The biggest feature of judo is its long duration, but also its penetrating power, which is not only penetrating the flesh, but also penetrating the truth, the soul and the mind.

Brother Xiu, who is a little weak, will naturally be infected by the supple form when he sees Poseidon talking, and will naturally fall into her gentleness and lose his energy. This is the penetrating effect of judo.
In the long-term battle, even if it is small, it is stronger than its physique and has the spirit of never giving up, but the tiger will be smaller when it takes a nap, and it will be able to successfully defeat Poseidon without any defects or deficiencies.
It’s a pity that I don’t know how to practice my body at present, as if I were completely integrated and fought for decades without any flaw.
What makes Poseidon depressed and frown is that in this kind of fighting process, the small and medium-sized bullying situation has made great pressure and rapid progress in judo.
I have become a touchstone of small practice bullying, and my bullying ability is getting stronger and stronger. The most typical feature is that my head is fierce and rushing out of my judo bondage more and more times, forcing myself to constantly exert more means to stop him from slamming.
Unconsciously, the small bullying technique is incredibly outrageous, and it has developed rapidly from small to large.
There are many reasons for this situation, but there is no doubt that it is the most important part to pressure yourself to make judo holes erode yourself.
Unless you stop fighting now, unless you are willing to stop fighting now and stay away from ordinary knowledge, maybe the end result will really be to help you make minor repairs into his first avenue
Poseidon’s heart is depressed than Poseidon’s, and it’s not good to leave and watch the monks. Many, even a few old monsters have been watching themselves pull away and flee without fighting at this time, and their reputation will be ruined.
Besides, Poseidon also knows that a road to understanding must be coincidental and must be accumulated for a long time. It is indeed a rapid progress to fight against yourself, but it may take a long time to accumulate and brew if you really want to leap from bullying to success.
Dacheng bullying should not be generated in decades, and it is estimated that it will not be completed in hundreds of years.
Poseidon doesn’t need to play with him for the time being. When the opportunity is right, just find an excuse not to fight with him and let him borrow money.
Poseidon doesn’t know that Sun Hao has completely sunk into the understanding of hegemony in the war, and he doesn’t know that Sun Hao’s fighting state depends on how much effort he can have without waves.
If you know Sun Hao’s strange state, Poseidon may not play with Sun Hao casually, but you can still understand in the battle. If you know, Poseidon will be very surprised. Isn’t it necessary to command the battle? Don’t you need wisdom and skill? What monk would be so careless that he could fight?
Sun Hao sank into the comprehension and felt more and more clear about bullying.
Sun Hao’s perception of strong winds and thunder has reached a certain height in the stormy waters outside the fishing village for many years. Combined with Sun Hao’s practice of wind-localized swords and Taigu Lei Shou’s understanding and mastery of thunder, it can be said that Sun Hao’s bullying over wind and thunder has reached a certain height.
Moreover, although Sun Hao’s personality is relatively soft, he has been in the leading position of a race or a power for a long time. There are many people in his figure who are overbearing. He didn’t understand it before, and he didn’t feel deep. He realized the know-how of overbearing relativity and immediately reached a certain height.
All kinds of comprehension combined to make Sun Hao’s overbearing practice reach a certain height. In the process of fighting against Poseidon for a long time, Sun Hao gained a rare opportunity and gradually approached his goal.
Chapter 259 Overbearing power
Sun Hao seriously realized that every time he broke through Poseidon Judo and attacked her, his state sank into the realization, and suddenly he felt that bullying was really different. The general nuclear spirit was the fastest.
What is bullying?
How many stages has Sun Hao’s understanding gone through? The first stage? Simply thinking that Sun Hao is overbearing is a kind of rage.
Perpetration is overbearing, violent, fierce, overbearing, and overbearing. It is a kind of coercion.
That is, you wouldn’t let me do that, but I just did it by force, occupying the meaning of bullying
Sun Haohai led A Bi through the thunder and got another understanding. Bullying is a kind of relativity and a kind of contrast.
Different levels have different understandings of bullying. On this basis, Sun Hao developed an idea of bullying and three trials, and he realized that after A Bi was bullied, he broke out strongly and showed his overbearing power
Overriding the scales and evil eyes, the two ethnic groups also destroyed the combination of the two ethnic groups, which can show their power of forcibly suppressing others and bullying others to the fullest.
The main reason why Poseidon Sun Hao is still adamant is not that the feud between the medicine clan and the sea clan is irreconcilable and Sun Hao has destroyed two theories of combined power, which really cost the other party a heavy price, and it can be properly stopped when it is too good.
