Before he lost consciousness, he saw the blood spattering on his chest, forming a enchanting blood flower in mid-air.

When he fell to the ground, he pointed to Buck and said hoarsely, "You, Ba, Buck, Shaozhu, will avenge me." Say that finish, head tilted, there is no breath.
Buck looked coldly at Yangpu, who was already breathless, and sneered, "Yeluhe, well, don’t worry, in a few days, it will be his * * period." Then he closed the epee and walked down the ring.
Looking at Barker’s killing of Yangpu, Yeluben and Yeluben showed different expressions. At the same time, other important members of the German-Italian family sitting next to them also had rich expressions, because in the competition, they were generally more skilled and just defeated each other, and they would not kill each other to avoid offending the forces behind each other. However, Yangpu’s * * was tantamount to ruthlessly smoking the face of the German-Italian family.
In Yuan Tu Empire, even the royal family of Yuan Tu Empire also depends on the face of the family of Germany and Italy. However, now this Buck dares to kill the family of Germany and Italy in the ring? Everyone looks ugly.
At the same time, Yelu and his inner anger are more panic.
Yelu looked at Yelu and then said to the guard next to him, "Go and check which room this general Barker waited in?"
When the guards around him heard Yeluben’s words, they replied respectfully, "Yes, master." Then back down, Cabak’s whereabouts.
After Buck killed Yangpu, he retired from the ring like Delin before, which made Yuan Le Wolf, the old emperor of the rainy night empire, very depressed: "Would you consider discussing with the Vatican and changing the plan?"
Chapter two hundred and thirty-three Four Geniuses
Yeluben was shocked when he heard the results of his investigation. Room 573, the VIP room? In fact, this room, he has also been let his attention, because, Qing Ye.
Buck and Qing Ye are together? And it looks like, is Qing Ye’s men. Yeluben had to pay attention to it.
Qing Ye. This name just broke into his ear three months ago.
He has also seen the images on the virgin ceremony, and more than once.
After knowing that Buck and Qing Ye were together, Yeluben was silent, as were other important members of the German-Italian family.
After Barker killed Yangpu, there was no more challenge.
On the tenth day of the Wu Shen Competition, what interested Qing Ye was that Daley, the four geniuses, appeared in the third ring, and what really made millions of viewers shout and cheer was that the opponent standing opposite Daley was Leancu, the deputy head of the first mercenary group of the four geniuses.
Compared with Leancu’s big man who is nearly two meters, Delia, who is petite and pretty, is even petite. When they stand together, there is a visual impact of wild animals and beautiful women.
Leancu just lost a person, and didn’t think about it. It was Daley who challenged himself next. For Daley, it was the first time for him to meet. He had long heard that Daley, the only female among the four great geniuses, was a beauty. After Leancu met this time, he couldn’t help but be Zheng. He always only knew that his mind was hit by a deer in practice.
"You are Deli?" Leancu expression some not. Naturally, Leancu, who has always had a loud voice, was surprisingly quiet, but even so, it was buzzing.
Although they were not far apart, Feng Yuntian, the head of the anti-God mercenary group sitting in the VIP room, could hear clearly. Seeing that Leancu spoke so softly to Daley, he could not help joking: "This big guy, I’m afraid he is in love." Let the members of the anti-God mercenary group around burst out laughing.
Daley was amused when she saw Leancu’s look. This big guy was interesting. He immediately smiled at Zhan Yan with his teeth. "Hello, Leancu, I’m Daley. I’m glad to play against you."
Fight? Leancu looked at Deli’s delicate body with some worries. He couldn’t stand a shot. Although he knew that Deli was a powerful magician, Leancu was somewhat worried that his nearly 1,000-kilo iron gun would accidentally hit people.
Moreover, the other party is a girl, even if he is a genius in the same column, he is also embarrassed to shoot girls.
At this critical juncture, Leancu, who has never known what love is, has taken pity on jade.
Seeing Leancu’s concern, Daley couldn’t help feeling a little fond of this big guy. She smiled and said, "Big guy, you don’t have to go easy on me later. Be careful." Speaking of which, Dai Li’s water vapor condensed in front, and there appeared a hose nearly ten meters long, and then attacked Leancu with bared teeth.
Dai Li has two magic systems: water and light. That trick just now is the nine-level magic "frost wyrm Roar".
Millions of viewers were amazed when they saw that Daley had done nine-level magic almost instantly, and some male fans of Daley waved flags and shouted "Daley, Daley".
Seeing that Leancu was worried, she wouldn’t make the first move, so Deli didn’t mention it, so she made the first move.
Leancu zheng, not from the whole body of quarrelling, iron gun crit, blossoming like ice and snow bursts out of the ice edge to Dai Li frost wyrm.
The ice is myriad and seemingly fragile, but it is as strong as gold under the constant attention of Leancu’s water feud. It broke frost wyrm’s defense and then struck into frost wyrm’s dragon body. Under one stroke, Leancu forced frost wyrm back.
Although passion in my heart, but when it comes to shots, Leancu is unambiguous.
Leancu is armed with an iron gun, and quarrelling on his body forms a magic armor similar to that of a magician.
After Dai Li used frost wyrm, she also expected that frost wyrm couldn’t bear to win Leancu. After seeing frost wyrm, dozens of glowing balls followed. These balls were arranged in order in mid-air, just like a small army, forming a trend of encirclement of Leancu and then hitting it.
At the sight of this, Leancu suddenly turned, and his whole body spun like a top. The quarrelling of the whole body was like a small cyclone, constantly spinning out a strong gas. When the light balls of Dai Li’s light magic hit, they had a strong collision and then offset.
