"diarrhea? I don’t care, Lacey. Get out of the way. We have to go. I am _ 100 ~ 10,000 young! Say Zhai "heard this name blue beibei almost laughed out loud and covered her nose and turned her back.

Exaggerated performance of blue babe. Lacey continued without any anger: "Oh, beautiful lady, don’t be so heartless!" Where are you going? I’m willing to see you off. Oh, by the way, there is a banquet at my house tonight. I wonder if the young lady would like to join me. "
"Are you finished? Are you willing to send me? I don’t want you to send it yet! Who wants to go to your party? " Blue beibei really can’t stand this thick-skinned guy who made her feel ashamed.
"Second brother beat him and let’s go!" Windson stretched out his hand to blue beibei back and closed the door to the outside Chen Er said. For this boring aristocratic children windson also too lazy to come forward. After all, I’m a stranger now. He doesn’t want any trouble either.
"I’m a baron of the third imperial family of Begalin. It’s not up to your Frye family to offend. You’d better think about it and let me know the previous lady. I don’t care about your collision with my car. " See beauty disappear lacy to stare at Chen Er cried.
"Where did you get so much nonsense? Get out of my way." Chen Er pushed Lacey away and sat in the cab and drove on. A second sai-jo, though Chen Er was useless, was pushed to the ground and the aristocratic image disappeared.
"Master, are you all right!" A page rushed up to help Lacey patting the dust on his body and asked.
"Hum! When I go back, I want to show the Frye bastards that this is an evil wind city, not a city of peace, and the beauty will be sent back to me sooner or later. " Lacey broke his hand with a scowl on his face.
"That guy just now is really an idiot. = = "Blue Beibei sitting in the car threw her head aside angrily.
"This shows that our Beibei is very attractive. Look at that boy." Qin Xinyu Yan mouth jiao laughs.
"Xinyu elder sister you return not bashful to say. Brother Xiaofeng really didn’t help me. " Glared at blue beibei disgruntled while only know smile windson.
Chu Yu looked out of the window and said, "This guy belongs to the Begalin family. It’s really bad. But it seems that our troubles are indispensable these days. "
"I’m afraid of what he’s doing. Anyway, we can’t stay in the evil wind city for a few days." Blue beibei said unconcerned.
Qin Xinyu ordered the blue Beibei’s smooth forehead: "Other identities are embarrassing now. If outsiders know about it, even the imperial family will find you. Since the Begalin family has sent killers to test last time, they must know something about us. Lin Fengxiao said: "We don’t have to worry about these things. Anyway, now we are hoping that the big six will have to go back to God bless the big six before they can benefit. So now even if anyone comes to us and can’t do it, they will promise to come down. Anyway, it is empty talk. What can they do with us when it comes to dolls? "
"It is! Look, isn’t the master of Frye’s family deceived by Brother Xiaofeng and promised to help us find the dolls? I think these guys are just stupid. It’s faster to cheat a few more people to find dolls. " Blue beibei happily pulled up windson’s hand and said.
Qin Xinyu gently knocked on the proud Lan Beibei and said, "You are full of nonsense. How can you cheat more of these things? The more you cheat, the more you will make them doubt our identity. At that time, none of them can be deceived. "
Chu raindrop nodded and said, "Sister Xinyu is right. Now we should be careful not of the Begalin family but of the Frye family of the Bias family. We can ignore the Begalin family, but we have to consider the royal family. As things stand now. Even the royal family comparable to Asia is very yearning for the scientific and technological strength of Tianyou Big 6. "
"It’s no use thinking about it now. As long as anyone can help us find the doll, it’s no big deal if we help him." Looking at Qin Xinyu eyeful worry windson pinched her hands firmly said.
"When the young master left, Master Charman had said that the Frye Hotel in Evil Wind City had a room ready for us." Stop the car. Chen Er back to windson said.
"Well, have a good rest and let’s travel all the way to Cangshan Mountain." Windson patted Qin Xinyu hand and said.
Someone had helped them open the door when the car stopped. "Your Excellency Lin Feng has worked hard and everything is ready for you. Please come with me."
"Thank you."
