Deluxe suite on the top floor of Frye Hotel in Wasteland Town.

After crazy love, men and women wake up in boundless spring scenery, and Chu Yu unblinkingly looks at Lin Feng’s eyes with big eyes full of deep affection.
Lin Feng smiled and scratched the tip of Chu Yu’s nose lightly: "I didn’t expect Ah Yu to be so crazy just now!"
"Nonsense …" Chu Yu retorted, then shyly buried Tai in Lin Feng’s arms and quietly listened to the heartbeat of this handsome man.
Lin Feng is very comfortable enjoying the tenderness of embracing beauty, feeling the faint fragrance of his daughter scattered on the beauty, and he sighed at the bottom of his heart: "If he is not a person who fixes the truth, maybe the warmth in front of him has passed to satisfy his carefree life, and there is nothing else to ask for!"
Told even more in silence than they had told in sound!
"Knock, knock …" Suddenly the untimely knocking at the door rang.
"Who is it?" Windson lazy asked.
"Ha ha ha … Ah Feng is me! Am I disturbing you … The dinner is about to start. Miss Sophie has sent someone to urge you many times! " Qin Xinyu’s charming voice seems to be teasing in the tone outside the door.
"Come if you know!" Windson some embarrassed replied that although he blocked the sound after entering Chuyu’s room, he was lonely and widowed in a room for so long and his reputation was not so good. Anyone can know what happened.
"Oh … no, this bottom can be Xinyu elder sister they laugh at me … don’t take away your dirty hands …" Said ChuYu rivers and rivers pushed windson out of the warm bed.
Windson reluctantly let go of ChuYu and smiling at ChuYu dress quickly. This process is really enjoyable!
ChuYu wear good clothes before now windson still unhurriedly dawdle with shame and gas mercilessly took a white windson way: "hey … get dressed! Is it intentional to embarrass me in front of Sister Xinyu and Beibei? "
"I have no! It’s just that beauty dresses naturally to feast her eyes … "Windson (computer reading.) teased.
"You … Sister Xinyu will come soon …" Chu Yu was extremely angry, but his eyes were full of pleading and looked very charming. "Get dressed! Sister Xinyu will come in soon!"
Windson ha ha a smile no longer tease her. Put on your clothes three or two times.
"Are you ready?" Qin Xinyu urged.
ChuYu looked back at a glance, and now both of them have been ready before they opened the door in a panic.
I saw Qin Xinyu and Blue Beibei and two women with some complicated eyes constantly turning in Chuyu’s face and looking at windson from time to time.
ChuYu big embarrassment hate can’t have a disappear into just good head hanging low at two women teasing.
Windson see ChuYu helpless loving but also embarrassed anyway. In front of Qin Xinyu’s childhood "original", Lin Feng felt a little guilty.
"Well, let’s go." Qin Xinyu smiled and walked out. Although I knew that there would be such a day between Lin Feng and Chu Yu, her relationship with Chu Yu was also very good, but when all this really happened, Qin Xinyu still felt a little sour.
Frye hotel. In a luxury restaurant.
The whole hall is a world of plants, and five thick trunks constitute the main body of the hall. All the walls and corners are green plants that climb up. The strangest thing is that the leaves of some reptiles are irregular polygons instead of the round or oval ones that are common on the earth or in the stars.
Lin Feng led three women and four guards to walk in the middle of the hall with all kinds of exotic flowers and herbs. The tangy smell of wine wafted far away, mixed with the fragrance of unknown plants, which set off an intoxicating atmosphere. Flowers in full bloom are full of color, fragrance and taste.
Three girls in addition to blue beibei striding after windson no response. Qin Xinyu and Chu Yu were both shocked by the arrangement in front of them.
"What a big handwriting. It seems that Sophie, a masked aristocratic lady from a foreign country, has done enough articles." Qin Xinyu thought in his mind.
"It smells good!" ChuYu windson’s side let out a cry in a low voice. Her eyes are full of joy. Obviously, she likes this tone very much.
