See Beirut suddenly and violently back, straight to the miles, and Qing Ye, also back, body shaking. Steady down.

Beirut, it was repelled! Budeke and others were surprised to see Beirut being repelled! At the same time, looking at Qing Ye, the in the mind a cold sweat, this Qing Ye, not only resisted the Lord god’s power. But also by the power of that saint to repel Beirut, the Lord God in two places at once!
Beirut is miles away, looking at Qing Ye, his face is rain or shine.
In fact, Qing Ye overwhelmed Beirut with a sage’s power, and on the surface, he has the absolute upper hand. However, he has bitter self-knowledge. He just tried his best to run HarmonyOS’s qi in the body, and the sage’s power he exerted was only one-tenth of the power of the sage’s power.
Otherwise, just the sage’s power, an idea, is enough to kill the so-called Lord God in two places at once Beirut to die!
It’s like the eye of heaven, the power of a saint. It needs great mana to operate and open, not to act casually, otherwise just a sage’s power will be enough to nullify the angel Maro of the Twelve Wings. It’s not Maro’s turn to escape!
However, spelling this sage’s power, Qing Ye didn’t want to kill Beirut, and it was not bad to force Beirut back.
Beirut’s face changes, looking at Qing Ye, this Qing Ye, what was that just now? What weird attack? Is it the fate rule of the supreme god of life?
Although similar to the Lord God’s power, Beirut knows that this so-called sage power is not the Lord God’s power, but with the strength of Qing Ye. I cann’t believe I defeated myself by this saint’s power Beirut looks pale and hesitates.
Kill or not kill? The key is that Qing Ye has just displayed the power of a saint, so that Beirut has no confidence to kill Qing Ye again.
There was a dead silence between heaven and earth, and they all looked at Beirut and Qing Ye nervously.
Budeke and other eight families were uneasy and regretful. From beginning to end, they didn’t realize the terrible thing about Ye’s "female prostitution".
Now, when Qing Ye ignores the Lord God’s mighty attack and can make the Lord God’s busy Beirut retreat, it shows that Qing Ye’s strong strength is at least not weaker than some dzogchen superior gods.
Vaguely, Budeke and others regret in their hearts at the same time, and more eagerly hope that Beirut can kill Qing Ye. Otherwise, in the future, Qing Ye, the enemy of their eight families, will be in endless trouble!
Maybe even? They dare not think about it any more.
Time passes by.
As if after thousands of years, Beirut stared at Qing Ye and said slowly, "The prestige of a saint is indeed very strong, but presumably, you can only play half the strength of this prestige of a saint, and you can’t use it again in a short time."
Qing Ye in the mind a sudden, sure enough, was seen by the Beirut, just he really run the creation tactic, constantly absorbing the force of elements, into the gas of HarmonyOS.
Creation tactic, combined with the force of the elements in this world and the chaos of Pangu Star Domain, can be absorbed by both the force of the elements and the gas of the faery and HarmonyOS.
After hearing Beirut’s words, Qing Ye knew that he was going to suffer. Sure enough, Beirut’s face turned cold and his eyes were full of murder: "So, die!" Say that. That size, then to Qing Ye to attack and kill.
This time, Beirut used a transparent Excalibur, which is Beirut’s signature deity artifact.
The godhead artifact is a little weaker than the main artifact, but it is not much different. When a sword is crossed, the space is cracked, and the sound of blare is shaking the world.
Qing Ye said, sneer at 1, not retreat into. HarmonyOS hit a hit in his hand, and his figure was extremely fast. As a meteor flashed, it hit Beirut.
However, Beirut learned a good lesson this time. The godhead artifact in his hand did not collide with HarmonyOS sword in Qing Ye’s hand, but avoided HarmonyOS sword and stabbed Qing Ye.
Two figures are changing in the sky at an extremely fast speed. Every time, two swords pass by, and the sky is cracked with a horrible crack.
Look at the crowd of onlookers, all back again.
Because before Qing Ye began to work, he ordered Nu Wa to stay aside to prevent people from eight families from escaping. So nuwa stood by, keeping a wisp of mind on all the eight families, and at the same time. Looking at Qing Ye and Beirut in the sky war with concern.
Due to Beirut’s scruples about HarmonyOS sword in Qing Ye’s hands, it is hard to avoid being bound when attacking, and it can’t exert its strength satisfactorily, while Qing Ye’s body is strengthened by the sweat of innate wind and fire, the qi of HarmonyOS and the qi of chaos in Gankunding. Coupled with Pangu’s true appearance, Qing Ye believed that even the inferior master artifact could not break the defense of his own body surface.
The two men engaged in war, one battle, one retreat, one dodge and one blow. With a sword, the earth cracked and a punch exploded. The ground shook, just like a volcanic eruption. The five major planes, except Magnolia, and the other four continents were broken under the constant fighting between the two people. The four continents finally could not bear the devastating force and began to sink into the South China Sea!
The earth collapses! The rocks roll down! The sound of tsunami. The waves are rising!
Countless creatures from the four continents fled everywhere, sending out desperate screams. Although they were protected by women’s milk, they were still doomed.
In the end, the four continents finally sank, leaving only the Magnolia continent.
Due to Beirut’s intentional avoidance, so. Two people fighting didn’t endanger yulan mainland, however. Even so, the mainland of Yulan has suffered a big impact, and the countries on the edge of the mainland coast. Can’t escape the fate of extinction.
The zither sound, I saw Beirut godhead artifact sword stabbed Qing Ye, Beirut after a happy. Then the joy sinks down. Under the blow, he left a pale white mark on Qing Ye’s body surface, even the skin of Ye Qing’s body surface was not broken.
This Qing Ye, the body is so strong! Beirut is a god-eater with countless planes. The only one is not only talented, but also horribly strong, comparable to the main artifact. Now, however, the Qing Ye’s physical strength is almost the same as his.
However, after Qing Ye received the sword of Beirut, his body was badly shaken. Although Qing Ye’s body was strong, Beirut’s blow contained five dark laws, which, together with the godhead artifact, meant that dzogchen’s last god would also be injured.
Eight families and other strong people watched the battle between Qing Ye and Beirut, except for hiding far away. Is dull.
Even, they began to doubt the ability of the Lord God!
Legend has it that dzogchen’s superior God has no resistance at all before the Lord God. God thought, will power can easily kill dzogchen superior god, but, now. Isn’t this Qing Ye alive and well? From a distance, Qing Ye became more and more brave.
After several attacks, Beirut stopped when he saw that the deity artifact in his hand could not kill Qing Ye. Then he looked at Qing Ye coldly and said, "Qing Ye, it’s very good. You can actually force me to use my magical power and die under my magical power. You also closed your eyes and saw that a huge mouse phantom appeared behind Beirut.
The only god beast in countless planes "eats the rat." The talented avatar who goes against the sky "eats God." In front of everyone, make it out.
Tomorrow night
Chapter two hundred and seventy-seven The Lord God arrival
Beirut shows a god-eating rat, and when it casts a god-eating drain, it is a strange day! , move. Pass it to Qing Ye.
It’s a natural supernatural power to devour gods and deities.