"Bing Xin!"

Chen Shaobai mind move, the whole body will emerge a faint gold se aura, a cool air flow from the top of the head, slowly extradition, will he perfect washing again, and flowing endlessly, always resist the invasion of any foreign magic xìng substance.
In this way, the large array of trapped gods was gently and skillfully resolved by him.
But unlike Mei Qiushuang, the ghost emperor was thinking about Chen Shaobai’s death. When he saw this slow moment, he didn’t understand the truth of being ruthless.
I don’t see how he moves. A huge sword as dark as ink and as generous as a door panel slides into the void and silently descends to Chen Shaobai.
No smell. There is no coercion, and even the performance of breaking the void and the sound barrier has never happened, just like two familiar people playing with each other.
But when I saw this sword in the body, Chen Shaobai’s mind instantly saw eight golden characters.
"The epee has no front, and the ingenuity does not work!"
Yes, this is a sword that conforms to the limit of heaven, and a sword that returns to nature! If it really meets, even if it only scratches a little fur. On the spot, the bones and muscles will be tender, the flesh will collapse and disappear.
To this, Chen Shaobai is very clear.
The sneak attack of the heavenly emperor came at a good time, and the timing was at its peak, even for Lin Yuanxi and Du Guzhou. After the reaction, I can’t help.
It is even ten times more difficult to keep the strength of an underachiever in the hands of the same realm than to directly fight the gods. This can be seen from the performance of Lin Yuanxi and Du Guzhou.
"Little white, get out of the way!"
The strength level is lower than that of the heavenly emperor. Lin Yuanxi didn’t find each other’s sneak attack until now, and his pupils instantly contracted into dangerous needles. But I can only use the secret method to send a sound feebly, and send out a reminder.
Duguzhou, whose strength is better than his, has been unable to save the day, although he discovered this killing early.
His magic was smashed to pieces by the previous raid, and now he is barely condensed. It can’t be a big deal.
More than self-protection, less than attack. Not to mention insuring xìng’s life.
"Chen Shaobai, you’re on your own …"
Looking at Chen Shaobai from a distance, a hint of guilt appeared in the eyes of the independent blademaster. The seven-star sword in his hand was holding the light from above nine days, flashing the light of extreme sharpness.
If Chen Shaobai is really beheaded, then he can only fight for this life and cut off the body of the heavenly emperor.
As a monk in a fairyland, although he has lived in seclusion for many years, it does not mean that he has no temper. The emergence of Chen Shaobai, the hope of the rise of the Qing Xuanmen, is now being forcibly strangled. How can he not be angry?
In the endless darkness, Mei Qiushuang put her hands on her chest, quietly waiting for the development of the situation, and didn’t seem anxious.
"Where did the man I fancy die so easily?"
Of course, if Chen Shaobai really died under this sword, there is nothing to say, but Mei Qiushuang should thank the help of the Heavenly Emperor.
She, Mei Qiushuang, the Lord of the five heavens of purgatory. How can her man be easily beheaded?
I don’t know whether it’s lucky or unlucky. Chen Shaobai never seems to have the habit of disappointing people. Facing the almost unavoidable sword, a faint smile emerged from his mouth. His white robe was blown by the epee, and he was hunting, and he was like an outsider in the air.
"It’s another trick. If I don’t have something important to do, you’ll be in trouble!"
Chen Shaobai secretly realized the mystery of the flying dragon exploring the cloud hand in his mind, and forced the idea of grabbing it away to hold back.
Although this door is mysterious, it is better than a surprise. If you use it rashly without familiarity, it will be too arrogant to let the other side give birth to jǐng admonitions, which will be bad.
Looking at the black-as-ink Wanjin sword from a distance, the searing Se in Chen Shaobai’s eyes gradually faded away.
"Now, let’s take a break at halftime and talk later!"
"Fairy cloud vitality! The golden cicada is shelled! "
Chen Shaobai’s body gradually became transparent and turned into Qingyun, but the skin was coated with a faint layer of Phnom Penh. He rode up a wisp of fairy wind, broke the space barrier with his five fingers, and suddenly tore out a large hole, then fled into the void in an instant and disappeared without a trace.
"Go dog luck boy, this time you are deadly! Emperor sword, come back with me! "
See Chen Shaobai break their breath lock, into the space of random nodes turbulence, the ghost emperor hesitated for a moment, or let life’s core monuments sword return to the side.
If it is really an ordinary magic weapon of life’s core monuments, it will be destroyed if it is destroyed, but this giant sword is where his real name world depends. If it is accidentally damaged, he will lose 50% of his strength and almost become a basket case.
Although Chen Shaobai is hateful, it is not worth taking such a big risk.
Shou Yuan, the god of the strong, is endless. He has no chance and time to settle the cause and effect, and takes ten thousand steps to talk. Even if he solves the problem in Chen Shaobai’s lifetime, he can’t cut off Chen Shaobai’s descendants and let him die.
"What will you bring back? I have to say that I am really looking forward to it now … "
Looking at the twisted, is trying to repair their own dark space barriers, MeiQiu cream eyes peep out one silk indescribable chemistry.
And she made a similar action, and Lin Yuan Xi.
He stared at the empty barrier, as if lost in thought: "Shao Bai, it’s up to you this time. Don’t let me down!" "
If a topaz-like delicate palm rests on his shoulder, Lin Yuanxi looks back. Who is it, not Duguzhou?
Dugu blademaster smiled: "I have always been very accurate in judging people. Although this Chen Shaobai acts perversely and ruthlessly, this xìng is not bad and trustworthy. After this time, if we all die, then …"
"Give him the palm of your hand."
Dazed, Lin Yuanxi seemed to think of something and nodded with relief.
There are two flowers, one for each table. For the great magical powers who come and go, there are various but not fatal temptations back and forth. Let’s not show them here for the time being. Our protagonist has crossed thousands of waters in Qian Shan and arrived before Qingxuan Fairy Mountain.
White clouds are lingering, the fairy mist is misty, the fragrance is overflowing, the spirit beasts and grasses are everywhere, and tens of thousands of peaks stand in the period.
Qingxuan Fairy Mountain is still the same as before, except for a few extra disciples Fengtou, and everything else is not much different.
"I’m Chen Shaobai, back again!"
Standing above nine days, Chen Shaobai overlooks the world, with a hint of fanaticism in his eyes.
A few years ago, when he went out, he was just a little fellow who barely condensed his sword species and was lucky enough to be promoted to quenching gas. Now he has become a great avatar who can compete with the fairyland.
The so-called Shi Bie San Ri, when sit up and take notice, what Chen Shaobai wants to do, is it as simple as making millions of monks in Qing Xuanmen sit up and take notice?
"I will be your king, lead you to win honor and set foot on the peak!"
"The first stop is …"
Chen Shaobai’s line of sight across the fog, came to an area of one thousand acres of purple se founder platform.
Cut Sendai.

Chapter three hundred and thirty Cut Sendai again