Chapter two hundred and eighteen By leaps and bounds
And how far away is the top-level supreme ancestor realm from just stepping into this threshold?
The difference is absolutely unreasonable!
I’m afraid, the existence of this kind of terror, with a little effort, will be able to press them directly to death!
However, now this supreme existence has been beheaded by the glorious Lord!
As for the original creatures?
They don’t know much about it, so there’s nothing to make a fuss about. Of course, if they can know its origin, I’m afraid they will be horrified …
"Ladies and gentlemen, now is not the time for you to close your doors and practice."
Yuan Heng, supported by boundless merits, is still a chaotic body of more than 10 million, and endless majesty pervades the world. "You should go back and select your younger disciples as soon as possible to help them reach the door of Pang Da Luo, and then we will discuss with the gods in the Luo Palace to forgive Hank Feng’s true god, give heaven and earth authority, and re-establish the order of heaven and earth."
Words follow the law, and with Yuan Heng’s command, the order of heaven and earth changed, and an inexplicable law was brewing …
With Yuan Heng’s command, heaven and earth began to spontaneously brew the throne!
"The deities of the heavens have begun to condense. Although these deities are not better than our own, they are also the nuances of the operation of heaven and earth. You must be careful and find the right person to seal the gods."
Different from the occupation position, there are many occupation positions, no matter how big or small, they can control the authority of one party, that is, control!
And the throne, only the exercise of power, no control.
In other words, the throne. In fact, it is to exercise one party’s divine right and work for the corresponding position under the command of the position …
"This time, the gods will be presided over by Zixiao. In three hundred …"
"In three hundred years, all these things must be completed properly. Do you understand?"
Taking the blood of a top-ranking ancestor as the road, Yuan Heng’s prestige in the wild world finally reached its peak. Not only its own authority is terrible. The creatures of the heavens also respect it.
"Yes, Lord of great glory."
Without any objection, the gods nodded at Yuan Heng and disappeared one by one.
"Fate. I think you’d better start a new name. The name fate. The use is unknown. "
Yuan heng looked at his brother, who came from the same origin, seriously.
After all, the Avenue of Destiny is immortal and vast. Those who use it as a name will be attacked by Bi Ding. Didn’t you see Lian Hong, the unique source of fate, dare not use this name?
"This time, I will use my last strength, change the land in another day, clean up the flood, and then I will turn away like a silent."
Indeed, Yuan Heng’s profound knowledge is bottomless, and he is a stunning and unparalleled Uber figure. In this war, the gains he has gained are simply unimaginable.
The three are 100% in line with their own treasures …
The origin and feeling of fate left by Hong …
The leap and progress of the will to return to the realm avenue …
Resist the assimilation of small chaos abruptly, and get the infinite mystery of chaos evolution …
The fate of the Ganges has evolved into the destiny of the gods and evolved into its own independent system …
Proof of their own seal …
With eternal chaos across everything, a glimpse of eternal truth and immortal mystery …
After defeating Hong, what you get is a top innate treasure-the gun of Dong Ke …
As well as the life-and-death struggle, eternal chaos itself, the more brilliant and bright mind under the pressure of incomparable terror and despair …
All this, as long as you can get one, is enough to make great progress. If you digest the income, it is hard to say that the first supreme ancestor of the universe will be born!
It’s not impossible to reach heaven in one step!
Unfortunately, all this takes time …
However, even with the support of boundless merits, it is impossible to support that day.
"Ha ha, as a time source fiend, one day, it will be limited by time. How ridiculous it is!"