"This is …"

As soon as Hyun Lan’s words came out, more than 90% of JH nodded. The moral Sect claimed to be the oldest and most orthodox clan in the world, and it was able to survive without interruption. It was not the patron of the saint who had wandered in the void, but the unshakable word "morality"-have you noticed, even if the other two saints passed on the straight line, wouldn’t the decline disappear now?
In every generation of moral descendants, there will almost certainly be a disciple who succeeds in inheriting the lineage of the true sage. Even if there is no connection for a while, many true sages who are better with it and are favored by moral ancestors will sit at the mountain gate immediately, until another moral disciple testifies …
The gold-lettered signboard of Moral Sect can be seen in general!
Even JH nodded his head and looked at Hyun Lan’s eyes, all of which were unconsciously softened.
"According to the oldest records of my moral Sect, the orthodoxy of my moral Sect was handed down by Ili, the 39th disciple of Taikoo Saint!"
Hyun Lan’s face stood in awe, and between words, there was a little bit of reverence.
Taikoo is a true sage, known as the head of the three great saints in ancient times, and its honorific title represents an era-Taikoo era!
This, even the other two who are three saints, are half short!
One person and one era, his honorific title, represents an era, what kind of absolute beauty?
In that era, his light covered everything and made him an insurmountable monument. It is not enough to describe the invincible times. In that distant years, it is no exaggeration to be the only one in heaven and earth.
It is said that in those days, if it weren’t for the strongest animal, who claimed to be born at the same time as the green field and was blessed by the earth, the green cow blessed by the sky was willing to be the mount of the ancient saints and follow the left and right, I’m afraid there would be no animal clan now!
In that era, the ancient sages traveled all over the Qing Dynasty, planned the heavens and the earth, and educated all sentient beings in the heavens and the earth. Later, they gathered the three great fortunes of heaven, earth and people in the whole world, gathered endless merits and fortunes, and created Tianluo Avenue in one fell swoop, laying the foundation for the spiritual practice system in this world-
Today’s Four-Nine Heaven Road actually matured after three ancient sages: Taigu, Yaogu and Tinggu. Therefore, Taigu Sage is actually the source of this world practice system!
"At that time, ninety-nine disciples, such as the founder of Yili, all followed the founder of Taikoo for endless years, and they also knew something about the practice experience of Taikoo. It is said that the founder of Taikoo had experienced nine most critical and terrible disasters!"
Hyun Lan’s eyes are full of blurred colors, as if traveling through endless time and space, following around the ancient saints.
"I didn’t expect that the moral Sect even had all kinds of records of the ancient saints!"
At this moment, even if it is directly inherited by the ancient sages, it is by no means true. Looking at Hyun Lan’s eyes, it is full of envy.
Sometimes, this ancient record and inheritance, even if it is the inheritance of many methods, magical powers and secret codes, are incomparable.
Since the endless years, there have been more than one true sage who was born in a small clan, or even broke the four or nine heavenly ways. They only believe in themselves, and only believe in their own path, even if they practice the Dharma fundamentally, they will only create a little bit by themselves. Even if the saints are in front of them, they can’t change to practice. This is a kind of self-confidence, but this is similar to the record and inheritance of an ancient sage’s monastic experience. (To be continued. . )
Ps: It’s king to create a character in absolute beauty and have a goal in the future …

Chapter two hundred and thirty-seven Four fountains
As if everything were spinning around, Feng Ge, the little prince of the Phoenix Terran, set foot on the 19th order with one foot, crossing the number of 29.
This bird, who has been claim to have inherited that ancient deathless bird since ancient time, is said to have suppressed the four sacred beasts of the square earth at the beginning of the birth of Qingyu, the only phoenix in the world, born of the purest blood, and even possessed the sacred flame of phoenix nirvana, the most noble prince. At this time, his skin was cracked, and a layer of hot blood was already filled above the steps of blue glass.
