In an instant, the spherical barrier was covered with countless cracks, especially in the sword, which was almost cut through.

However, at this time, the sword stopped, and it was always a little short to break it.
The sixth brother in the barrier was surprised to break out in a cold sweat and was glad, but he saw Xiao Wen in mid-air suddenly let go and gave up his double sword.
Hmm? !
Then I saw the green light at first light, and suddenly there was a heavy stone door in Xiao Wen’s hand above his head!
I hit it! ! !
"boom! !”
The thick stone door fell from the sky, easily crushing the spherical barrier, and directly hitting Brother Liu on the ground, crushing half of his body into paste!

Chapter 29 Delight (for recommendation, for more)
Six elder brother in an instant from unscathed to dying, even words all don’t come out, can only stare at a pair of more and more is the eyes of god looked at xiao asked.
The only thought in my heart is: how did you get to this step?
Yes, how did it come to this?
Coveting the high salary promised by Qian Fu, he chose to work as a supervisor in a black mine. A small life is fairly comfortable. When he is depressed, he can bully others and vent his anger. Over time, he will get used to it. It is impossible for a mining slave to dare to escape, which has become a habitual cognition of him. However, someone really ran away today, and still took advantage of his lazy nap!
He knows very well that the escape of the slave miners is by no means a simple matter of losing one or two laborers in the black mine, but that Qian Fu’s black mine may be closed down! Knowing that the matter is of great importance and afraid of taking responsibility, he can only use his greatest strength in his life to hunt down two escaped mining slaves. As a result, it became more and more chaotic. Although I chased it out early, I lost it.
Later, I finally found the trace left by Zhang Hu, finally caught up with a goal, and then immediately saw Zhang Hu being thrown off a cliff. At this point, he still didn’t feel anything. Anyway, he and Zhang Hu have no friendship. What he thinks is still how to catch or kill the mining slaves to make up for their mistakes.
So, he ran to the bottom of the cliff, looking for the lock on Zhang Hu. Even if he saw Zhang Hu’s body with his own eyes, he really didn’t think that he would be killed by the mine slave, and he didn’t even think that he would get hurt. With his strength, enough to easily win the slave, Zhang Hu fell off the cliff is completely Zhang Hu’s own mistakes first, not how strong the slave is.
Just as he picked up the wooden symbol, he was full of hope of making amends; Just as he was full of confidence and fantasized about taking the miner back to the mine to cook it well, after only two interest rates, he fell to the ground and his vitality was gradually dissipating.
He can’t fucking figure it out. How did that happen? ! !
Then, with this kind of unwillingness and doubt, he gave up his breath completely, until finally he didn’t even have time to hate Xiao Wen.
Xiao asked at this time also some stupidly, he really didn’t expect, will be a clear door as an attack fairy make should have this kind of power, this his mama of is several times stronger than two night-chopping swords combined …
But the reason is quite simple. He borrowed the trend of falling, even if he directly threw such a heavy Qing door from the air more than ten feet high, it would be enough to kill people. What’s more, at the last minute, he used Dao Li to push his hair and rammed himself into the sixth brother.
It seems that this skill really needs to be learned and applied, otherwise it will become a goose with a dull head.
Xiao Wen has made great achievements with one blow, but he also has self-knowledge, knowing that he is still far from this aspect and has a long way to go in the future.
Taking a deep breath, Xiao asked to get rid of those messy thoughts from his mind, and then he got busy.
Will soon be six elder brother and Zhang Hu’s body to deal with, he took out his worn-out push cloud boots, soaked some six elder brother’s blood on the ground; Then he took off a few pieces of cloth, tore them a few times and threw them on the ground; Finally, Xiao Wen took out the one that was punctured by Zhang Hu, and carefully placed it on the elder brother, then turned to leave.
That’s all he can do for old Cui tou at this time.
There are many wild animals in the mountains here, but they just feel the spiritual pressure of the cultivator and dare not come out. Once Xiao Wen leaves, there will be wild animals who find the smell and eat the bodies of Brother Six and Zhang Hu. There are many insects in this world, which corrode the bones of the dead. It only takes two or three days, but Brother Liu and Zhang Hu will never leave any traces. Xiao asked to leave the cloth and the fairy, in order to create the illusion that he had mutually assured destruction with the two men. If Qian Fu could not find the bodies of the two men in time, only three people’s clothes, fairy and dried blood would be left near here.
Who would believe that a junior fairy killed two middle-ranking fairies and managed to escape? Even if Xiao asks himself, he is more inclined to accept the result that he has mutually assured destruction with those two guys.
As long as he’s a runaway slave, Qian Fu naturally has no need to kill Lao Cui’s first-class slave. Naturally, there is also a premise here, that is, Niu Tong can’t escape.
According to my conscience, Xiao Wen wanted Niu Tong to escape, but no matter what he thought, he felt that Niu Tong’s hope of escape was not too great.
He has a cloud boot, a night sword, a clear door, and at least two pieces of each. Among them, the cloud boot has the skill of fairy, and the clear door is the top ten defensive fairy in this world. With this luxury reserve, he barely killed Zhang Hu after some calculation, but Niu Tong, what can he have? Even if Niu Tong saves more pills, can his overall strength be half of his?
Xiao Wen is completely inferring Niutong’s fate according to his own situation. Since Niutong probably can’t escape, then he will create the illusion of three people’s mutual destruction here, which will probably not be futile.
With this in mind, Xiao Wen ran out of the cliff with a wry smile and plunged into the mountains outside again.
As for simply going back to save people, he really didn’t dare to think about it. Whether to kill Zhang Hu by sneak attack, to kill Brother Six or by sneak attack, and so return to the black mine, is there another chance of sneak attack waiting for him?
What’s more, what if other supervisors have arrived in the black mine?
It is easy for Xiao Wen to weigh the opportunities and risks. Running in the mountains and forests is a matter of no hesitation.
This run, Xiao Wen ran to the afternoon in one breath, and the total distance was definitely more than two hundred miles.
However, there are some problems with the direction he chose. At the moment, he is just standing at the edge of the mountain forest. Standing on the hill, I looked into the distance, but I saw a Ma Pingchuan with meadows, streams and even roads, but there was no town.
However, he hasn’t seen the sight of the horizon at a glance in such a wide field for more than half a year, has he?
Running here, leaving all the mountains behind, he is basically free.
Looking at the horizon, Xiao asked if he was really relaxed and happy at the moment. The more he thought about it, the more excited he became. Finally, he couldn’t help striding down the hill and yelling out: "Ah! ! ! I’m coming, celestial beings! ! !”
In the roar, Xiao Wen rushed into the plain, and the speed increased instead of decreasing, which was as serious as a wild horse that had lost its rein.
The cloth on the waist was suddenly blown away by the wind, and Xiao Wen immediately felt a cold under his crotch. He immediately cursed "I fried" and turned to chase the cloth.
At the moment, although he is basically free, his clothes are really … It can only be used to describe the word shabby!
Without it, in order to make the illusion as real as possible, and because of some taboos in his heart, he only tore off a clean piece of cloth from his sixth brother and tied it around his waist, barely blocking his lower body …
This costume, even if free, how can you see people? !