The iron gun in Leancu’s hand suddenly shook, and after the ball of light was scattered, the iron gun was like a long queue at sea, and instantly attacked Daley.
Looking at the two people in the ring, you come and go, the collision between magic and quarrelling, and the gorgeous visual effects fascinated millions of viewers, constantly cheering. In fact, ten days before the Wu Shen competition, there were many strong masters, and the attack intensity was as good as the two, but the names of the four geniuses were louder, so the attention was different. Even several other rings at the same time were all robbed by Leancu and Daley.
Sitting in the VIP room, Qing Ye, Nu Wa and others also watched their skills, while Leancu and Daley’s talents made Buck and Delin feel ashamed.
Leancu, who is undoubtedly a strong man in the sanctuary, is only in the initial stage, and although Dai Li has not reached the sanctuary, she is a magician in her twenties with two systems of water and light, and this talent makes countless magicians in the Dragon Kingdom ashamed.
Wizards, it can be said, are more difficult to practice. In the Yuan Dynasty, as Dai Li, they are not lower than some warriors in the sanctuary, because wizards play a greater role in the battle than a warrior.
Looking at the two men in the ring, Lin Meng praised: "This Leancu and Deli are really four geniuses. Even a few months ago, it is estimated that I could not take advantage of them."
A few months ago, Limong was only the first step of the sanctuary. However, now, he has refined the deity of the middle god, which is naturally different. He is already immersed in the dragon nine secluded places, and he is no match for Limong.
Qing Ye nodded: "If Winston didn’t get any angel inheritance, the strength of this Leancu should not be below him, and his marksmanship is not lower than that of Winston."
Qing Ye can see clearly in the VIP room. If that Winston didn’t transform with the help of the angel, maybe his strength is lower than that of Leancu. Although he is the first stage of sanctuary, if that Winston transforms, Leancu will not be an opponent.
At this moment, the battle between the two men in the ring changed. Under the "bullets" of Leancu, Daley was broken and then repelled.
After standing, Daley looked a little pale. Just now, under the blow of Leancu, she had suffered some minor injuries, but she also knew that Leancu had been lenient. Otherwise, the shot just now was enough to seriously injure herself.
Daley looked at Leancu and forced a smile: "Big man, you won."
Looking at the pale Daley, Leancu felt a little uncomfortable and didn’t have the joy of winning before. He was concerned about Daley and said, "Are you all right? Sorry, just now. " Daley shook her head, said nothing, and then reported to the referee that she had given up, so she retired from the ring.
Looking at Daley who stepped down from the ring, Leancu was not in the mood to fight again, so she also stepped down.
Ye early in the morning expected this result, so it was nothing, but most of the male compatriots in millions of viewers were fans of Daley. Seeing this result, he couldn’t help but lambaste Leancu, a big guy who didn’t understand passion. What’s more, Sheng and his spear were made of wax, which was only useful for women.
On the tenth day, it ended with cheers and more abuse.
After that, Leancu and Daley didn’t go on the scene again. On the thirteenth day, the prince of Shuitian Kingdom, who was both four geniuses and lived only under Winston, began to shine in the ring. Mike used a machete with a long handle and a thinner blade, shining with a rare green light.
In the ring, the green knives all over the sky made his opponents hard to guard against and lost one by one.
Looking at McPhew’s knife skills, I have to admire even Long Jiuyou, an idiot in the knife.
Looking at Long Jiuyou tickling there, Qing Ye smiled and said, "Brother Long, how’s it going? You also go down and show everyone your little red. "
Listen to Qing Ye said little red, dragon nine deep and remote face rose to a little red, you know, he just privately called himself the red lion bully knife to do little red, not so called in front of everyone, such elegant name, he is not so fresh enough to stand everyone’s ridicule.
Don’t want to mention now Qing Ye, is it that day when talking in the room, was heard by Qing Ye? Yes, it should be. At the thought of this, I felt the strange eyes of Delin and Barker, and Dragon Nine was uncomfortable.
Delin, Barker and others all know that Dragon Nine Deep and Remote is the red lion’s bully sword. Hearing Qing Ye say this, they naturally associate Xiaohong with the red lion’s bully sword.
Long Jiuyou saw that Delin’s expression was the most hateful there. He pointed out, "You little virtue, why bother stealing? If you have the skill, take out your little gun and we’ll kill it."
See dragon nine you pick yourself to find a son, delin heart that depressed, bitter could not say, little virtue? It seems to be the name of the eunuch who feeds the royal family in the palace.
While the small gun is a short gun refined by Qing Ye for him. He named it "Cold Shot" and didn’t want to be honored by Long Jiu You as a small gun now.
Qing Ye said with a smile, "Well, let’s watch the game. However, it’s the thirteenth day, and the Holy See hasn’t sent that Winston to play yet. It’s really unbearable." Just then, Prince Michael of Shuitian Kingdom defeated another man and won five games in a row.
Lin Meng said, "At the Saint’s Ceremony, almost everyone thought that Winston had been killed by his boss. Unexpectedly, this Wu Shen competition, this Winston came out alive again." At the beginning, when people listened to Tiemeng’s report that Winston didn’t * * and came to participate in the Wu Shen competition, they were also very surprised.
Ye Qingleng said, "It seems that the Holy See attaches great importance to this stone, otherwise it would not have been hard to save this stone. However, this time, I will see if his head can be saved again if it is separated from his body."
In an underground chamber not far from here, Dogra Wolf, the second prince of the rainy night empire, is discussing with Winston the countermeasures to kill Qing Ye and his party.
Under the unfolding of Qing Ye’s divine knowledge, there is nothing to hide from all this.
"The last day of the Wu Shen competition, they didn’t take action? Well, they really can’t stand it. " Qing Ye sneer at in my heart.