They have been talking and laughing, and after a day’s journey, it is already 200 miles away from Taiyang City.

"Here they come." My girl suddenly said to Xiao Lingyu.
Sure enough, behind him, there are three streamers coming at a rapid speed, and they quickly stand in front of Xiao Lingyu and my girl.
"Boy, we meet again. Last time, your boy was fated. See how you can escape this time!" Fat monk cheeks beard flying, said loudly.
"I advise you to get out of here immediately, or don’t blame me for not reminding you when you die." Xiao Lingyu has a tough mouth and seems to be very confident, but his heart is very bottomless.
"With your two little babies in the golden elixir period?" The monk in cassock asked with a smile.
"Let your serpent out, and I will see whether it has made great progress or the three of us have improved a lot." The fat friar shouted warily.
"You two talk too much nonsense!"
Chapter 24 Do a business with you 2
? Chapter 24 Do a business with you 2
After the monk with a cloak said this sentence, the cloak directly flew out overhead, spinning like a turntable and rushing at Xiao Lingyu.
The magic weapon of the other three people was destroyed by the serpent’s Long Ying last time, but in recent years they should have refined the same magic weapon, which seems to be more powerful than before.
Xiao Lingyu’s eyes narrowed. He knew that he had been firmly locked and could not escape. He was about to mobilize chaotic energy to resist, but he was startled to find that the cloak had been caught by my girl.
The little girl’s little hands are like suet jewels, looking very pink and tender, and without any energy blessing, she was able to shake such a spiritual treasure hard.
"What the hell is this?"
The little girl sneered, and then gently squeezed her hand, which seemed to be useless, but the cloak immediately exploded and turned into a black fog, which was blown away by Gangfeng.
His magic weapon was destroyed, and the monk’s mind was also hit hard. He immediately turned pale and sprayed blood and shouted, "Leave!"
At the same time, the fat monk and the monk in cassock realized each other’s strength and hurriedly set up a light escape. Unfortunately, when they were just about to leave, the space around them fluctuated slightly.
Let the space fluctuate, and only those Mahayana masters can do it in the field of repairing truth, and the fluctuating space can easily imprison the three scattered repairs on the spot.
"Come and go, you are so easy to bully when you are a girl?" My little girl walked up to the three monks and then said, "I won’t take your lives, and I’ll leave you the treasure you value most. I can let you live."
Aren’t you going to rob? This girl will let you taste the taste of stealing chickens and not eating rice.
The three practitioners know that they really hit the iron plate this time, and they have affirmed in their hearts that this seems to be only a little girl in the golden elixir period, but in fact she is the top master in the field of repairing truth in Mahayana period.
Hearing the little girl’s request, they looked at each other and looked depressed.
"Don’t think about getting away with it. Whether you can get back a small life depends on whether you are honest or not. If you don’t take the best baby, you will make me angry, huh!" The little girl said with a threat.
The three practitioners know that what my girl said is true. It is impossible for the three of them to play tricks in front of the Mahayana masters, but their minds are all moving and a jade bottle appears in front of them.
Among the three jade bottles, there are half a bottle of golden yellow liquid respectively.
"The queen bee nectar in ten thousand years is really a good thing in the field of repairing truth."
My little girl nodded with satisfaction, and then with a wave of her sleeves, the three bottles of queen bee nectar disappeared.
"Go away, come out and hang out after practicing your skills in the future, and don’t hit on other people’s ideas easily." After the little girl scolded 1, she waved her sleeves again, but the three people disappeared out of thin air.
"Did you just … move?" Xiao Lingyu asked in surprise.
"Yes, but they haven’t been moved too far. They are still on the feather continent." Able to shrug off the little girl said.
"Then can you move a large group of people from a planet to Feiyu mainland?" Xiao Lingyu asked again, looking a little nervous.
"Well, it depends on where, if in the fix true boundary nature is simple, just a thought. Not to mention a large group of people, I can do it even if I change a planet in the fix-true world. " The little girl said confidently.
"Are you Mahayana?" Xiao Lingyu asked again.
"Mahayana period? Hehe, Mahayana master, I can crush a large piece with one finger. Now that your tail has been cut off, it’s time for us to do business. "
As she spoke, the little girl took out a few things, including the three bottles of queen bee nectar and the double-colored baby fruit. She then said, "I’ll exchange these treasures for something with you."
"What is it?" Xiao Lingyu asked with a frown, and it seems that nothing can be changed to these treasures.
"A short knife broken in two. Its name is silver moon." The little girl said.
Xiao Lingyu listened to this and immediately jumped a few times, and stepped back warily.
"I’m from the celestial realm, and the realm is countless times higher than you, so you don’t have to hide it. I know that both parts of silver moon are on you. Silver moon is my sister’s favorite magic weapon. She left in a hurry before and forgot to take it back. She was shut down after she got home, so she told me to take time off. However, unlike my sister, she sneaked down and I got my father’s permission. " The little girl explained.
"Turned out to be a celestial, no wonder so much. Are the masters of the divine world so powerful? " Xiao Lingyu first nodded, and then asked.
"No, there are powerful and not-so-powerful gods. You will know when you get to the gods one day." The little girl replied calmly.
"How can you prove your identity?" Xiao Lingyu asked uneasily.
"Ha ha, I need it to be proof with you? I know that silver moon is on you, and my strength is many times stronger than yours. I want to take silver moon, but I don’t need your permission at all, but my sister said that you are her friend, so I will turn a corner to do business with you. " The little girl said with a smile.
"You still prove it, an old friend in the world, can easily pass it on to others? Even if I am no match for you, if you can’t prove your identity, at least I won’t give up, even if you kill me. " Xiao Lingyu said stubbornly, in fact, my heart is still very nervous. He estimated that this little girl would definitely not use force, and she would have used it long ago.
Hearing Xiao Lingyu’s words, my little girl admired them in her heart, but she said, "You are a bit stubborn. For us monks, what is more important than life? Without life, everything is empty. But fortunately, my sister knows your temper and gave me a way to prove it. "