Other Twelve Jinxian Lingbao teachers and Pu Xian real people are at war with each other. Lingbao teachers use dragon and tiger seals. When the sacrifice is held, dragons and tigers roar, and their power is not weak. While Pu Xian real people take a shot at the Mud Pillow Palace, they show their embodiment. They only meet like purple dates, with huge fangs, and red clouds cover their tops. Behind them, they show the colorful golden body, the tassels and the beads hanging down, and they are all shining, holding the lotus flowers at their feet.

And the rest of the jade tripod, the Taoist Buddha and the Antarctic fairy Weng fought against Yangming, but Yangming had already cut off two corpses and reached the quasi-holy peak, and turned the real Yang sword into a flaming sword all over the sky, killing the jade tripod in panic.
Among the three people, each of the five fire and seven bird fans in the hands of Daoxing Tianzun turned into a burst of red light, which terrified Yang Ming. Otherwise, the three people would have been beheaded by the true Yang sword. There are five kinds of fires in these seven bird fans, which are very severe, namely, fire in the air, fire in the stone, fire in the wood, fire in Samadhi and fire on earth. At the same time, there are phoenix wings, qingluan wings and Dapeng wings on the fan.
When Kong Xuan saw that the burning lamp had run away, he flew to help Shi Ji and blocked Guang Chengzi. When he saw the seal in mid-air, Kong Xuan’s red light shook behind him, and he took the Kongtong seal away. He turned Guang Chengzi into a dragon with five elements of halberds in his hand, and when he saw Guang Chengzi’s tragic death, his red sperm was frightened, and he was about to escape. When Shi Ji saw it, he sacrificed his exquisite sword and fell to it, just fell.
Guang Chengzi and the red sperm floated to the demon-sealing platform one after another.
Kong Xuanhe Shijie solved Guangchengzi and red sperm, so they came to help Yangming, Kong Xuan dealt with Yuding reality, Stone Alum dealt with Antarctic Xianweng, and Yangming dealt with Daoxing Tianzun, while liu er solved Huanglong, and after he fled, he just turned to help Lu Ya. liu er’s wishful stick in his hand hit Pu Xian reality, and Pu Xian reality saw that the tide was gone. If he continued to fight, he would die. When he saw liu er’s wishful stick calling, he ignored Lingbao division. In a panic.
After Pu Xian escaped, he also joined Western Buddhism, which is one of the four Buddhists in the future.
Pu Xian fled, leaving Lingbao master alone to face the ravages of liu er and Lu Ya. He was so miserable that he couldn’t escape. The dragon and tiger seal in his hand was first beaten by liu er Ruyi stick, and the soul of the dragon and tiger in the dragon and tiger seal lay there like a sick cat, and then it was hit in an important part by Lu Ya’s innate spirit fire, which made Lingbao master jump and jump in pain and shouted, "It hurts me too."
Just shout out, was liu er a ruyi stick into pulp, a soul to seal the demon.
In the end, the real jade tripod was in danger under the five elements halberd of Qinglong in Kong Xuan. Although the way of Xianweng in Antarctica was high, the magic weapon was just a yellow gourd, which was killed by Shijie. Although the Buddha was fighting with five fires and seven poultry fans, how could he be the enemy of Yangming? When three people saw other disciples die, they escaped, and they had already lost the heart of war. But they were entangled by Kong Xuan, so they could not escape.
First, the Antarctic immortal was dazzled by the mirror of Yin and Yang offered by Shijie, and then the Taoist Buddha was stabbed in the throat by Yangming’s sword, and the immortal blood was sprayed, which was spectacular and miserable.
Yang Jian, who was at war with the Dragon King of the East China Sea, saw that the real Jade Ding was about to be cut down by Kong Xuan under the five-element halberd. He could not help shouting at him, withdrew from the Dragon King of the East China Sea, and then shot him with three tips and two blades. Although he solved the danger of the real Jade Ding for a while, in the end, born to die, first the real Jade Ding died under Kong Xuanji, and then Yang Jian died of the immortal gourd.
In the melee, the Seven Monsters of Meishan were also killed by Peng Zu and Zhou Jiang, and none of them survived. However, although the people were defeated, the soldiers of Zhou Dynasty also suffered nearly 100,000 casualties in the struggle of Shang Dynasty soldiers.
Master Wen was also captured by Huanglong with five claws in the South China Sea and brought to the public.
