"War you three big ye" rowling nu.

"You five big ye" Wu Hua continued to scold.
"You illiterate fourth uncle haven’t appeared yet," Rowling sneered.
Has ended the battle on the other side, Alex and Yixuan will deliver the line of sight to Rowling and Wu Hua, who can’t help but show a wry smile.
Flying from Feiyun City to the road to the displaced town, two people flew Warcraft, and one uncle, two uncles and three uncles cursed them regularly and rhythmically. The high record was that they scolded seventy uncles, and it was estimated that their uncles were still alive, and they were not killed by these two treacherous grandchildren.
As Feng Yang thought, these two stooges have never been safe since they met each other.
Every night in the dead of night, I can hear two people whining and cursing, which makes people angry. Yingyuehu is the perfect place for couples to meet. Just as other couples are about to kiss their mouths, these two guys will run over and deliberately lean against each other to tell each other about their lovesickness and bitterness. They are so disgusted that couples have no kissing mood at all.
Two people have done a lot of such bad events, and if they are told one by one, they will really arouse the anger of the people and the gods.
The wind Yang is not curious about the arrival of Wu Hua and others, but it is quite unexpected for Yi Xuan to appear here.
Yixuan Fang has a good impression on the other party, but it hasn’t come yet. Holding hands with Fang Fang, Fang Fang was taken away by Han Yi who had to avoid three points. But Yixuan didn’t take it out on the wind.
After all, it seems that there is nothing direct and straightforward about Feng Yang. Seeing Fang Fang earlier, he also hopes that Feng Yang can live to meet the challenge of Fang Fang soon.
The wind Yang smiled calmly at Yixuan, and Yixuan also smiled knowingly. It was one of the tacit understanding between them.
On a quiet day, there were four people beside the wind, and at the same time, they all fell off the roof and their place names were suddenly calculated in their hearts.
The archer is a Wu Zun level melee combat effectiveness is not high and the other four people attack while they are all engrossed in the wind, but the four people can attack the famous Wu Zun level archer so easily and seriously injure their own strength.
However, he is not afraid of these people, but he can’t see the depth of the wind, but the strength of others can’t escape his little squinting
It is not difficult to deal with several Wu Zun-level people when there is a Wu Huang-level Xiaoqi at this time in a quiet day.
This is chapter 7. Continue to stay up late to make up.
Hand-written novels
Chapter two hundred and ten It hurts [Chapter II]
Welcome you to come.
When Xia Ying saw Wu Hua, Luo Lin and others coming, she couldn’t help but show surprise, consternation and incomprehension. She really couldn’t figure out how Wu Hua’s group of people suddenly appeared in the displaced town of 9WW7W88C3A4I6h57n8679n8u39798.
The girl who didn’t want to leave witnessed the just-fought, but she didn’t show the ordinary girl. When she saw this kind of high-intensity fighting, she should have a horrified look, but a normal attitude.
It’s like a person whose strength is far beyond this time and place is watching this scene with a strong attitude.
At this time, Feng Yang has no leisure to pay attention to the facial expression and psychological activities of a girl he doesn’t know. His eyes have been tightly locked on Jing Tian and Xiao Qi.
Although at the moment, Feng Yang seems to be outnumbered here, the surprise attack means to defeat the famous Wan Jianzong Wu Zun archers and thus turn over and occupy the number advantage in one fell swoop.
However, the number advantage is not an advantage at the moment. After all, although Wu Hua and Hua Tian have also broken through the walls of the martial arts division and reached the level of Wu Zun, after all, when they were promoted to the level of Wu Zun, they did not live long, and the force was not stable.
To deal with ordinary Wu Zun, you can also abuse his uncle’s actions against the strong Wu Huang.
"It seems that you deliberately stayed in the town to wait for reinforcements to catch us all?" Static day look ponder staring at the wind Yang said with a smile.
"Bingo" Feng Yang nodded frankly and said.
"It’s a pity that you ask for help, it seems, is not enough to threaten us." Jing Tian said with a smile.
"Never come to a conclusion easily until things have arrived." Feng Yang’s expression once again started the cycle of six ways to decide the second point-Zhongwan point.