First, it disappeared for thirty-three days. After the hurricane of destruction swallowed up thirty-three days, all the stars in the sky were swallowed up, but the speed of the hurricane’s approach became slower. The four seas were immediately swallowed up by the hurricane of destruction, and the four seas dragons had already hid in the earth, watching the sea water turn into chaos in an instant when it met the hurricane of destruction. All the aquarium people began to pray that the owner of Penglai could save them, but unfortunately no one came to save them.

The hurricane of destruction is close to Penglai, but when the large array of Penglai is started, the chess game of heaven and earth rises in Penglai. The hurricane of destruction slowly kills the large array, and the monks who preside over the large array vomit blood and fall to the ground. The hurricane of destruction is the power caused by chaos. Even if they have the help of the chess game of heaven and earth, what can they do?
There are countless casualties among Terrans on the earth, just because there was no food to grow on the earth ten years ago, and the Terran has not been extinct until now, thanks to the guardian of Jiuding big position, because the Terran can barely grow some food to survive in the land of the East, and the Terran in other places can’t get any crops at all, and those monks are forced to catch the Terran for food, but there is also the guardian of Nu Wa Jiuding large array in Dongsheng Shenzhou, and all the monks dare not go to Dongsheng Shenzhou to start work.
The Terran has also received a lot of help near Wuzhuangguan, which is guarded by Zhenyuan Zi, and many Terrans have survived here. Unfortunately, Zhenyuan Zi doesn’t know how long it can last, and now the saints can’t survive when the disaster comes, not to mention these Terrans.
In the underworld, Xu Xian leans in lady white snake’s arms. Now he just lives on his own obsession. It can be said that he is dead now, but the obsession is still there, leaving him in the world and not being destroyed. But when his true spirit dissipates, it is when he disappears.
They just want to enjoy this last peace. Now no one talks, and there is no need to say anything. Everything is in their hearts. The hurricane of destruction also destroyed the days in the underworld, and now there is the magic list in the underworld to resist the approach of the hurricane of destruction, but the magic list, no matter how powerful it is, evolved from the Tao, and at most it is only to delay the hurricane of destruction.
Xu Xian looked at the devastating hurricane and smiled: "Honey, we will be together forever, don’t you think?"
Lady white snake nodded and smiled: "If we return to chaos together, we will naturally never part." Xu Xian only felt very tired and slowly closed his eyes.
Suddenly the hurricane of destruction stopped, and the hurricane in the sky parted a road. A little girl in white slowly walked out of the road. When Hong Jun saw this, he laughed and said, "The Three Realms have been saved."
Beibei reached out and pointed to the hurricane around her and said, "Go back." However, it seems reluctant to leave when the hurricane roared, but it slowly receded after a while, and the hurricane returned to chaos and disappeared without a trace. Without the hurricane, this chaotic world directly bordered the three realms, but it slowly eroded the three realms. Although chaotic reiki is constantly transformed into innate reiki, and then evolved into acquired reiki to supplement heaven and earth, the speed of chaos devouring without barrier still exceeds the speed of evolution.
Chaos suddenly quieted down, and a clear light fell from chaos and turned into a jade dish, which sank into the ground and disappeared. Suddenly a man rushed out of the ground, who was it not He Ming?
Beibei pointed to He Ming, and her little face was full of majesty. "He Ming, it’s your turn to open the sky."
He Ming’s face was displeased, and the jade dish on his head suddenly merged into He Ming’s body. He Ming’s face changed greatly, and he looked at Beibei in horror. Soon after, He Ming was expressionless and his eyes walked towards chaos without god.
He Ming walked into the chaos and made a jade dish on his head. He reached out and pointed at the chaos, but when he saw a piece of chaos turning into paste, He Ming raised the chaos axe and rowed hard at the chaos. This chaos was immediately broken, and He Ming kept paddling the chaos axe. The crack kept expanding, and with He Ming’s constant paddling, the crack grew to be boundless and unbounded, and He Ming was also put in, and heaven and earth began to generate, and the turbid air rose and fell.
