After the serpent fell, he poured a bottle of spirit liquid and a bottle of queen bee nectar into his stomach, and held out a snake letter and licked his mouth, like a greedy child.

Xiao Lingyu also drank a few mouthfuls of spirit liquid to recuperate his body.
Despite the serpent’s company, Xiao Lingyu still feels a little lonely at this time. He is alone in this feather-flying continent. He just had a brother, and he was shut up again. He also killed his disciples of Xianmen …
"Ah, I still improve their own strength, and then go to find dad and mom, and XiaoMin. This world of repairing the truth is really not peaceful. " Xiao Lingyu refined a few mouthfuls of spiritual fluid, and looked at the vast and empty mountain forest, and couldn’t help sighing.
There is no vein of lingshi in this mountain range, so the spiritual power is very thin, and no monk wants to stay here for a long time, not even a slightly intelligent monster beast or fierce beast.
What Xiao Lingyu needs is chaotic energy, which is very thin in most parts of the fix true world. Xiao Lingyu has a lot of spiritual fluid, so he doesn’t care if his practice place is full of spiritual power. At least it is very quiet here, so he just wants to settle himself here first.
But the distance here is a little too close to ask the virtual fairy gate, not far from Taiyang City, that is, to ask the virtual fairy gate industry, so Xiao Lingyu gave up here decisively, and when the serpent recovered, he set off again.
For the serpent, a bottle of spirit liquid can only moisten the lower body, and has little effect on its strength, unless it is drunk in large quantities.
However, that bottle of queen bee nectar is a good thing. It not only tastes sweet, but also contains extremely rich energy. The serpent has now entered the late stage of distraction.
It’s just that the queen bee nectar is of great use for the first time, and it won’t have any obvious effect after drinking it, otherwise Xiao Lingyu will probably give the other two bottles to the serpent to drink, so that it can directly enter the fitting period.
After driving for a few days, Xiao Lingyu reached the edge of a desert.
The desert in front of it is also famous on the Feiyu continent, and it is called the rockfall desert, because there are always stones falling from the sky. Of course, those stones are not meteorites that fell from nine days away, but the wind in the desert swept to high school and fell.
Rockfall desert is very vast, with hundreds of thousands of miles in vertical and horizontal directions. Except for a few oases, there are no plants at all, because there is too much wind and sand in it, and there is often a large area of rockfall rain, so ordinary plants can’t survive at all.
However, in the underground of the Rockfall Desert, there are countless sand demons living, just because there are few spiritual veins in the Rockfall Desert, and the cultivation of those sand demons is not high.
The sand demon in the rockfall desert has a very remarkable feature, that is, its skin is rough and its ability to fight is super strong. This is mainly because they should be able to bear the stones that may fall at any time when they come out for activities.
The leather or carapace of the sand demon, as well as their inner Dan, are very tough and are excellent materials for refining the magic weapon of defense, so many monks keep entering the rocky desert and come to hunt the sand demon at the risk of being smashed into patties by stones.
There are many small towns outside the Rockfall Desert, mainly to provide convenience for adventurers who hunt sand demons.
Xiao Lingyu will come here, because the disciples of the top factions of Feiyu Mainland like Xu Xianmen rarely come here, because the monks here come from all parts of Feiyu Mainland, which is convenient for Xiao Lingyu to inquire about some things, and third, he is also preparing to hunt some sand demons.
Of course, there is one more important thing, but you can’t tell others.
The serpent has been hidden in the beast bag, and Xiao Lingyu has not directly entered the rocky desert, but wandered around the small towns on the periphery, constantly inquiring about the news about the earth.
To his great disappointment, more than a month passed, and he didn’t gain anything. He didn’t get any news about the earth, whether he was interested in asking or not listening to other people’s gossip.
It’s been eight or nine years since the end of the world. In a place like the fix-true world, ordinary people like Xiao Lingyu’s parents and Gu Xiaomin, who have no cultivation, will have too many possible accidents if they don’t have a better chance. How can Xiao Lingyu not worry, but there is nothing to do.
Xiao Lingyu didn’t stay in those small towns for long, and didn’t get any useful news. He found a small mountain range far away from the town, and then dug a abode of fairies and immortals in it.
Blocked the entrance to the abode of fairies and immortals, and then he expanded the interior of the abode of fairies and immortals.
