Zhang Wen shook his head and said, "I don’t know how many years it will take you to go west to learn the scriptures. I can’t wait. You must pay for the boat first." Otherwise I won’t let you go. "

Tang Priest had no choice but to ask the Monkey King what he meant. "Master," said the Monkey King, "this boatman is obviously an evil spirit that prevents us from going west. Now, as long as you let me subdue the evil spirit, we will be able to solve this problem."
Zhang Wendao: "Don’t say that monsters are not monsters. I’m just an ordinary person. If you dare to hurt me. Then don’t think about crossing the river. " Then Mr. Zhang immediately punted and rowed towards the center of the river.
When Pig Pig saw this, he said to the Tang Priest, "Master, Monkey is right. This boatman is obviously a monster. He just wants to stop us from going west to learn the scriptures. If he drags us into the river again, I’m afraid we will all be buried at the bottom of the river."
Tang’s monk was originally soft-hearted, but now he is forced by form, so he has no choice but to look away from Zhang Wen. The Monkey King saw this and immediately pulled out the golden hoop and went to Zhang Wen. Zhang Wen is to calculate the four Tang Priests, so the Monkey King "killed" Zhang Wen with a stick and collapsed at the bow.
Pig Bajie stepped forward and took the paddle and started rowing. Soon he reached the other side of the river. As soon as the four of them landed, Tang Priest looked back at the boat. The body of Zhang Wen on the boat was still there, and he had never changed into a monster. He was puzzled.
Only three disciples urged him to leave, so he had to mount his horse and go on to the west. The four of them didn’t go far, but they saw a woman coming with a basket. That woman is calm. In peace, the Tang Priest asked, "Have you ever seen my brother, master?"
Pig’s heart twitched and said, "I have never seen it. We are just people going west to learn from the scriptures. We have never seen anyone along the way." He said, pulling the horse forward.
"Not far ahead is the Liusha River," said Pingxin. "Since you are from the west to learn the scriptures, how can you cross the river? My brother is a boatman on this quicksand river. You obviously crossed the river in my brother’s boat, and you still don’t admit it. Did something happen to my brother? "
The Monkey King said, "No, no, how could this happen? We used to be a fairy to help cross the river and never took a boat. "
Pingxin said, "We ordinary people have never seen any immortals. Don’t lie to me with such lies. Master, you are a monk. How dare you tell me where my brother is?"
The Tang Priest had no choice but to dismount, and bowed to the peace of mind and said, "Female benefactor, the poor monk has harmed your brother, and I will take responsibility for this."
After listening to it, my eyes blacked out. Seeing this, Tang Priest quickly helped her. Three disciples also hurried forward to help, and woke up in peace for a moment. Opening his eyes, the Tang Priest asked, "Is the patroness all right?"
Turning over calmly, he pointed to the Tang Priest and said, "You damn monk, my brother drove you across the river and you did this to him. Where is his body now?"
"It’s just ahead by the river," said the Tang Priest.
In peace, he hurried to the river. When Tang Priest saw this, he had to keep up. In a moment, he saw Zhang Wen’s body, and in peace, he cried and hugged it. Tang Priest is helplessly chanting at the side.
"Damn bald donkey, you killed my eldest brother, and now you are pretending to be a good person here. I won’t let you go. I’ll report to the official and arrest you all for my eldest brother’s burial."
Pig Bajie said, "Don’t get excited, patroness. We have something to discuss. In fact, it’s no wonder that Monkey is really treacherous. It’s because your eldest brother is so treacherous that he wants to charge sky-high ship money. Monkey gave him a stick because he couldn’t stand it."
When I heard the word ship money, I looked at Zhang Wen’s arms, but I saw a piece of written evidence there. When he picked up the written evidence, he was even more angry. He took the written evidence and said to the four Tang Priests, "You villains, the written evidence set by my eldest brother only asked you to pay us back forty pence when you returned from the west, and you even lied to me about the sky-high ship fare. I’m going to report it to the government and let the government arrest you. "
When the Monkey King saw this written evidence, his heart moved: "It’s really a monster change, and now he wants to deceive me. Really bold. "
Ping Ping ran towards the distance with written evidence. When the Monkey King saw this, he took out the golden cudgel and laid it directly with a stick. This stick just hit Ping Ping, and Ping Ping turned to point to the Tang Priest with a bloody face and said angrily, "You are so cruel. I will not let you go if I am a ghost. "
Say slowly lying on the ground, but it is dead. Seeing that the Monkey King had killed again, the Tang Priest said angrily, "Wukong, you shouldn’t have killed the boatman before, but now you have killed this patroness. Don’t you forget what I taught you as a teacher and even kill at will regardless of Buddhist precepts? This patroness will only report to the official in a moment of impatience, and you shouldn’t have killed her …"
The Monkey King interrupted the Tang Priest: "Master was on the boat earlier, and when the boatman asked us to sign the written evidence, did you ever understand what was written on it?"
"Naturally," said the Tang Priest. Don’t change the subject and lie to me, saying that this patroness is also a monster. "
The Monkey King said, "What else did the master see on the written evidence when the woman took out the written evidence just now?"
The Tang Priest thought for a moment and suddenly realized, "It’s really different from before. Is this woman also a monster? But why didn’t they change into their original shape after you killed them?"
The Monkey King said, "I can’t see the true shape of this monster with my eyes, but I can be sure that these two people must have changed into monsters, but I don’t know them yet. Perhaps this is the devil’s means to possess ordinary people, and these two people will not show their true colors. "
The Tang Priest said, "Since these two people are not demons, then you have also killed people."
Pig Pig said, "Master, you don’t know that this monster possessed ordinary people, and it will definitely not let them live. It must have killed these two mortals first and then possessed them."