The chaotic aura entangled between heaven and earth slowly pulls the turbid air, and the fire, water and wind burn the whole world. To restore chaos to this newly developed world, He Ming throws away the chaotic axe. The chaotic axe turned into a sword, a bell, a futon and an axe. He Ming threw the futon into the air. Heaven and earth were immediately settled, and He Ming picked up his sword and cut off the chaotic aura between heaven and earth. The chaotic aura between heaven and earth has been cut off one after another, and it has turned into fire, water and wind all over the earth.
He Ming picked up the bell and shook it. The ringing bell between heaven and earth rings, and the fire, water and wind of the earth become innate aura to dissipate, and the clear and turbid gases continue to rise and fall, and the clear gas turns into the sky and the turbid gas turns into the earth. He Ming stood in heaven and earth and looked around. He took down the jade dish overhead and split it in two. He Ming threw two jade dishes, and the half of the jade dish melted into the sky and disappeared, while the other half melted into the earth, so that heaven and earth became stable and vertical speed accelerated. He Ming turned into a man taller than the sky.
He Ming grabbed the chaos from the sky, and caught a mass of chaos and pulled it into this world. He Ming spilled this chaos into the sky, and it turned into an endless liquid innate aura from the sky. He Ming looked at the heaven and earth around him and smiled. Suddenly, the earth seemed to hit something that day, and immediately began to fold towards the middle. He Ming quickly stepped on the earth and held his hands to the sky, slowly separating the heaven and earth.
Everything is half the shape of Pangu Kaitian, and heaven and earth are separated. He Ming keeps growing taller and taller. I don’t know how many years have passed, and heaven and earth have been shaped. He Ming looked at heaven and earth with a tired face and smiled.
He Ming only felt that his eyes couldn’t see clearly, just like he was going to sleep. In a blur, he saw Zhang Wen, who said, "He Ming, have you ever understood yourself?"
He Ming shook his head hard to see that it was really Zhang Wen in front of him. He smiled and said, "Boss, this is just your calculation. You forced me to open the sky and asked me to understand myself. What do I need to understand?"
Zhang Wendao: "What you want to understand is yourself. Where did you come from, where should you go, what did you come to do, and what did you want to do?"
He Ming Dow: "I want to be invincible in the world. I want to stand on the top. This is my pursuit. This is my need. You gave me a chance, so I have to seize it. Unfortunately, I can’t surpass you and I still have to be counted by you."
Zhang Wen sighed and said, "Kaitian is still your chance, but you missed it again. It seems that you are really not suitable for monasticism. Maybe ordinary life is suitable for you." Say and disappear.
He Ming looked at the heavens and the earth and roared, "My heart is unwilling, my heart is unwilling." Then he slowly fell down, and He Ming’s body turned into everything on the earth, his eyes turned into the sun star and the lunar star, and his hair turned into the stars. Just as He Ming’s body was about to turn into everything, his head and heart suddenly disappeared. It’s just that there is a tree cutter on the lunar star. This man is exactly the same as He Ming. He can only cut half of the tree every time. The axe just left the poplar tree and the gap just cut healed instantly.
He Ming can only stay in this moon palace and cut down trees from now on. When you cut off the poplar, you can leave. It’s just that the poplar was the original deity of the carefree people, and it took root on the lunar star to absorb the power of the lunar star to recover from the injury. Now He Ming is condensed from his head and heart. If you want to cut off the poplar, you must first cut off the source of the aura on the lunar star, but the lunar star is the same as He Ming now, and when you cut off the tree, it is the time when he incarnates everything.
Xintiandi was born, and the three realms gradually approached the Xintiandi and finally fully integrated into it. From then on, a new world was born, named the nameless wilderness. Terrans continue to live here, but Nu Wa can’t go out when she returns to Wa Palace. As for the human world at the beginning, it was naturally connected with the flood, but the human world and the flood are always two worlds. In the human world, no matter what heaven does, the disaster is not obvious, and only saints can come here. Generally, no one can come back after leaving the human world.