"Excuse me, is this your Excellency Lin Feng?"
Just when Lin Feng and his party got off and walked into the lobby of Frye Hotel. A group of people greeted him.
"I am your Excellency?" I looked at the seven people in front of me, and they were not the best, because the middle-aged person only had seven grades, and even Chen Er could not beat one of the four of them.
"I am the housekeeper of the evil wind city of the Begalin family. I learned that you will come to the evil wind city today. The housemaster specially sent you down to ask you to go to your house for a chat!" For middle-aged people respectfully said.
"The Begalin family?" Previously, he taught the boy of the Begalin family less than an hour, so this group of people can never come for that. The most likely thing is that the owner of the Begalin family really wants to see him. "It seems that I have no friendship with the Begalin family."
Middle-aged people didn’t care about windson. He said, "The master said that he had some misunderstanding with your Excellency Lin Feng, so he would like to apologize in person and invite you to join us. "Well, then I’ll go and have a look." Lin Feng turned to Qin Xinyu and others behind him and said, "Go and rest first. I’ll go and have a look and come back."
Qin Xinyu took a look at those Begalin family members. Did not stop. "Well! Be careful! "
"Your Excellency Lin Feng’s car is ready."
Windson in the forgotten star shangdi purpose is very simple. Is to find the doll and wait until the family fleet to go home, even if it is to explore the secret of magic, it is just out of boredom. But now the appearance of the Begalin family has somewhat hindered the Frye family from helping him find the news about the doll, and he had to find a way to solve this problem. Now that the Begalin family is looking for you, he also wants to see what these guys really want.
The house of Begalin family is not far from the imperial city of the evil wind city. It is worthy of being comparable to the first family of the Asian Empire except the royal family, which is much stronger than the Frye family house of Heping City.
"Lord Lin Feng finally waited for you. Please come inside." A well-dressed middle-aged man looked at windson and got out of the car to meet up with a face of enthusiasm.
Windson also didn’t ask more directly followed him into the house of Begalin. The decoration in the courtyard is not as luxurious as that outside, but elegant. There is a strong banquet atmosphere in the house. It seems that it has already been prepared.
There is a soft blanket on the floor of the lobby, and a crystal chandelier with 18 floors is hung on the roof. A big round table is filled with all kinds of food and drinks, and several carved wooden chairs with high backs are neatly placed around the round table. There is only one middle-aged man who looks not much better than guiding Lin Feng on both sides. Is this the master of Begalin’s family?
And after entering the lobby, people followed by people have already gone out. There are only three people left in the lobby except the maid standing like a puppet.
The middle-aged man who led the way for Lin Feng turned to Lin Feng with a smile and said, "Your Excellency Lin Feng, please allow me to introduce myself first. I am Sofitel Begalin, the owner of the Begalin family."
"Are you the master of the Begalin family?" Windson looked at Sofitel in surprise. Originally, he thought that the one who stayed in the lobby was the owner of the Begalin family. He didn’t expect that the owner of the Begalin family would personally pick him up at home. But if so, who is this in the lobby?
Sofitel pointed to the middle-aged man at the round table as if knowing Lin Feng’s doubts: "This is your Excellency Jason Bi Bias, the foreign affairs director of the Bias family, who knows that there are many things that the royal family is not convenient to come forward in person."
Royal family! Than the Bias family just worried about this than the Bias family didn’t expect them to appear here, although it is only a foreign affairs director, but it shows that he is in charge of all the commercial royal spokesmen outside than the Bias family, and they are not much worse than ordinary householders. The owner of the Begalin family and the foreign affairs director of the Bias family must be looking for him together for the so-called "cooperation" …
"I’m flattered that the owner of the Begalin family and the spokesman of the royal family are looking for me together." I say so, but my face is not like this at all. There is no sense of diagnosis. Windson directly sat down at the table and poured himself a glass of wine.
"The main purpose of inviting you here this time is to solve some misunderstandings between our Begalin family and you." Sofitel sat beside windson with a smile and said.
Windson looked at Sofitel and said, "Misunderstanding? Why don’t I remember any misunderstanding between me and my master? "