After fending off Fei Xian’s another blow, Lin Fengshen took a deep breath. A small energy ban hanging over the abdomen immediately burst and dissipated, and a little subtle energy was reintegrated into the golden elixir with bright golden awns. Huge true yuan immediately filled with windson’s whole body meridians in an epiphany. Fei Xian’s next move is about to adopt a clear angle and trajectory in Lin Feng’s mind.

"The warm-up is over!" Windson cold hum 1 in the case of almost impossible easily flashed a foot right fist FeiXian determined to take advantage of the gap with the roaring wind lightning ran to the FeiXian alongside of.seem..
Fei Xian’s heart was shocked. He never thought that Lin Feng’s offensive and defensive conversion was so fast that he was just suppressed by himself. He seemed to have seen through all his offensives in a blink of an eye and made a sharp counterattack quickly. Has he been retaining his strength to play with himself before? A shadow appeared in Fei Xian’s mind.
At this time, Fei Xian didn’t have time to think about this punch of Lin Feng so suddenly that he couldn’t do any evasive action at all. However, Fei Xian was shocked and sneered: "It’s not that simple!"
After saying his word, Fei Xian’s figure blurred again. Windson unmoved predict power already know this guy is still in mid-air without any signs of movement.
Sure enough, as Lin Feng expected, Fei Xian’s vague figure became clear again. Now Lin Feng didn’t turn to defending his fist as he expected, and he still slammed Fei Xian in his heart and shouted, "You asked for it!"
After a driver’s shout, Fei Xian no longer retains the strength to mobilize the real yuan in the body to focus on Lin Fenghong’s fist and hit it quickly.
The moment before the two fists touched, Fei Xian’s heart relaxed. Although Lin Feng’s fist was too fast, he didn’t have time to use it with all his strength, but did he contain a part of his real fist? Can ordinary people like Lin Feng stand it? Presumably a moment later, Lin Feng will be kicked out of the ring by himself.
Although the victory achieved by this method similar to cheating is a bit overwhelming, Fei Xian is also neglected at this moment. The ghostly performance at the moment when windson turned from defending to attacking made Fei Xian feel very fearful. Is this the strength of the emperor’s five-star master?
After a bang, their fists collided head-on. Windson didn’t feel an irresistible force of the earth after being hit by a flying fist as he expected. Under the extreme shock from the other fist, Fei Xian’s previous relaxed mood was extremely tense as if he had fallen into the abyss from the high altitude.
"This is impossible!" FeiXian couldn’t help but exclaimed in my mind. But at the moment, there is no room for him to think more for a moment. Fei Xian already knows that the power of windson’s punch is by no means something he can resist. In a crisis, Fei Xian was more calm, took a deep breath and followed the special feeling that he had been trained in many battles. Fei Xian’s body directly made the most correct response in a crisis.
Windson surprised to take back the fist, thinking that this head-on punch can easily blow Fei Xian down the ring. Who expected that this determined punch would be blown into the empty space? No, it can’t be said that Lin Feng really felt the focus of his fist in the empty place. But this feeling is quite strange. How can I put it? It’s like punching yourself on a feather. Yes, it’s a feather!
At this moment, Fei Xian’s body is just like a feather flying in mid-air, and no one knows his next trajectory. But what is certain is that Fei Xian has absolutely no possibility of falling out of the ring. All the audience were stunned by Fei Xian’s strange posture.
"What kind of kung fu is this?" Instead of pursuing, windson asked the question that everyone wanted to know with great interest.
"This is the life-saving secret technique’ Flying Feather’ handed down by my master!" Fei Xian, who rolled in mid-air, slowly fell to the ground and said calmly. Now he has understood that he kicked the iron plate this time. Lin Feng must be a yogi, and the realm of practice is much higher than him. Thought of here, Fei Xian felt a little desperate. He was no match for Lin Feng in both fighting skills and spiritual realm. This … How can this be played?
"Flying feathers? Interesting! " Lin Feng wowed two times and suddenly asked, "Now are you still so confident in defeating me in reality?"
"Hum!" Fei Xian low hum 1 originally he already had the idea of giving up, but the idea of never giving up was born after being said by Lin Feng.
