Land-based double heels point to the stone wall, and the figure keeps rising like stepping on a ladder backwards.

The Hunger is also flying, and he keeps pushing and attacking, sticking to the wall and rising to the mainland, and his hands change, pushing and dealing with the two of them repeatedly.
Now Lu Xiang also tries not to play hardball with The Hunger
Lu Xiang’s body rises several feet, and the top of his head is a big stone that protrudes horizontally. When he rises his head again, he hits the big stone, and Lu Xiang slides towards the mountain with his back attached to it.
The Hunger’s figure is also flying.
The two landed and hit another place.
Lu Xiang struggled with the biting pain and dealt with The Hunger, but his strength and speed were difficult to compare with those before the injury. The Hunger took advantage of the pain. He frequently used the vicious and strange moves in "The Hunger Gong" to suppress the landing, so that Lu Xiang could not have a breather and let Lu Xiang easily use the "flying moon"
As time goes by, I feel more and more tired in the face of The Hunger’s onslaught on the mainland.
Lu Xiang can grit his teeth and stand up.
He was also scratched by The Hunger in two places on his left arm, and a piece of meat was taken to The Hunger’s finger. The two of them played dozens of strokes, and Lu Xiang was hit by The Hunger with a palm, and a row of ribs were broken, and Lu Xiang was deeply hurt. He twitched for a while, and Lu Xiang also countered while The Hunger succeeded.
A trick "flying on the moon" came out.
This "flying on the moon" surprised The Hunger.
Because this trick "flying on the moon" is different from the previous one.
Chapter two hundred and sixty-five Back toward me (1)
This time, the terrestrial phase has made a "flying moon" for a month, and this round of "moon" is not as dark as the bright moon, and there is no "phoenix" image.
The distance is too close, and suddenly The Hunger didn’t think much about a skull palm and attacked this round of "Moon" and "Moon". But when the "Moon" broke, a "Phoenix" saved The Hunger, and it was hard to avoid the "Phoenix" pouncing on The Hunger.
The Hunger’s body shook like a blow, and the blood gushed out from the mouth was thrown to the place by the "Phoenix" and became bloody.
This is the most overbearing trick in the "flying on the moon", "the phoenix hides in the moon"
When Lu Xiang pressed this key, he used this "killer" to catch The Hunger off guard.
If it weren’t for the attenuation of terrestrial skills, the power of this move would be discounted, and The Hunger would be more seriously injured
If someone else is hit hard by this overbearing move, they have to retreat first, but The Hunger hurts The Hunger and he is angry. Instead of retreating, he hits Lu Xiang in the chest.
Lu Xiangyi punched The Hunger.
Lu Xiang’s fist is about to hit the blood, and The Hunger suddenly withdraws his palm. This change really makes Lu Xiang expect not to punch The Hunger in the chest.
The Hunger suffered a blow from Lu Xiang, and his sternum sounded like a fracture. His mouth was full of blood and he splashed Lu Xiang.
Lu Xiang came here for nothing. Is it hurt or not? He wanted to hurry back, but it was too late.
Lu Xiang’s body twitched in pain. His fists were still The Hunger’s chest. Lu Xiang looked at The Hunger and The Hunger’s face was full of mockery.
Lu Xiang slowly sank his head, so he saw The Hunger’s left hand thrust into his chest.
The Hunger, it’s not an injury. It’s an injury for his life.
Lu Xiang looked up again, and he smiled sadly. He talked to himself and said to The Hunger.
"I don’t … like my ancestor Lu Zheng … I’m not a qualified Jianghu person …"
The Hunger stared at Lu Xiang’s eyes and said, "So you are in the wrong game. You should be your prime minister well, but you are partial to the game and you are messing around."
Lu Xiang difficult tunnel "I walk first one step waiting for you …"
Blood magic way "you’re right. I’m not from this era. I’m in the wrong game, but since I’m awake, I don’t have a choice!" Life and death are determined by fate! "
Lu Xiang Avenue "Lujia … will rise sooner or later! And The Hunger, you will always … "
Blood magic road "it’s a pity that you can’t see it!"
Before The Hunger’s hand inserted into the continental chest was finished, the continental body twitched and seven orifices bled. Then The Hunger took his hand out of the continental cavity and shook it for two times and then fell to the ground.
"Bang" one