Xiao Wu took out PHS and saw that the number was Panhu. He hurriedly turned on the phone.

"Where is it?" Xiao Wu asked.
"My lair." Pan Hu’s voice is very weak.
"Where are the others?"
"It’s all here with me. I’m injured. Your boss Xu rashly injected the original liquid of the Heaven-Man Plan. It’s very dangerous. Come here quickly!"
"I’ll be right there!" Shaw five immediately hung up the phone.
Turn around and look at Qin Chloe Xiao Wu only to see Qin Chloe I don’t know when she has reached the edge of the rooftop. Xiao Wu was in a hurry. "Mrs. Qin, what are you doing? Come back quickly. Don’t be hard!"
"I, I …" Qin Kerr was too excited to speak. Her eyes looked around and finally found what she was looking for.
Xiao Wu quickly rushed up and pulled Qin Chloe, but then he suddenly saw a brick in the hands of Qin proprietress.
"You didn’t jump off a building?" Xiao Wu asked.
"I jump your head! I, I killed you fool! " Qin keer smashed it with a brick …
It’s not Qin Kerr who wants to jump off a building but Xiao Wu.
Pan Hu’s lair is in an orphanage.
This orphanage is near the sea. There is no hustle and bustle of the city here, and there is no hypocritical gesture to gain the recognition of the world. It is just a shabby and humble orphanage, Panhu. Before it, it was facing bankruptcy due to financial problems, and more than a dozen children in it will face a miserable wandering life again, but all this has changed because of Panhu. He took over this orphanage and it has become his lair.
This is also a place where Zhenwuxiang fell in love with Panhu.
Come all the way to Qin Chloe didn’t take a reason Xiao Wu. No matter how Xiao Wu teased her, she just wouldn’t talk. In fact, she really wants to make the kiss come true again, but how can she be so vocal as a girl? If Xiao Wuqiang kissed her, she was sure that she would only struggle symbolically, but Xiao Wuqiang didn’t understand the girl’s mind at all, so stupid that she wanted to vomit blood.
After all, I couldn’t help it. When I arrived in front of the orphanage, Qin Chloe slowed down the car and looked at Xiao Wu very gently. At this time, she was a little selfish. She wanted to send Xiao Wu a message of asking for a kiss with her eyes, and as long as Xiao Wuyi kissed her, Tang Lan and Xu Qingqing might be at that time …
"Pay attention to the car in front is about to hit the door." Xiao Wu said.
If if at the moment Xiao Wu stood at the gate of the orphanage, Qin Chloe would not hesitate to drive into it.
The car stopped at the gate of the orphanage, and Qin Keer, looking, rang the horn.
The door is opened by an old granny Xiao Wu, who has been here several times. She only knows her surname and Zhang’s name, but she doesn’t know that both he and Pan Hu call her granny. She is responsible for taking care of the orphans.
Grandma opened the door and Qin Keer drove in.
The area of the orphanage is very large, which is equivalent to a football field. The children live in a fairly good old building. The building is only two stories high, and the green creeper covers it so tightly that even the original red brick wall can’t be seen.
Pan Hu lives in a remote corner of the orphanage, where there are only two dilapidated small blue tile bungalows.
But that’s only on the surface. There is also a basement under the two Xiaoqing tile houses. The basement is the real Panhu’s room. The collection of things in it is all some relatively high-grade demon weapons, black magic secrets and the like.
Xiao Wu has been to Pan Hu’s basement several times, and he can often corrupt some good things. Later, Pan Hu refused to visit him directly.
This place makes Xiao Wu miss Zhenwuxiang.
Qin keer parked his car in an empty place.
Some children saw the car running over to watch the fun.
"Chloe! Lao Xiao! " Tang Lan came running.
"Sister Lan!" Qin Chloe was greeted by a excited and Tang Lan embrace together.
"What about Pan Hu and Mrs. Xu?" Xiao five urgent asked.
"Come with me there." Tang Lan hurriedly loosen Qin Chloe trotted in front of Xiao Wu and Qin Chloe to lead the way.

Chapter 37 Symptoms of Xu Qingqing
In the basement, Pan Hu is sitting cross-legged on a cold piece of jade. He is soaked with sweat, and the sweat he forced out by demon force is all black with sour liquid.
Xu Qingqing was lying on the bed of Panhu, and her skin suddenly turned into a green color, even her head was no exception, and she looked like a clump of lush aquatic plants. Her breathing is extremely disordered, and her chest is ups and downs. It seems that the heart inside may burst and burst out at any moment.
Xiao Wu opened Xu Qingqing’s eyelids. Xu Qingqing’s red eyes suddenly got a fright.
Pan Hu said, "Miss Qin and Miss Tang, can you go out for a moment? I have something I can’t say in front of you. "
Tang Lan and Qin Keer looked at each other and said, "Keer, let me take you to see Professor Xu. Since Qingqing’s accident, he has been sitting under a tree without saying a word. Let’s comfort him."
"all right." Qin Chloe nodded his head.
After Tang Lan went out with Qin Keer, Pan Hu said what had happened.
In the narrative of Pan Hu, Xiao Wu’s frown got up.
Pan Hu’s heavy way: "I had no idea that Xu Qingqing would rashly inject the original liquid. In fact, if it weren’t for her rashness, we wouldn’t have been able to leave those people. Except for the spider, the exquisite spider and the black bear, Beargguy, they all died in the Beauty Body Museum. I also escaped here by devouring the flesh and blood of those people."
"No wonder I didn’t see the body." Shaw five thoughtful way.
Pan Hu said: "At that time, after seeing Xu Qingqing injected with the mutation of the original liquid, I knew that things were inevitable and I had to lead the beautiful spider and Beargguy to the rooftop again. Xu Qingqing dealt with the gunmen alone. The end result was like this. When the beautiful spider and Beargguy escaped after being injured, I was seriously injured and returned to the third floor. Xu Qingqing became like this. No matter what method, I couldn’t wake up."
"What should I do?" Xiao Wu has no idea.
Pan Hu said, "It’s really difficult. I don’t know anything about the scientific product of the Heaven-Man Project, not to mention the current medicine. Do you expect them to save Xu Qingqing even if you can’t cure a cancer?"
Xiao Wu suddenly said, "Can you use spells? I can go to a practitioner with advanced spells to cure her. "
Pan tiger shook his head. "Spells are similar to black magic, and I always know much more about black magic than you do, right? That won’t do unless you find a fairy-level practitioner, and only they can cure Xu Qingqing. "
Xiao Wu stopped talking. It’s impossible for a fix-true person to become immortal without a thousand years’ cultivation. The number of immortals is pitiful, and those immortals generally don’t care about things, even if they are found by fate, they are not sure to let others rescue them. The most troublesome thing is that Xu Qingqing doesn’t have so much time to wait.
Pan Hu thought for a moment and said, "In fact, I have a way that is not the way."
Xiao Wu said urgently, "What can I do? Say it quickly! "
Pan Hu said, "You and I know almost nothing about the principle of the Heaven-Man Plan, but we know its strangeness and power. Although its primary solution has not reached the perfect third form, we can try to perfect it. Once it is perfected, she will be saved by injecting it into Xu Qingqing’s body."
"Is this really useful?" Xiao Wu doesn’t quite understand.
Pan Hu said, "My research on Dan medicine has a history of hundreds of years. This situation is like having parasites in her stomach. She took toxic drugs to kill those parasites, but the dosage she took was too small. Those parasites were not killed, but they intensified their activities. Now we only need to inject enough of the third form of primary liquid to kill parasites into her body, and she will be saved."