Xiao Lingyu has been meditating for three days and nights. When he was at the peak, he took out some materials, and then began to try to refine magic weapons and pills.
The elixir and magic weapon he refined are inferior, and the success rate is not high, but this is only his practice.
He is not a genius in refining, and he has no intention of making amazing achievements in this respect. He is just refining some Dan medicines to save his life, assisting the cultivation of the nine-turn chaos tactic, or refining some magic weapons against the enemy.
Three months later, Xiao Lingyu left this abode of fairies and immortals. Some inferior materials he had collected before had been completely squandered by him, but he only got two magic weapons of inferior spirit level and two kinds of inferior magic pills.
If it is the master of refining, with Xiao Lingyu’s materials, the harvest can be at least more than five times.
Xiao Lingyu is a very easy person to satisfy. He is satisfied that he can gain something after refining for a long time for the first time, and he learned the practice of refining magic weapons and Dan medicine by reading books in his study, which is stolen from asking Xu Xianmen.
Xiao Lingyu didn’t think about taking any shortcuts in alchemy and refining, nor did he think about relying on luck or some other external factors. He firmly believed that practice makes perfect, even if his talent is not so good, as long as he practices more, he can naturally master some tricks.
Come out for air, Xiao Lingyu wandered around the small town outside the Rockfall Desert again, but when he returned to the abode of fairies and immortals again, he was still disappointed, and he still didn’t get any news.
Xiao Lingyu closed again, and meditated in the quiet room of the abode of fairies and immortals for a day. Only then did he open his eyes and move his mind, and two bottles of Dan medicine and several bottles of Lingye emerged in front of him.
He hesitated for a moment, then filled himself with half a bottle of spiritual liquid, and then settled in pranayama again. After a cup of tea, he opened a medicine bottle and took out an inferior panacea and put it in his mouth.
His face had a more enjoyable expression, but it was only a moment later that he opened another medicine bottle and took out another inferior panacea. The enjoyment expression on his face slowly disappeared, replaced by a frown, his face looked a little bitter, and his whole body was shining with gray chaos.
In his abdomen, the chaotic then kept trembling and slowly rising.
After a while, the surface of the chaotic then gathered a lot of gray fog, which gradually formed a vortex and spun rapidly.
Xiao Lingyu hurriedly began to pour spiritual fluid into his mouth again, and thick spiritual forces supported his veins and poured into the whirlpool around the chaotic then.
Xiao Lingyu’s expression was almost distorted by the swelling pain of the tendons. If the two inferior magic pills he had taken before had the function of protecting and nourishing the tendons, he would certainly be difficult to keep practicing.
Those two kinds of magic pills are pulse-protecting pills and pulse-nourishing pills, and they are not magic pills for cultivation or healing.
However, Humaidan can form a film-like barrier on the wall tube of the rib, which can not only reduce the impact of energy on the rib when the monk’s skill is running, but also accelerate the running speed of energy in the rib.
Chapter 30 Master of Shimen Combination Period at the Bottom of Lake
? Chapter 30 Master of Shimen Combination Period at the Bottom of Lake
While yangmaidan can penetrate into the flesh and blood of the tendons and nourish the whole body of the monk, so Xiao Lingyu will feel very enjoyable when taking it. The biggest purpose of taking yangmaidan is not to nourish the body, but to make the toughness of the tendons stronger and expand the impact range that the tendons can bear when it penetrates into the tendons.
As for Peiyuan Dan, although it also has some effect on the tendons, it can only be used in the chaotic foundation period.
It’s not easy to practice the nine-turn chaos tactic. If you practice it step by step, time is definitely not enough, so you need the monks to take some shortcuts. Xiao Lingyu’s master passed on Xiao Lingyu’s wonderful work, and at the same time, he also taught a lot of experience, including how to improve the cultivation quickly.
Xiao Lingyu’s current practice is what his master taught him before, but the premise of this practice is that Xiao Lingyu must have enough energy support. Under normal circumstances, this energy support is reflected in whether Lingshi is sufficient.
If there is enough lingshi, you need to refine the nourishing and protecting pulse pills. Of course, you can do it without refining. It is more convenient to buy them directly. There are still many kinds of pills to use, but it is impossible to buy everything. Therefore, Xiao Lingyu feels that it is better to open the foundation of refining first.