The first world war, from midnight to dawn, was very tragic. It was just dawn, and the faint sun shone on the battlefield. There were countless corpses, solitary smoke curled up, the wind was cold, the flag was broken, the dark crow croaked several times, and Kong Xuan and others took all the men to clean up the battlefield. When I saw this scene, I sighed.
Kong Xuandao: "Since then, we have been beaten and defeated in teaching, and we can send our troops through the five customs on the same day, which is as close as singing songs."
Liu er said with a smile: "What happened here, I also want to go back to Dongsheng Shenzhou early. Then I will fight with Gou Chen to level Nanzhan Prefecture, and then I will send thousands of demon soldiers and monks to push heaven to abdicate. Then we will be in charge of heaven and conquer the three realms. That’s a prestige!"
After listening to liu er’s words, Lu Ya’s eyes are also colorful. His father Di Jun was once the Lord of heaven!
This chapter is difficult to write, and everyone is in a scuffle, and there are too many things to see, but finally the explanation is solved. Try to end the plot of sealing gods and demons within ten chapters. Next, it’s time for Tianjiao to take charge of heaven, and it’s time for Haotian to abdicate.
Chapter one hundred and forty-one Singing songs with troops
When Xuan and others escorted Master Wen back to Jizhou, Wang Su of Zhou Ren was overjoyed at Wen’s performance, and he was handsome in camp. He gave the generals robes and gold beads as a reward for their work, and at the same time gave thousands of embroidered brocade, rich banknotes, sheep and wine as a reward for the hard work of the soldiers.
Jiang Ziya was injured by the nail of saving his heart, only to wake up one night and find that Master Wen had been captured and failed in teaching, just like in a dream.
King Ren of Zhou sent wise ministers to persuade Master Wen to return to Zhou, but Master Wen was loyal to the Shang Dynasty for decades and had a stubborn temper. How could he return to Zhou? In desperation, Wang Su-hu of Zhou Ren can only make people pay a heavy burial, so a generation of loyal ministers died, and a soul floated to the demon-sealing platform.
For this great victory, the whole country in the Zhou Dynasty held a banquet to celebrate. After the banquet, everyone discussed that they would rise up and wave the Korean song on the same day.
Jiang Ziya said, "We have to go through Sanshan Pass, Chuanyun Pass, Shuiguan Pass, Lintong Pass, Chentangguan Pass, Chixian Pass, Yellow River Pass and Mengjin Pass before we can go to Chaoge. It’s difficult to get through the customs."
Shi Ji said with a smile, "Brother Jiang worries too much, so what if he closes the customs and blocks the essentials? People, interpretation and interception were defeated. Without the help of the three religions, these blockades were broken only by their masters, and some Terran monks and mortal soldiers were overturned in the palm of their hands. " Speaking of this, Shi Fan sneered: "Unfortunately, Chen Tangguan’s chief soldier Li Jing and Jin Yun escaped."
At the beginning, in the melee, Li Jing and Jin Bai fought with Panlong with five claws in the West Sea. When they saw that the situation was not good, they quickly fled. When Shijie said this, Li Jing and his son were fleeing to Chentangguan, and they lost their possessions with their wife Yin Shi, repaired their documents and resigned. Later, they were returned to Buddhism and Manjusri, and Li Jing and Jin Bai also entered Buddhism.
Qing Ye, who is visiting Yang Mei Daxian, knows that Kong Xuan and others suffered a great defeat in explaining religion. Qing Ye said to Nu Wa: "The siege of Jizhou has gone, and the enemy of the five customs can’t stop Zhou Jiang’s military attack. When the great cause of the Zhou Dynasty is set, it’s almost time to create six realms."
Nu Wa said with a smile, "The explanation of teaching has been defeated, and it is not so easy for Brother Tongtian to stop teaching."
Yang Mei said, "Taoist friends in Qing Ye are one against four, but they are not afraid. Why are they afraid of a mere interception of education? Nu Wa is worrying too much."
Qing Ye shook his head: "Tongtian went back this time. I’m afraid I have to prepare the Wanxian Array. Wanxian array is a bit troublesome. " Then he turned to Yang Mei and said with a smile, "Speaking of trouble. That demon ancestor will trouble Brother Yang Mei to suppress it. " Yang Mei looked at the magic ancestor who was put into the hollow willow bottle. "I’m more leisure than my Taoist friends in Qing Ye," he said with a smile. All right. I have a magic ancestor to accompany me. In the future, the days are not so boring. "
Qing Ye joked: "Then Brother Yang Mei has to thank me."
