"Why are you willing to tell me now?" Ye Qin ballad asked

In fact, she has asked this question long ago, but the soul has been silent.
Soul smiled and said, "Some powers in this world are beyond your imagination."
"I have a special status. If I see them outside, they will soon feel the danger."
"I can’t wake you up until I get here."
With a wave of his hand, the soul virtual hand waved a thin transparent cover over his head.
The mask is so huge that it almost wraps hundreds of thousands of miles around it.
The key is Ye Qin’s ballad, and I feel an abnormal breath that doesn’t belong to this world.
Just like that thing in the back of the yard.
"When we get to a place like this, no one can spy on us anymore."
Soul virtual said with a smile
However, just after he finished speaking, a small white hand suddenly appeared behind his head, threatening to blow his head off.
Ye Qin rumours hurriedly dry cough for two.
Soul virtual eyebrows slightly wrinkled suddenly turned.
And found nothing.
He’s a little puzzled. He just had a palpitation feeling.
"My Lord, here we are."
Then the shock xuan came along.
The ship has come to Lingyun Zong.
Chapter 13 can’t be used to it
The huge ship slowly landed on the highest peak of Lingyun Sect.
Lingyun brothers looked up.
They know that this must be a great man coming, otherwise it is impossible to directly reach the main peak.
"Welcome to Ling Yunzong, Dean Zhen Xuan, the Lord of Soul Deficiency"
Tong Qing took the initiative to meet him with a smile.
Behind him are several elders of Ling Yunzong and several of his brothers.
Of course, there are some young arrogant people who look curious and stare at this distinguished guest who is so polite even to the patriarch.
The soul is empty, and the ship says, "I’m very sorry about your father’s affairs."
"The road to cultivation is difficult and bumpy. I hope you will be sorry for your loss."
Tong Qing respectfully said, "Thank you, adults, for missing the dog, and no one can blame for its lack of happiness and luck."
He said, but he didn’t consciously look at Ye Qin’s body next to him.
This is the chosen one?
It’s no big deal except the beauty of the country.
Is it a beauty technique?
Hum! Small ear!
"Children’s palm teaching?"
Soul deficiency woke him up and said, "I’d like to introduce you to Ye Qin, the name of the god’s candidate in the hospital."
Ye Qin rumours at tong Qing nodded slightly.
"She’s new here and she’s not very clear in many ways. Why don’t you let someone show her around?"
Theory of soul deficiency
He had already seen that Tong Qing’s mind was either dead or unhappy and he came up with a bad breath.
Okay, that’s you.
Sure enough, after hearing this sentence, Tong Qing’s face showed a little smile.
"So good"
He called "Yuan Hao!"
A young man in a Phnom Penh robe came forward at once.
"Take this fairy with you to enjoy the scenery of Lingyun Sect."
Yuan Hao leaned down and reached in front of Ye Qin’s ballad and said, "Fairy please."
Ye Qin ballad nodded and then left with Yuan Hao.
Soon the young Junjie in the rear made their own winks and followed.
Looking at this situation, the soul virtual smiled faintly and said nothing.