the distant Tex and even Stormwind heard a deafening thunder, which sounded like a general shock directly in people’s hearts. All the people who heard it were heartbroken, pale and weak-minded, and even sat down on the ground and retched.
The lightning struck the center of the metal ring accurately. Windson seemed to hear a clear and crisp "click" sound, and then a powerful energy fluctuation spread instantly. The ion energy shield and hastily refined armor on Windson didn’t seem to have any effect. The energy wave easily penetrated the past and collided with his true yuan shield.