After listening to this, the Tang Priest was somewhat convinced and said, "Disciples, since these two are mortal, you should bury them. Lest the corpse be exposed to the wilderness and become a ghost. " "Master," said the Monkey King, "it’s no use keeping these two skins when they die. Since they live by this river, it’s better to send them aboard, float with the water and bury them in the water."
The Tang Priest nodded, and the three men immediately put the bodies of the two men on the boat, and then pushed the boat to the center of the river. Tang Priest kept chanting sutras by the river. Don’t get on the horse until you’re done.
Since the doom arranged by Mr. Zhang let Ping Ping also participate, how can Wang Shu not participate in this matter? How to say it is also a family to obstruct the gang of four. There are two disasters in front, so it is natural to have a hard time.
The four of them walked not far. At noon, the Tang Priest was hungry, and there was a family in front of him. The four of them went to the family and went near, but they saw a woman holding a ten-year-old girl at the door of the house looking into the distance, as if waiting for someone.
When Pig Bajie saw the beauty of the woman, he felt something in his heart, but suddenly remembered what had just happened. He couldn’t help saying, "Master, we’d better not go to this house for alms. I think this family must be the family of the first two people. If we go, I’m afraid we’ll be arrested by the authorities."
The Monkey King turned his eyes and smiled: "Idiot, I didn’t expect you to become smarter. Things in this world have their own destiny. What should come will come naturally, and you can’t hide it."
Pig Bajie said unhappily, "You are not afraid of being a king kong, but my old pig can’t stand the pain. If you are caught in the government, you can take the fall yourself. My old pig doesn’t want to suffer with you, because you killed him anyway. When they reached the family, Wang Shu took Beibei by the hand and asked, "Master, can you see my husband and sister-in-law?"
Pig Pig said, "We have seen you all the way, but we have never seen anyone else."
Wang Shu said, "My" xianggong "is a punter. It’s almost noon, and my sister-in-law delivered food to him. I don’t know what happened yet."
Hearing this, Pig Bajie whispered to the Tang Priest: "Master, look, my old pig was right. Brother Monkey killed someone, and now people have come to settle accounts."
Chapter XIV Lawsuit Robbery
Beibei Erling, Pig Bajie’s whisper was also heard, and she cried and said to Wang Shu, "Mom, that pig said that Dad and Aunt were killed by that monkey. They are all bad people. "
Wang Shu listened, his eyes darkened, and he almost fainted. He staggered back, steadied himself, and said with hatred to the four men, "Did you really kill my" xianggong "and my sister-in-law? Why? What do they have against you? You did this to me. Since you are still a monk, you can even attack innocent people. What’s the difference between you and robbers, daughter? We’ll report it to the official and let the official judge this matter. "
Wang Shu took Beibei away in the distance, and Tang Priest had no time to explain, so he had no choice but to sigh. The Monkey King said, "Master, I don’t think these two people are human at all. The nerd talked to you in such a low voice that the little girl couldn’t hear them even if she was clever and wise, unless they were monsters."
The Tang Priest said angrily, "You monkey, don’t you still want to kill people? Those two people died at your hands before, and now they are clearly human beings. Do you really want to kill them?"
The Monkey King said disapprovingly, "Anyway, this is a disaster. It is better to let my old grandson kill it with a stick and save trouble."
"You," said the Tang Priest. You really want to be angry with your teacher, Wukong. I taught you to serve others with virtue and not to kill at will. You should know that I, a Buddhist, will be unhappy with the cycle of cause and effect, and the murderer will continue to kill him. When will the revenge be avenged? It is better to let go of all the enmity and resolve the grievances. You are just like me, and you should give priority to Buddhist precepts. How can you kill at will? Killing is wrong … "
Seeing that the Tang Priest was about to start nagging again, the Monkey King quickly interrupted him and said, "Master, it’s noon now, so I’m going to make you alms." After that, a somersault cloud disappeared, leaving only the Tang Priest and two disciples who had not finished.
Tang Priest looked back at Pig Bajie. "Master," Pig said. You are thirsty, my old pig. I’ll fetch you water. " Then he hurriedly took the alms bowl and ran away.
The Tang Priest looked at Sha Wujing again, but Friar Sand didn’t know that the Tang Priest was wordy and didn’t make an excuse to leave. The Tang Priest immediately began to complain to him: "Wujing, Wukong is not bad in nature, but he is too stubborn, and he often refuses to listen to his teacher’s teachings and acts willfully." Every time I teach him as a teacher, he always thinks I’m wordy. As his younger brother, you should supervise him well for me and remind him not to make mistakes again … "
An hour after the Tang Priest’s teachings were realized, Pig Bajie and the Monkey King finally came back. Just by looking at Sha Wujing’s dull appearance, it is estimated that he didn’t understand Tang Priest’s teachings. Fortunately, he could insist on Tang Priest’s wordiness, otherwise he would collapse sooner or later.
Tang priest finished his lunch. Just as I was about to get on the horse, a group of officers arrived and took the Tang Priest four people without saying anything, and then took them to the yamen. After going to court, the county magistrate slapped the case and said, "People in the hall report their names."
The Tang Priest said, "Tang Sanzang, a poor monk, came from the Tang Dynasty in the east and went to the west to get the scriptures. These three are my disciples, the Monkey King, Zhu Bajie and Sha Wujing. "
The county magistrate said, "It turned out to be a monk of the Tang Dynasty. Now Zhang accuses you of killing his" xianggong "and sister-in-law. Is that true?"
"The boatman and patroness were killed by my disciples," said the Tang Priest. It’ s just that there is another hidden feeling. "
The county magistrate said, "In that case, the official will give you three days to find a judge, and then come back to hear the case in three days. You can only send one of your disciples out to look for the witness, and the rest will stay in prison. Retreat. "