Ma lady white snake dull holding Xu Xian also don’t say a word, now Xu Xian body has not dissipated is maintained by lady white snake’s mana, but the final outcome is always into fly ash dissipation, poor people in bad karma.
Zhang Wen and Beibei came to this underworld slowly, and the underworld turned into chaos, and the whole underworld was extremely dark. Zhang Wen shook his head and stretched out his hand to the sky, but saw that chaos turned into stars all over the sky. The sun was hanging in the sky, and Zhang Wen and Beibei walked slowly towards lady white snake.
Zhang Wendao: "He is dead. What are you waiting for? "
Lady white snake didn’t talk, but wait for a while was holding Xu Xian’s body, and he kept trying to keep Xu Xian’s body immortal. Mr. Zhang shook his head and said, "The West Lake is broken, misty and rainy, and two of a kind can’t escape. Lady white snake, Xu Xian is a sage in the underworld and should not fall. " Then he pointed at Xu Xian’s eyebrows and pulled Beibei to disappear slowly.
Lady white snake only feel heart. Look at the person in your arms. Suddenly she burst into tears, and then she hugged Xu Xian tightly and was very happy. The celestial magic gun suddenly turned into a clear light and rushed to Xu Xian, and finally disappeared into Xu Xian.
Everything in the underworld is working normally. Although there are many people who were killed in the great disaster of heaven and earth, there are also many people in the underworld, and they can arrange it even if they are reluctant. It’s just that the sea of blood has not been peaceful recently. Styx was reborn in the sea of blood, and it absorbed the blood rain from heaven when it was robbed. Now the sea of blood can be described as a deep cause and effect. Poor Styx has made many calculations, but in the end it was in vain, instead it lost its land of blood in vain.
Wu Tian in the magic palace suddenly felt a change in his heart, and his face was so frightened that he rushed toward the land of blood and came to the side of the sea of blood. Wu Tian looked at the churning sea of blood with rapt attention, and suddenly there was a cry of the baby in the sea of blood. Wu Tian quickly jumped into the sea of blood and went straight to the deepest part of the sea of blood. Wu Tian looked at the little baby girl in front of him with dim eyes, and how similar the baby girl was to that person in those years. Wu Tian stretched out his hand and picked up the crying baby girl. The baby girl immediately smiled through tears and clung to Wu Tian’s clothes.
Wu Tian smiled and said, "Since we are predestined friends, you will go with me, and you will be called Asha from now on."
Wu Tian was about to walk out of the sea of blood with Asha in his arms, when a group of shuras gathered around him. She was mine, so you’d better get out of the way.
Sula Wong said with a wry smile, "Wutian Buddha, this son is my shura saint. Please ask the Buddha to keep someone, so as not to hurt the peace."
Wu Tiandao: "I only know that she is Asha. If you want to rob me, you can try it." As he spoke, the black lotus appeared, and Wu Tian put Asha into the black lotus, and the magic blade did not know when it appeared in his hand.
An old voice in the sea of blood sounded: "Shura, let him go." Sula Wong listen to this voice immediately let the people make way.
Wu Tian hugged Heilian and said, "Styx, thank you for today. In the future, you should be the supreme in the underworld. I don’t want to be in charge of the underworld anymore." Then leave the sea of blood and do not know where to go. The bodhi old zu of Styx appeared in a sea of blood, but now his face is very old, He Ming ruined his way, and now his seven ways of killing have been destroyed, so there is no possibility of repairing seven ways of killing.
The Taoist priest on Penglai Island presided over a large array to hide the whole Penglai, and there is no need for Penglai in the flood, unless Xuanqing and Qingyun return.
Kong Xuan held high the jade dish in Zixiao Palace and said, "The great robbery between heaven and earth has passed, and the saints can’t live in seclusion. After the boundless robbery, the saints should return, and the wilderness should be robbed of stability." Then the Zixiao Palace slowly disappeared into chaos.
When the flood settled, Zhang Wen dragged Beibei into chaos. Beibei said, "Dad, where are we going?"