Finally, the tower.

Although there are several goals in this line that don’t have to be completed, Xu Le wants to stay here, but he wants them all!
"Let’s all have a rest. It’s estimated that it will take a while for the lighthouse people to discuss it. Maybe they won’t pay attention to us today."
"Well, rest"
Xu Le and Wang Shu exchanged a look after their respective breaks.
If there is any chance to connect this tree, then Wang Shu is definitely the only channel and clue.
"The elder brother of the tree I simply and you say a situation"
Wang Shu?
Although Wang Shu was a little surprised, he still sounded patient.
Xu Le didn’t hide the fact that the golden tree surface, especially the high-end trees will rot.
Xu Le told Wang Shu about it.
Wang Shu is not that kind of old man who is terminally ill or the kind of family member who needs to hide his illness. He is a very determined night watchman and a fighter.
If there is no way to accept this kind of thing, he is not qualified to hit the highest peak of fighters.
What’s worse, even if the body decays and becomes like those bitter monks in red, isn’t it still dead?
If you don’t die, you can be saved.
"It’s probably this kind of decay. I’m afraid you need to grasp it yourself …"
After listening to Xu Le’s story, Wang Shu had no extra expression on his face and didn’t worry about himself.
There is no need to worry about things that have not happened yet, and even if we worry about them, there is no solution
"What’s your idea now? Find a chance to go? "
"Do you think there is a chance to do things well before that?"
"We seldom come to the city, let alone the tower, so this place must be dominated by the lighting club and we can’t get in."
Wang Shuwei shook his head slightly and recognized that it was almost impossible to enter the rotting area of Huang Jinshu in the high tower at this time.
However, the conversation between the two people was not small, which also attracted the attention of Gu Beichen.
"What are you talking about? So behind my back? Is it interesting? "
Xu Le touched his nose and felt unlucky.
But Wang Shu still tirelessly told Gu Beichen about the situation.
Gu Beichen disdained a smile after hearing Xu Le’s idea.
"This kind of thing is not simple?"
Xu Le?
Wang Shu?
"Tell me about your opinion." Xu Le’s big makin knife sat on one side and he wanted to look after what was in Beichen’s gourd.
"First of all, you have to make sure one thing. Can you fight those golden light tree guards?"
Xu Le frowned slightly at this question.
"It’s not nonsense. It must be overwhelming. We are only a few people. People are the core of a city."
"That’s fine. If you can’t beat it, just join. Isn’t that easy?"
Xu Le and Wang Shu joined in one leng?
"How to join?"
Gu Beichen pretended to pour himself a cup of tea and then pointed to the meditation Wang Man over there.
"See the luminous younger sister? She will shine, devout believer
Have you seen the little tree? A young tree will grow into a sapling.
See me? I’m from the Red Crescent Temple and they’re one of us.
Xu Le, and you? "
Xu Le …
He stared at Gu Beichen for a long time and said slowly
"You were robbed?"
Although Gu Beichen is often unreliable, his proposal is really constructive.
Wang Shuwang ignored Beichen himself. All three of them have certain conditions to join the Illuminati Association. They may not agree, but at least they have reason and identity to enter.
It’s harder to deal with. It’s yourself and Ellie.
This is worth thinking about.
"Think about what you should do next."
Next day lighthouse city
Xiong Zemo received Luo Juya’s remains, and he wept silently in front of many night watchmans.
The situation of the district chief of area B has been a bit rude, but no night watchman will say much at this time.