Tang Jin turned around quickly and thought of many possibilities. Finally, he could guess that Zhuo Qiang’s identity was extremely suspicious. At the very least, he was sure that this Dongfeng pirate group had some significance.

And these special steels must have come from that Dongfeng pirate group!
Tang Jinguang doesn’t know what it’s like in his heart after thinking about this possibility. It’s a bit bizarre that the pirates should do business in the summer.
However, the quality of their steel is too good to be rejected, and if this steel flows to other countries and poses a threat to Daxia, it is necessary to buy it even if it is three to five times more expensive.
Zhuo Qiang saw Tang Jinguang wait for a while’s sample and didn’t expect that he would figure out so many things at this moment. He was sent here. These pirates were so surprised that they didn’t know what to say.
Now that his wings are hard, he is not too afraid that Tang Jinguang will be bad for himself, otherwise he would not send evidence to the other side in a hurry.
"Brother soup, what are you thinking? So engrossed! " When Zhuo Qiang motioned for each other, it was still a long way from going to bed. Wake up first!
Tang Jinguang just woke up from the pirates and looked at Zhuo Qiang’s face and said, "Oh, this is not the place to talk. Let’s talk in the barracks!"
Zhuo Qiang looked at the rows of bungalows with lights on. It’s not as cool as it is outside to interview there.
These days, he lives in a presidential suite with a suitable temperature every day, and suddenly he feels that the weather is either too hot or too cold, which makes him a little uncomfortable.
But since you are a guest, you have to listen to your master. This island, Shang Jinguang, is also half a master.
Liu Xiaolei and Ye Chuchu, two men walking in front and behind, came to the front of a bungalow with a few pirates tied their hands.
"You wait outside first!" Zhuoqiang looked at the root of the house and couldn’t squeeze so many people in at the same time.
Tang Jinguang didn’t expect Zhuo Jiang to bring so many people here, and he could also smile apologetically and enter the house with Zhuo Jiang.
Zhuoqiang looked at a room, although it was simple and narrow, but it was very neat. It seems that the discipline of the soldiers is really strict and the hygiene is good
"This is the office of Li Paichang, the chief executive here. Limited conditions have wronged Zhuo brothers."
See Zhuo Qiang noncommittal expression Tang Jinguang said again, "Don’t worry that there is no one else around this room. I instructed the officers and men here to go to the back for training. We can speak boldly without any worry that the 199 Japanese submarine is coming."
Zhuo Qiang laughed. "I’m not going to talk about anything. I really want to ask you when the steel payment will arrive?"
"Don’t worry about this. I will give you money for your bank card when I go back to Ma!" Tang Jinguang’s mind is not this steel at this time. He is bent on sounding out Zhuo Qiang’s tune.
Zhuo Qiang nodded. "That’s good. I’m short of money now. How much I earn from this transaction is enough for these two months."
Tang Jinguang ignored Zhuo Qiang and stopped crying. He put his chair closer to Zhuo Qiang and asked very seriously, "Since you brought all these pirates, say! Are you connected with Dongfeng pirates? "
ZhuoJiangXin slightly proud of a just played a tacky dongfeng pirate this name is known all over the world to see their influence is not bad!
"I can tell you this!"
Tang Jinguang smiled meaningfully and said, "Since you didn’t deny it, I’ll take it as your default! Are these steels also them? "
"That I think it’s time for me to go. It’s up to you, pirates! It’s time to hand it over to the police. It’s time to hand it over to the hospital. After you take over, this matter will be out of my hands. They may have been tortured seriously, and you can be honest before, and you don’t have to work too hard! " Zhuo Qiang looked around and said that he didn’t pick up Tang Jinguang’s conversation at all.
As soon as Tang Jinguang saw Zhuo Qiang’s posture, he knew that he couldn’t ask a question. He was a little disappointed and said, "These pirates are a hot potato in anyone’s hands. They can’t be tried or killed, and they must be solved secretly in the end!"
"I can’t care about that. It’s getting late. I should go, too. Let’s meet again when we have a chance." Zhuo Qiang said and got up.
Tang Jinguang see Zhuo Jiang this sample can also go with him two people shake hands and say goodbye out of the door.
"Remember to make a payment as soon as possible!" Zhuojiang flow this sentence with Liu Xiaolei and Ye Chuchu quickly left the boat and sped away in the distance.
Tang Jinguang looked at the boat and hated it. "No wonder he turned from a poor boy to a billionaire in just a few months. It turned out to be such a thick thigh!"
He suddenly remembered something and said, "If we don’t give you a check on your bank account, you will be finished!"
Zhuo Qiang returned to the Long Yun and the Long Yun closed its channel and dived into the water again.
The base site has been set up, and the funds will soon be in place. Everything is going smoothly than if it is done in garnier and Leah. I am in a good mood, humming a ditty and sitting in the cab watching these genera play games.
In addition to the land Ma Yuanhang and the two dockworkers, the Long Yun has reached ten employees, and more and more people will naturally become more lively.
Because it is no danger for one party to meet Tang Jinguang, and secondly, because he doesn’t want Tang Jinguang to see new faces again, which causes him to suspect that Zhuo Qiang didn’t take them four when he landed late.
And Long Yun Zhuoqiang is as safe as an iron drum package. There is no doubt that the four bodyguards are at leisure than they learned to play games with Liu Xiaolei in a few days.
Robots learn everything quickly. Zhuo Qiangyuan took these game consoles to Long Yun and wanted to play them by himself. However, after watching him play these games, he never had the heart to play again.
Compared with these hand robots, his level is quite bad, so as not to damage his image. He has given up this hobby and secretly plays with others when no one is around.
"Hey, I still need a woman!" Zhuo Qiang chatted in various ways and suddenly remembered that he was sad to urge his single career and could not help but feel sad from it.
Although Ye Chuchu is also a beautiful and charming woman, Zhuo Qiang has a kind of psychological resistance to man-machine love, and he can stay away from Ye Chuchu for fear of making a big mistake accidentally.
The post-Long Yun must have a real woman, so Zhuoqiang will reduce a lot of loneliness
Jing Tian still learns and can’t let her know her identity secret for the time being, so she can’t come to Long Yun.
His girl Zhuo Qiang really can’t figure out who can get to the Long Yun for the time being.
He really wants to have a real person to talk and chat with him. It’s just that talking with people feels different from talking with machines, which is why Zhuo Qiang still feels lonely even though he is in these genera.
Long Yun girl doesn’t have to be a girlfriend, so do ordinary friends, but it must be very safe before. This secret is too terrible to show to the world easily.
Zhuo Qiang, a man, never thought of inviting a man to live on the Long Yun, which might be gossiped.