"So if you are willing to give her’ Feisheng Dan’, it is very likely that Huier will be resurrected directly."

"But before, Fox Rui-er didn’t give birth to infidelity after Hui-er’s death and wanted to get rid of the identity of’ distraction’."
"Otherwise, instead of being able to’ fly to Dan’, Fox Rui will try to destroy it."
Chapter 51 Good offices, Avatar and Enemy
It’s nothing outside the pure yang view.
It has surpassed the troposphere and stratosphere, and the battle between Aoguang Zhongli and Xuanyang continues.
Unlike tropospheric combat, there is almost no water vapor in the stratosphere with an average height of 10 thousand meters
Coupled with the strong ultraviolet radiation, Aoguang’s ability to call the wind and rain can be said to be limited by cling.
Even if Aoguang can forcefully summon the wind and rain to face the fire dragon transformed by pure yang fire, he is also able to perform effectively.
Not to mention seriously, Zhong Li is much harder than Xuanyang.
Regardless of the influence of the banana fan, everything tangible or shaped is swept to Aoguang by the strong wind
Especially, the metallized mountain peak is comparable to the place where the wishful golden cudgel in the Great Sage’s hand passes, which is almost enough to crush the material in front of it.
The most exaggerated thing is that Zhong Li, with the help of the treasure gourd in his hand, sometimes shrinks and swallows the mountain peak, and sometimes enlarges and spits it out, so he will play like an armband.
Not only that, Zhong Li’s treasure gourd can also breathe water, fire and refining everything.
In addition to avoiding Aoguang, the metal peak that was smashed from time to time at that time, we must always be alert to the treasure gourd to attract and prevent ourselves from being inhaled carelessly.
Aoguang has never seen the refining ability of that treasure gourd, but he believes that it can be regarded as a guarantee ability by Zhong Li.
[Damn that dragon Yin me! 】
I was hit several times by metal mountains, and my brain gradually woke up. Aoguang realized what he had done.
To say that Aoguang has a bad temper and arrogant personality, he himself recognizes it.
But if you want to say that Aoguang was mindless and lost his innate Tao, Li Xuanke won’t admit it
Therefore, Aoguang, who showed irritability and impulsiveness after extricating himself from trouble, soon joined the Youth League together.
It is said that Chinese dragon is a master of playing illusion and human heart.
It is not surprising that he was imprisoned for hundreds of years and was stirred up at the moment.
Combining Xiaoqing’s previous action of escaping and forgetting the peak, Aoguang is not difficult to guess that the other party is going to the pure yang view from the beginning.
Deliberately provoke your mind and make yourself irritable …
The root purpose is to attract the attention of these two strong men, so that she can sneak into the pure yang view to do things.
It’s white to white. At this time, Aoguang is not willing to take the initiative to explain something to the clock.
Depressed, agitated, angry …
Therefore, the integration of all kinds of complex emotions makes Aoguang more violent and his hands more and more ruthless.
Since I can’t handle you, Zhong Li, can’t I handle your apprentice Xuanyang?
Fools know that persimmons have to be soft and tender, not to mention the battle-hardened ones.
Once the avatar at this level like Aoguang made up his mind to deal with Xuanyang, the situation suddenly changed dramatically.
Huge size combined with high-speed impact is like a natural disaster.
Ordinary Xuanyang can try his best to avoid even quitting the state of "man and sword in one", which makes the body barely avoid the sudden attack of Aoguang.
However, this is not all. Aoguang is called the "Dragon King" not only because of his far-beyond-normal real dragon size.
What really made Aoguang famous was his magical power, which could subvert Yin and Yang.
-Thirty-six magical powers of plough, mediation and good fortune!
In a flash, I saw a red and golden chain stretched out in the virtual, and quickly spread a piece of tight encirclement as if it were exhausted.
If Xiaoqing is here, you will find that these golden chains seem to be similar to those previously imprisoned in Aoguang Stone Lock.
In particular, the golden lines of the chain and the ancient seal are the replica of the stone lock spell method, and it has been strengthened by the mediation of the avatar.
See a number of chains surrounded himself Xuanyang immediately recognize unintelligent shouted
It’s not a shame to call someone if you can’t beat them.
What’s more, the opponent is Aoguang, who became famous hundreds of years ago.
He may be slightly inferior to those who simply practice the supernatural powers of practitioners, but it is absolutely unilateral to talk about fighting alone.
Because for them, casting spells and magical powers has become a kind of ability.
The avatar can not only display his avatar at will, but also have a special mantra to strengthen his ability.
This is even understood that the innate kendo and the dragon fencing are superb, and Xuanyang is far less than that.
"How dare you!"
The flint clock hurled the gourd in its own hand.
The treasure gourd expanded rapidly during the throwing process and soon became as big as the head of Aoguang Dragon, just like a small mountain peak.
Obviously, this treasure gourd can be used as an extra-large "plank brick" in addition to its normal function.
With that flying metal mountain, Aoguang was forced to be distracted.
However, in the face of this situation, Aoguang is not completely helpless
On the one hand, it controls the red and golden chains to continue to block Xuanyang, on the other hand, it shows a familiar claw, the black dragon, by manifestation.
Clock from surprised to look at that more like a python than like a real African black dragon face upwards whistling a unexpectedly triggered a vision more powerful than Aoguang.
Booming …
Lang Lang Qing was suddenly shrouded in darkness and tyrannical murder swept through the stratosphere …
The scorching sun is still scorching the sky, but it seems that the darkness at the moment has entered some kind of dark light field.
This is the famous "Mohologa" dragon, and it is also a ferocious god to deter all living beings.
Even if Aoguang mediates the avatar to temporarily summon a false body to subvert the earth and deter all beings, it is still true.
This is the real way to mediate the avatar!
Out of thin air, mediating between yin and yang, creating creatures …
If it weren’t for Li Xuan’s cultivation of Yang Shen, he would be able to sense the incarnation.
Aoguang really wants to show a statue of Li Xuan and let him personally teach these disciples a lesson.
A good statue of the true god is enough. This statue of "Mohologa" is a full-footed god, and its miraculous performance far exceeds Aoguang’s expectation.
At the very least, Zhong Li’s master and apprentice have been deterred by him, and my heart can’t help but give birth to a little fear.
Chapter 52 The feeling place is incarnate
When I return to a breath, that is, the moment when Aoguang calls out Mo Huluojia’s false body.
Talking to Lv Yan in Tibetan Pavilion, Pei Wende suddenly looked up and looked at the clock from their direction of engagement as if he had sensed something.
[This is the body? 】
Pei Wende felt that he suddenly had another body.
This body is not a real body, but it is similar to Yuan God, more than a ghost body.