The bleeding phoenix blood, however, how powerful the healing power of the Nirvana Phoenix sacred flame is, the torn skin will be healed in a blink of an eye and soon, the blood will be continuously lost, the Nirvana sacred flame will burn violently, and a heavenly phoenix has been deeply manifested in the Phoenix Song Prince …
"How can I give up here!"
In the eyes of Prince Feng Ge, each of them shines with a blazing flame. Looking up, the blazing sun is more and more brilliant, which makes Prince Feng Ge trendy.
He is the only person on the ancient road today who can still see the shining figure ahead. In a trance, he seems to see the white figure again.
Whenever there are peers, there is a leader, a superman and a refined figure, which will always provide a bright light for many peerless geniuses who are unwilling to lag behind and inspire them to move forward.
Prince Feng Ge, who has always been gentle and gentle, roared at this time, showing his madness, and the sacred flame of nirvana in his body burned wildly. "I am a phoenix song, but I have inherited the strongest blood of the original phoenix. How can I give up here?"
A huge gap. This proud prince finally broke out under the pressure of madness!
And on it. Seems to shine with a different brilliance …
On Feng Ge’s body, a red egg, as if pulled by some unknown, flew into the air, merged with the virtual shadow of the immortal phoenix behind Feng Ge, and turned into an endless flame mountain, a dull and disturbing heartbeat. It’s coming from inside.
I am remembering the dazzling haze in the distant glorious past, and I am staring at the phoenix song that also broke out, which has always been open to the moral eyes of all beings in the Eight Wastes. Everything about Feng Ge is in her eyes. "This seems to be … Tao. Sexual brilliance!" "
It symbolizes the incomparable fiery crimson brilliance, and the affinity of the endless fire nirvana road between heaven and earth. Suddenly crazy to an incredible level. There is also an unknown animal egg with pure phoenix blood. At this time, all of a sudden, there is a violent chemical reaction!
Hyun Lan shook his head. This son of heaven and earth is really enviable, jealous and hateful. Every time he is in trouble, it is the time when the opportunity comes. This moral sage. I also have a feeling about fate.
Without waiting for others to ask, Hyun Lan began to explain. "Swire saint, in those days, so-called all over the world, through the ages, the most amazing people, with the so-called most powerful, enough with the four sacred beasts, green cattle, and so on, with the talent of heaven and earth, so-called, Swire Eucharist! But … "
"Do you know that the most powerful Eucharist in the history of our country is not innate?"
Hyun Lan JH, suddenly released a blockbuster, will be present many JH all of a sudden, then blown dizzy.
Originally, these sages and strong men had gathered in everything in twos and threes, and each took out his futon and sat cross-legged. At this time, he jumped up in surprise and looked at the moral sage in horror.
Taikoo Eucharist, the strongest constitution unique to Taikoo sages, claims to have the most powerful potential, but it is made the day after tomorrow!
The whole green land, including terran, animals, sea clan and so on, is called the Archaean Eucharist with the most powerful potential, but it is not innate!
"How is that possible?"
You are so wise, it’s hard to believe.
Regardless of the famous constitutions such as various congenital pure yang, golden sun, thunder body, etc., let’s talk about the four sacred beasts, which are called congenital sacred bodies, innate and sacred, with mysterious and incredible power, and even the embodiment of heaven and earth avenue. Is this strong?
But in fact, in those days, the Archaean saints did not rely on any magical occultism or even realm rolling, but only relied on their own Archaean Eucharist, and they actually knocked down the four sacred beasts!
Such an earth constitution that makes the gods cry is made the day after tomorrow …
"In those days, the ancient sages, who crossed the nine monastic careers, were the most tragic doom before they became Taoist."
"Among them, there are four fates, which have cast the cornerstone of the Archaic Eucharist."
Xuanlan stared at the two most dazzling figures on the ancient road. "One is wisdom."
"The second is will."