Lin momo appreciates Louis very much. He has always been diligent and knows what to do and what not to do. He is very aware of the situation and is comfortable to use alone.

Louis went to deal with things in a short time, and he excitedly connected to the captain’s cabin of the Great Mighty. "The boss’s good news has just been learned from the captain of the Green Frost that Jakkula, the head of the blood-soaked team, has led two hundred star cruises to the fire home territory. I don’t know what to send back one hundred and twenty ships, that is to say, there are ten star cruises in the blood-soaked main fleet, and we have defeated the breeze fleet here and gone to their whole twelve elite! Eye Jakkula side is the flagship black dragon bully blood, a total of 60 star cruises, the 60 star cruises is not an elite class with 10 ships or a B-class specifically responsible for logistics, please ask the boss for advice. "
"oh? Is there such a thing? " Lin momo shine at the moment, which is more conducive to the next action.
"It’s special to take some crew members alone to confirm from their mouths that the news is absolutely reliable. Can we take Jakkula for the mirror array?" Louis couldn’t help clenching his fist and revealing a fierce complexion.
The Blood-soaked Adventure Group is a place with constant disputes. Louis was willing to vote in Yagues because he was angry with Jakkula, the head of the group, and his father was not treated fairly after his sacrifice. The head of the group privately detained the pension, but that the head of the group stared at even the cactus and inherited this resentment. Momo Lin showed strength. After analyzing the advantages and disadvantages, he was the first to vote.
"No, mirror array has mostly been exposed. I believe that in the last stage of the battle, the cool breeze fleet has issued a warning to the blood-soaked main fleet to make the mirror array weak but strong, but it must have a sudden reality. For us, Jakkula has little difference between two hundred star cruises and fifty star cruises. It is not as powerful as previously thought. Of course, before we leave, we can make Jakkula doubt that the mirror array here is always good to know what I have to do to make you try to take the captain limit of the five star cruises of the cool breeze fleet. That’s because the weight of the fleet is limited. We have to take those mutated titanium alloys with us and let Obsidian get promoted on the way. As you can see, I’m looking for treasure to destroy Jakkula, but I’m just doing something casually. Louis has opened his eyes to the outside world. The galaxy is vast? Don’t be limited to a small blood-soaked adventure group. One day, when you find yourself overlooking the stars at a high level, your mood will be different. Look back today and smile. "
"The boss has a question about which level you are? Do you come from a super big family like Mujia? Is it a wooden family? " Louis couldn’t help but feel emboldened when he heard Lin momo’s words. After all, he is a wise man. It must be a lie to say that he is not curious about the identity of the mysterious boss
"Ha ha ha finally asked? It’s not yet time to solve the mystery. When the discoverer’s fleet reaches a certain level, you will know my origin. Don’t be superstitious about the strength of those super families. Sometimes it’s not necessarily a good thing that they are too powerful. When they want to do something, they are always worried and so powerful that it is difficult to penetrate. How can our fleet be chic? You can explore the treasure and rob the bloody fleet. Go and finish it. I’ll leave it to you! I want those five boats to sink for me. "
Louis didn’t dispel doubts, but his doubts worsened. Obviously, the boss’s history is extraordinary, and the main fleet is bloody. In his eyes, it seems that even the real enemy is not so troublesome. What kind of person can be the boss’s enemy? I can’t imagine it’s not a wooden house, is it? It’s so evil. How can there be such a person?
Two hours to clean up the battlefield seems a little short, but Louis has identified more and more reliable crew members. For those who are willing to join the Discovery fleet, they will immediately arrange workers. For those who are still dreaming about holding Jakkula’s thighs, they will be sent to the sinking star cruise ship to wait for rescue.
Of course, Lin momo is not a soft-hearted generation. Anyone who releases prisoners must inject a dose of weakening agent, which is mixed with a trace of Karen toxin. Even if they are released, they will work for Jakkula, but they will become a bloody main fleet. Enough ship doctors must be separated to take care of them.
Fortunately, Louis didn’t fail to live up to his duty, coerce, induce, poison and torture, and finally got the captain of Qingyun from five captains, but who will be the new captain is a problem.