"I still have the result soon!" Voice came at the same time FeiXian shape blurred again.
"Carving insects!" Windson shook his head and said dismissively. I’m a little impatient with Fei Xian’s repeated use of this posture, which can only be used to deceive ordinary people.
"Really?" FeiXian body to condense in front of windson.
"Isn’t it?" Windson sneer at a punch out.
The powerful fist passed through Fei xian’s face without stopping. Yes, it just passed through!
"The ghosting! How is it possible? " Windson paused body without any pause to fly back. However, it is already late!
Another FeiXian appeared in front of windson as fast as lightning a palm hit windson’s abdomen.
Although there is a protective qi and the protection of the indestructible body, Lin Feng still felt a strange energy pouring into his own abdomen and exploded! The power of the explosion doesn’t seem to be very strong, but it was affected by the explosion. Then windson was faint with signs of collapse in the sudden tremor.
Windson frightened to disgrace, quickly collected the spirit force and wanted to stabilize then. However, as the essence of energy, is it so easy to stabilize once it is touched? Huge true yuan uncontrolled disorderly jump around in the meridians windson only feel stiff limbs whole body like acupuncture pain unbearable situation change is no longer controlled by windson …

Chapter 54 Daoism
Before everyone could react, Fei Xian grabbed the hem of Lin Feng’s combat suit and pulled it back to keep up with it. Then his right foot vigorously smoked Lin Feng’s body like a ball, and Fei Xian kicked it into the sky. Fei Xian followed himself and slammed Lin Feng’s body to the ground without waiting for him. Fei Xian was later beaten to fly. Fei Xian seemed to show everyone what a perfect combo skill was. Lin Feng’s body didn’t fall to the ground at all.
At this time, the forest air is like a sandbag, a puppet being ravaged by Fei Xian without any resistance. The audience on the sidelines were blindsided. No one could have predicted that the situation would reach this level. Disappointed people have begun to re-question whether Lin Feng is alone in the breeze, and although Lin Feng’s fans are still cheering for Lin Feng as always, their voices are unconsciously much smaller.
Qin Xinyu suddenly stood up and rushed to the ring with tears in his eyes. Peipei He grabbed her and shouted, "Xinyu, what are you doing? Still in the game! "
"Let me go! I want the coach to give up the game! " Qin Xinyu struggled.
"Mind you calm down windson haven’t lost! Maybe he is teasing everyone! " Qian Yu, the elder sister, comforted her, but her tone was so reluctant that she seemed unable to believe it herself.
Qin Xinyu struggled for several times and didn’t break the pull of several friends. He could only call out: "You don’t understand that Lin Feng is very proud and will never joke with you! And if it weren’t for his own problems, it would be impossible for Fei Xian to make him like this! "
I have to say that among all people, only Qin Xinyu knows windson best. There is something wrong with windson indeed. The reason why Fei Xian was able to beat windson like this is that in a sense, it is out of the scope of fighting. It is this special technique that stimulates the forest air then in the body.
Originally, Lin Feng’s elixir was not very formal. First, it accumulated aura by means of crooked ways, and then it was forced to condense into elixir with the legendary elixir, which was very unstable. Although these days, the double cultivation with Qin Xinyu is much more stable than when he first became an Dan, the foundation is not very solid after all, and something goes wrong under the stimulation of external forces.
As Qin Xinyu was in a hurry to break away from his friends and let Lin Feng give up the game. Zhao Rulong, who is sitting on the coach’s bench as an assistant coach, is also a little uneasy. He asked Situliu around him, "Do you want to throw a white towel, Stuart? Lin Feng has no strength to fight back at all. "
Situliu hesitated for a moment before saying, "Wait a minute. Although the scene of this boy Lin Feng is ugly now, he hasn’t been hurt much."
Zhao Rulong looked at it carefully, and sure enough, although Lin Feng was hit by Fei Xian continuously, there was no sign of black and blue.
Kate also said something incredible: "I know Lin Feng is thick-skinned, but it’s the first time I’ve seen him being beaten so badly." If this boy Lin Feng is really lonely, there is no reason to be like this! "
"I guess it’s what special achievement method Fei Xian used. I don’t think his ghosting is caused by the degree relationship, and I felt a strange energy fluctuation after he hit Lin Feng’s lower abdomen, but it should not be internal work. Strange, I remember that the elders in the family once told me, but I can’t remember it for a while! " SiTuLiu helpless shook his head.