Chapter 30 Fairy Mountain (Ask for recommendation, don’t shout if it doesn’t work)
Xiao Wen desperately wants to escape from the black mine, not to be a lone ranger, but to really enter the celestial world and embark on his long-awaited spiritual path. In this case, he must deal with such and such people, and only cover himself with a piece of cloth, not to mention dealing with people. He is embarrassed to be seen by animals with a little human nature …
At this time, Xiao Wen is actually a half-frightened bird. He always suspects that someone may be rich and blessed, so he just swaggered in the village or town to find clothes. He really has no confidence. Even if the other party doesn’t know who Qian Fu is, it is still possible to find out his trace in case Qian Fu takes the initiative to ask in the future. He is so dazzling in this outfit that it is impossible for others to remember.
Thinking like this while running, Xiao Wen also had to scold himself for being worthless. What’s his grandmother’s name? Obviously, it has already run out, and as a result, my heart still has the shadow of Qian Fu!
We must improve the realm as soon as possible. Once we reach the realm of true immortals, we will not be afraid of money, but also take the initiative to find money to settle old scores! Of course, the premise is that Qian Fu can live to that time.
With stone paintings in hand, this road should not be so difficult, right?
Xiao Wen finally relaxed at the thought of this, looked for the direction and ran directly to the stream in the field of vision.
Soon arrived at the stream, the slightly fishy water vapor was intoxicated by Xiao Wen as soon as it entered the nose. I haven’t smelled this smell for more than half a year!