After Yang Mei promised to suppress the demon ancestor. Qing Ye and Nu Wa stayed for several days. Then he returned to the violet palace. Qing Ye wanted to learn more about the other side of the boundary from Yang Mei. Yang Mei, however, kept silent on this topic on the grounds that "the secret can’t be revealed". Qing Ye heart that depressed.
Go back to Qinglian Palace with Nuwa. Qing Ye began to sacrifice Taiji and Pangu Zan.
Looking at the clear Tai Chi map and Pangu Zan in midair. Qing Ye seems to have returned to the scene when Brother Pangu opened the sky. For a long time With a sigh. Convergence of mind. Then release the mind. Enter the taiji diagram and Pangu Zan. Just about to enter. Tai Chi pictures and Pangu’s chanting sounds. Lao Zi and Yuan Shi stayed in it to prevent Qing Ye from entering it.
See you in Qing Ye. Hands are golden. Tai Chi Tu and Pangu Zan quieted down. Then my mind took the opportunity to go in. After going in. I only feel that I have arrived in HarmonyOS and have not been sentenced. The world before chaos opens. Then he sensed that Lao Tzu and Yuan Shi, who existed in this world, left their thoughts.
Qing Ye, of course, has forcibly imprisoned the surrounding space, cutting off the communication between Lao Zi and Yuan Shi and these spirits, so it’s only a matter of time before these spirits are removed, but it’s not a matter of decades to completely sacrifice the two treasures, because Lao Zi and Yuan Shi are not reconciled to the success of Qing Ye’s sacrifice, and it’s normal for them to come out and interrupt during Qing Ye’s sacrifice.
Qing Ye, after some sacrifices, withdrew his thoughts and went out of the back hall.
When Nuwa saw Qing Ye coming out, she asked with concern, "Brother, how was the sacrifice?"
Qing Ye shook his head and smiled: "Lao Zi and Yuan Shi can’t be so easy to let me successfully sacrifice, so it’s a lot of trouble, but they are just struggling with death. It is estimated that they are still heartbroken and losing two treasures." Then I stared at Nu Wa’s delicate and charming face with a bad smile: "Wife, at the beginning you said that I lost the four saints alone and everything depended on me."
Nu Wa’s pretty face is like a heart. She snorted and said, "Who said that? Why don’t I remember? "
Qing Ye was in a hurry when he heard this. Then he saw Nu Wa’s smiling face and said with a smile, "Fine, you dare to bully your husband. What should you bear?" It seems that my husband, I have to punish you. " Then raise your hands and call.
When Nu Wa heard that Qing Ye wanted to punish her, she couldn’t help blushing like a ripe peach. Qing Ye often made excuses to beat her in the name of corporal punishment. Sometimes her hips behind her made her feel ashamed, and she was angry, ashamed and annoyed because of this brother’s arrogant face.
Just then, a childish voice sounded outside the palace: "Brother Qing Ye, brother Qing Ye.
"Nuwa heard this voice, such as caught a lifeline, the in the mind a joy, Qing Ye has a headache, little hongyun this little guy to disturb him again.
Let’s not talk about the incident of Qing Ye in the Violet Palace. When Ying Zhao and Fei Sheng went to lead the troops under the command of the Jade Emperor Haotian, they wanted to take the opportunity to kill Tianjiao. When they saw that Qing Ye had defeated the four saints and Nu Wa was around, they were too scared to make a move. Fei Sheng said, "What should we do about this?" Don’t you just go back to heaven for a job? " Ying Zhao sneered: "Taibai Venus has always targeted the demon race in our former heaven, and I can see clearly that Haotian wanted to get rid of us long ago. If he goes back this time, it will definitely make Haotian find an excuse to cure us of reincarnation, or he will turn against Heaven and take refuge in Heaven."
Fei Birthday was a little late and said, "Is this feasible? The Church of Heaven accepts us? "
Ying Zhao said, "Nu Wa Niangniang is my demon saint, and Lu Ya is the former demon prince of heaven. If we take refuge, they will certainly accept us."
Feidan thought about it, and promised to join Kong Xuan and others with Yingzhao. Kong Xuan and others heard about it at Shuaiying, and then watched the landing pressure. Lu said, "Yingzhao and Feixian were ministers under my father’s authority. Although they later joined Heaven of Science, I heard that they were not really under Heaven of Science’s control and were jealous of Heaven of Science. It’s a good thing that they came to join us now."
Kong Xuan nodded: "Brother Lu is right. They are former ministers of your father and emperor. Since you agree, we naturally have no opinion."