Lin Fengze turned his attention to tables and chairs. This is not an ordinary square table, but an unusual round chair. It’s naturally formed by a plant. At the intersection of table and chair, there is no trace of artificial carving, which actually forms a regular local shape. It can be called wonderful workmanship.
Sophie for the caravan, karst for the mercenary group and Lin Fengwei a line of people stood in front of two huge square tables.
The row of seats is very interesting. I actually put Lin Feng at the top of the table.
"I sit here is not appropriate! It’s better for Miss Sophie to sit here! " For the host and guest, it is clear that although his strength is tough and Miss Sophie of Frye’s family intends to win over, he is a guest, and at least the aristocratic etiquette should be observed, otherwise it will not be consistent with his current status.
"Lord Lin Feng, you are the most distinguished guest of our Frye family. It is more appropriate for you to sit in the main seat!" Sophie’s eyes sparkled with extraordinary splendour, which didn’t match the face behind her veil.
"This … is still not good!" Windson humility again.
"Lord Lin Feng, please don’t forget that you rescued us on the road. This dinner is to express your gratitude to you and your subordinates. If you refuse again, it will be fine." Said Sophie’s eyes drifted to the side (computer reading.) standing karst.
Although Karst is a martial artist, he has been a child prodigy for many years. He immediately leaned over and took Lin Feng’s hand and said, "Your Excellency, Miss Sophie’s kindness, please don’t turn it down again. No one in a territory comparable to the Asian Empire will lose face to the Frye family!"
Windson smiled and nodded: "It’s just a meal. You don’t have to be so nervous! Ok, then everyone sit down and thank Miss Sophie and the karst head again for their kindness! "
Seeing that Lin Feng takes a seat, Sophie’s smile in her eyes is even stronger. As long as Lin Feng accepts her kindness, she will have a chance.
In Sophie’s mind, the interests of the family are paramount. If you can get involved with the masters of God Blessed Big Six, don’t say that it is comparable to the Asian Empire. Even the Frye family of Hope Big Six will not pay attention to it, let alone the Begalin family who has been pressing on the Frye family for hundreds of years!
Second … There is always a gap with the first. Who is willing to be the second child in the Millennium?
Soon after everyone sat down, several beautiful maids brought up silver plates filled with exquisite dishes.
Unlike Chinese food customs, the nobles here pay attention to "eating without saying anything" when eating. Seeing Sophie, they don’t want to talk, and Lin Feng and others quietly enjoy the sumptuous food, not to mention that the food on Hope 6 tastes good, at least it doesn’t make Lin Feng, a gourmet, feel hard to swallow.
After eating, the maid removed the plate and poured wine for everyone.
Sophie just chatted with windson softly.
In the speech, Lin Feng, Sophie and Karst are all in the name of Tai Ji Chuan, pushing and pulling, and taking the information they need.
Windson has already uncovered the cards of Sophie and others, which naturally leads to the direction of the topic and makes Sophie mistakenly think that their party is from God Blessed Big Six.
Sophie, on the other hand, focused on how to get in close contact with Lin Feng and others. Lin Feng is a big prick, and it is more difficult to get anything useful from him than to ascend to heaven. As for the four people in Chen Er, Sophie felt that it was not appropriate to play their idea. Naturally, she saw that the four people behaved very well, and it was not easy for her subordinates to get any valuable information from the four of them.
Sophie felt a little headache when she turned her head to three beautiful people.
Sophie, who is always easy for women to blend in, can naturally see that the three girls are based on Qin Xinyu, so she first turned to the mountain of praise from Qin Xinyu and lost it madly.
Compared with Sophie, there is indeed a certain gap between the three women in Qin Dynasty, but they are all ice and snow smart people, and everything is ambiguous and specious. The most important thing is that they really can’t find a reason to reject Sophie.
There is a good relationship between Sophie and other noble guides for Lin Feng and others. Since everyone wants to look on the bright side, this dinner is of course very enjoyable!
"Windson you and your subordinate martial arts amazing weapons and equipment is very advanced, these days is really knowledgeable …"