"Look at the end!" Kate suddenly cried.
Zhao Rulong and Situliu immediately turned to the ring and saw Lin Feng’s body tumbling down from the air again, but Fei Xian had stood firmly on the ring and said with a faint smug face: "This is the result!" Then FeiXian low drink a strong blow will windson falling body fly out to see the landing point is outside the ring.
There was a sudden silence on the court and off the court, and Lin Feng’s fans couldn’t make any noise anymore. Is another imperial five-star master falling? It’s no wonder what people think. It’s not the first time that the imperial five-star master of the fighting house was defeated by some unknown guys in reality. It seems that the imperial five-star master is just as fragile in reality.
Fei Xian stood in the ring and closed his eyes, waiting for the cheers of the audience. Is it not for this moment that Lin Feng was revealed to be alone in the breeze? What could be more enjoyable than defeating an imperial five-star master in reality? Although I used some small means in the competition, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that I won!
"Ah … yeah …" The audience really gave a cry, but it was not like the cheers that Fei Xian expected, but it was like exclaiming first and then cheering. What’s going on here? Fei Xian quickly broke his eyes and saw Lin Feng at a glance. He stood on the edge of the ring and looked at himself with a gloomy face. Although his clothes were a little messy, he didn’t show how embarrassed he was. Instead, Lin Feng’s body broke a powerful and incomparable monstrous momentum. Under the shadow of this momentum, Fei Xian only felt that his heart was beating faster and his hands and feet were weak, and he felt a sense of impending disaster.
"What’s the matter? Referee? Did he climb up again? " Fei Xian quickly asked the referee on the court. Fei Xian is absolutely sure that his last punch can blow Lin Feng out of the ring without resistance, and now Lin Feng is still standing in the ring, so there is only one possibility that Lin Feng is unwilling to fail and violates the rules of the game and returns to the game.
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"No Lin Feng player has ever fallen off the ring, so the game is not over yet!" The referee mercilessly interrupted Fei Xian’s fantasy. In addition to Fei Xian, all the people who watched the game saw Lin Feng’s flying body suddenly fell straight like a weight when it was about to cross the ring and stood firmly on the ring. This is also the reason why the audience exclaimed first and then cheered.
"Separation and palm thunder, right?" Windson suddenly gloomy asked.
Fei Xianwen was surprised that he had used it very carefully. I didn’t expect it to be seen by him. Does he also know Taoism?
Originally, I wanted to take a day off today, but some friends seem to be dissatisfied with Lin Feng’s beating, so I can only explain it in another chapter. Please be calm and calm.
Longmen also knows how everyone feels. The pressure of life in reality is already great enough. I just want to indulge myself in the novel. Please rest assured that there will never be too depressing plot in this book.

Chapter 55 Rage
Windson was constantly attacked by Fei Xian in the air when it had already reacted. The Fei Xian ghosting was definitely not caused by Fei Xian’s moving too fast. It should have used spells like separation in Taoism to make his prediction deviate. Windson’s prediction can only predict the opponent’s next move, but can’t predict the strength and degree of this move. At a time when Fei Xian’s doppelganger and ontology were in tandem at the same time, they used the same trick against Lin Feng, so Lin Feng regarded Fei Xian’s doppelganger as the ontology, but Fei Xian’s ontology as the ghosting image formed by going too fast. As a result, his fist penetrated Fei Xian’s doppelganger, but Fei Xian’s ontology hit Lin Feng at the moment when it was exposed after Lin Feng’s attack.
Fei Xian’s palm hitting Lin Feng’s lower abdomen is not an ordinary internal force or a real attack, but a special application method of palm thunder spread by Fei Xian’s master. Through the characteristics of current, the opponent feels that the energy in the abdomen is out of control in a short time, so that he can take advantage of it. However, the essence of Taoism is to attract and mobilize the energy between heaven and earth to make magical changes of various properties with its own truth. When Fei Xian stuck to Lin Fengdantian and used palm ray as the magic, it had a big impact on the energy in Lin Fengtian’s body.