It is also easy to understand that live broadcast is a technical job. If you have been playing high-end games, you will definitely not be able to do too many gorgeous exercises, but what the audience wants to see is the release of gorgeous skills to cater to the audience. Many live broadcasts will choose to play the trumpet.

Of course, for ADC to wake up at night, Feng also took it at a glance and met a high-end player playing trumpet, which he had already prepared for.
One minute and thirty seconds, the army attacked.
Now, there are only two ways to play, in addition to unifying the single line, there is also a kind of horse representing the punishment flow sheet. Of course, the two heroes, Crocodile and Jianji, will definitely not take the punishment flow, and both sides appeared on the line almost two minutes later.
Night maple glanced at Jianji’s attack power and knew that the W skill was upgraded opposite, Laurent’s mind knife.
This skill will give Jianji a full 15 attack bonus, which is easy to see, and the other side will add red medicine to Dolan sword as usual as him.
Actually, it’s the best choice for Jianji to fight crocodiles, but when I think of the live night maple on the other side, I know that it’s too cowardly to show it in front of so many live audiences.
And it is precisely because of my own mistake that the balance of victory in this game has been tilted that I never imagined who would be the winner.
In addition to crocodile versus sword, the middle road mage versus snake girl, blind monk versus pig girl, ADC wheel and Titan combination versus policewoman and hammer stone.
Chapter 29 Anti-squatting Art
Crocodiles and Jian Ji are completely dominant on the line. First of all, this hero’s skill has a stable control of AOE range, damage spurt and a small amount of blood return. The effect is even more frightening. This hero not only does not need a blue bar, but also has an additional cruelty value effect. Once the cruelty value exceeds 50%, all skills will be sublimated, which is similar to that of lions and dogs.
After knowing that Jianji ordered the W skill, Yefeng first ordered the Q skill, and the tyrant slammed it.
Crocodile Q skill tyrant slamming is an AOE range of damage, and it also has an unstable blood return effect. In fact, if it is a single line, the damage is generally higher first, and W skill cold hunting is more dominant, and the line can suppress the opponent more.
But the double sword Ji was an accident. Her W skill-Laurent’s mind knife has an active effect, which can rebound from a common attack form and hit the night maple without choosing the W skill.
The damage range of Q skill can be consumed where Jianji can’t attack.
"Hey!" Skills and effects: The sound starts at night, so that the crocodile can firmly control the battlefield. Every step forward by Shuangjian Ji will be consumed by his Q skills.
Looking at the double sword Ji who has been brushed twice by crocodile Q skill, I feel like crying. I knew that the other side was a substitute trainer and he didn’t choose the double sword Ji to line up when playing or the crocodile killed him.
It’s a first-class crocodile, and he can fight against the danger of Q. Once the crocodile rises to the second level and points out the cold hunting, his line will be completely lost
"I can fight once I help catch the dead." I don’t care what rank this is. His live broadcast people know that there is a great god opposite. It’s hard to fight against the line if you don’t call it wild.
"I want to spend seriously?"
"I spent fuel to stop the crocodile god’s eleven-game winning streak."
In the live broadcast, the audience also cheered and stopped the winning streak of the Great God, which sounded very exciting.
The wild boar-hunting woman saw’ whose family is falling’ and began to rush to the road after receiving the red.
"The blind monk came over and squatted at me." Ye Feng of Kirin Internet Cafe glanced at the purple triangular grass lightly. Although he could escape with the help of flashing after three minutes, now that he knew that the pig girl would come to GANK, Ye Feng didn’t want to let this opportunity slip away easily.
"consider this as respect for the master. Allow me to walk forward for three minutes!"
The blind monk is a platinum five player who can hit this position in the water depth. There must be strength. Even if Ye Feng doesn’t speak, he will always keep an eye on the road. Now Ye Feng speaks, the blind monk immediately gives up killing toad first and plans to squat directly from the line.
Night maple knew that the pig girl should have been in the grass beside him at this time.
E skill rush night maple saw that the blind monk was in place and immediately rushed to an E skill. After stopping, she pressed an E again.
General attack w cold hunting skills played out in an instant.
But just as the night maple crocodile just caught W’s cold hunting, the pig girl had already rushed out of the grass, and then a flash pig girl moved a full 700 yards to reach the night maple crocodile.
In order to kill him, he did not hesitate to fight wild.
"I’ll take this head quickly."
"It costs me five dollars a second."
Someone has started cheering on the live broadcast.
Three levels, two strikes, one theory, all heroes win.
But just when the pig girl flashed decisively, she was called by Ye Feng to squat down, and the blind monk finally appeared. The W-skill golden bell jar directly moved to Ye Feng’s body, and then a Q-skill tianyi wave kicked the pig girl.
"Shit, there’s an ambush. I spend my time running."
If the audience doesn’t wake up, they know that it’s a disadvantage when it’s dark. If you cooperate with the wild to arrest people, you will be squatted across the street. Where do you dare to stay? Give up the pig girl immediately and just turn around and run.
Without the flash and the only skill, the pig girl was kicked by the blind monk Q skill and could not run.
(The first drop of blood! )