But at this time, Sun Hao felt that once he was influenced by Poseidon Judo, once he chose to compromise and talk, then his overbearing practice was realizing that the overbearing horse would be affected to some extent, and maybe he would be directly assimilated by Poseidon Judo, so that his hegemony would be eliminated.
It is precisely because of this feeling that Sun Hao stubbornly showed himself overbearing and unreasonable and fought fiercely with Poseidon.
It seems that it is not flattering, but it is actually a kind of hegemonic practice. After the battle, it also produced good practice results.
After the start of the war, all Sun Hao’s mind sank into the constant perception of his own practice hegemony, compared with judo and combat.
Judo restrains bullying.
In this restrained state, Sun Hao’s overbearing power must always maintain a high-intensity operation posture to have a fighting force.
Judo restrains bullying.
The judo power of restraint has a very clear reference for Sun Hao’s bullying practice.
In the battle, Xingtian Wu Bo did a good job by being able to fight. Occasionally, he was able to give full play to his strength and overbearing power, break through the shackles of Poseidon Judo and launch a close attack on Poseidon.
Poseidon is not very suitable for close combat with his opponent. Every time, he will display a defensive water shield or simply avoid water, which is not quite common sense.
The outbreak of witchcraft in Xingtian gave Sun Hao another good opportunity to understand bullying.
Observing his state carefully, Sun Hao suddenly found that every time he broke through Poseidon judo, his strength was the greatest.
The biggest reason for strength is that when his bullying and Xingtian’s witch’s spirit are just perfectly integrated.
Overbearing force, physical force, combined together, brutally tore judo, intercepted and killed Poseidon.
Shui Rou can accept everything, and Shui Rou can cover everything.
Soft water is endless, but soft water has one characteristic, that is, it is easy to be instantly defeated at a certain point in time.
The main factor that determines the size of the area during this defeat is actually the size of one’s own strength
When one’s strength, overbearing power and physical strength are perfectly combined, one can successfully surpass judo to intercept oneself, pierce a hole in Poseidon judo and directly kill her body.
After realizing this, Sun Hao began to consciously mobilize his deputy mind to control bullying and integrate with his physical strength.
As the battle goes on, the integration becomes more and more smooth, and the cooperation becomes better and better. When Sun Hao breaks through Poseidon Judo, the number of times will increase.
In this way, Sun Hao found himself understanding bullying more and more.
I have to say that Poseidon is really the best opponent and touchstone for her self-cultivation and bullying. Poseidon doesn’t have too many powerful and direct destructive means. Maybe she understands judo. Her main way of fighting is to pester her opponent by continuous and long attacks.
Her personality is also slightly soft and docile, and she will not be so furious and desperate, which gives Sun Hao a lot of good opportunities to understand hegemonic warfare.
In the continuous battle, Sun Hao became more and more familiar with the integration and cooperation of bullying and physical strength, and his understanding of bullying reached a new height.
In the battle, Sun Hao suddenly felt that his physical strength should be an important part of his overbearing power.
Physical strength is the same as the practice of gale, thunder and fire in front of you, and the bullying force of bullying others. They are all a component that can form their own bullying.
And based on this cognition, Sun Hao got a new understanding.
The root of bullying is still a word.
If you don’t have the power to bully, talk about it.
The force determines whether bullying is strong or weak, and the relative reason is that the force is relative.
Overbearing is a reflection of the strength contrast.
Overbearing should be violent and rude. How can force be violent? Overbearing should be arrogant and unreasonable, and forcibly occupy it. How can force be arrogant and how can force be seized?
Overbearing and wild need strength to support.
It is the root of bullying to show its power.
In ancient times, there was a overlord who could pull out the mountain, and there was an ancient poem saying, "It’s hard to die in heaven. It’s hard to be murderous. The sword light is cold. The sword light is cold. It’s hard to cover the castle peak. The Central Plains wants to cross the river, but Yan Ge is struggling for the championship."
Overlord hates heaven. If heaven has a handle, he can hold it in one hand and pull it out.
Bawangli hates the earth ring. If the earth has an iron ring to focus on, he can hold it and give it up.
This is the real overlord power.
This is the real overbearing power
What is overbearing? It is a kind of overbearing posture based on the strength of its own arrogance. This is overbearing.
The root of bullying is one’s unparalleled strength.
Domineering and powerful also depends on one’s own understanding of the power of gale, thunder and fire, and so on, which melts into one’s own strength to produce a huge and powerful situation of bullying and crushing everything.