Previously, many captains were in the wait-and-see stage and didn’t want to go back to Jakkula. They decided to follow the Great Weiwu to see the situation. Now the news that Yagues, the deputy head of the ship, was killed has been announced. Yagues swallowed the pension of the discoverer’s fleet, which led to the tragedy. Even though the discoverer’s fleet was better than one game, these captains were unwilling to stay.
In addition, few people in the breeze fleet are willing to follow the discoverer’s fleet, so that the discoverer’s fleet will be diluted immediately when it is full of people. Li Linglong is very optimistic about Lin Sisuo’s order not to make trouble and let Louis’s screening work go quickly. Those who are willing to stay are dissatisfied with the blood.
It was coaxed that Louis managed to scrape together five captains to take over the five ships of Qingyun, and each ship was equipped with fifteen crew members to share the ship. Because it was a temporary takeover method, it immediately formed its combat power, and it was not expected that these five star cruise ships would be built.
I really want to thank Jakkula, the Qingfeng fleet, for treating the Qingfeng fleet fairly well. Each ship has more than ten times the old containers.
Containers have always been hard currency. Although Lin Sisuo can’t see it, obtaining these containers can really solve the urgent need and take away more variant titanium alloys and alloys.
Ministry of materials and equipment was taken away and destroyed on the spot. Five star cruise ships Qingyun and Qinglan, which were newly included in the Discovery Fleet, were kept relatively intact. After two hours of rapid maintenance, the energy shield was reopened.
The three ships, Qing Shuang, Qing Ming and Qing Xiu, are not so lucky. They are all in a mess, and they have not recovered their roots for ten days and a half to make up for the losses. They are barely able to sail.
Lin momo didn’t let the three ships of Qingshuang load the variant alloy, but let the three ships throw out the traction light to catch the Obsidian, so that the Obsidian can climb as it travels, and it must cross to Class B as quickly as possible.
"The last ten minutes to sort out the ship and then head for the area of star domain quadrant coordinates 593.25" Lin momo finally said that ten captains will announce the specific parameters half an hour after they know the coordinates.
Discovery fleet set out Lin momo looked up at the Milky Way and prayed silently. "The incarnate son bless me. I must find the Star Fighter Cloud Nuclear. I don’t know what happened to Uncle Jack. Did Payne return to Edward’s family and Connor’s existing fleet didn’t get Pluto’s Tenchu? How big can it be? No one can say for sure that I hope my partners can survive this dark period. "
"set sail"
"set sail"
"set sail"
The stern of the Great Weiwu spewed out light, and then fifteen star cruises, the cactus and the Iron Devil, formed a conical array and flew to the high broken crust, instantly becoming small behind them.
Volume 19 Star Screen! Obsidian crazy Chapter 1115 Star screen
When Jakkula arrived at the area where the dark star was located, his face was horribly gloomy, and the breeze fleet was caught in a mirror array. The specific situation was distorted to a certain extent because of the interference of the dark star.
"Yagues, my good brother, how do you know how to transport mirror array? And there happens to be a dark star blocking the detection here. What? What is this? The breeze fleet is strong enough to beat you. What, the Qingluo and Qingbi have never come back? Is it that the breeze fleet has been wiped out? Or did you fool grandpa and me all the time? Everything is your layout root, there is no treasure root, and there is no star thief employer to let me get into the trap. "The more Jakkula thinks about it, the more he thinks about it. At the same time, many doubts conform to the characteristics of the lean department, but he unfortunately met Lin Sisuo, whose vision is several times higher than his, and he has always been led by the nose.
"There is a weak distress signal in front of the colonel’s adult." The acting adjutant gradually zoomed in the image. Because the adjutant left the fleet and went to the Elves to discuss the attachment, there was a little stagnation in the control of the black dragon Ba Blood.
"distress signal? Hum, maybe it’s a trap. The idiots of the breeze fleet despise Yagues too much. After such a long time, their hope of survival is slim. "Jakkula pinched his finger and said angrily.
The deputy adjutant was afraid to speak, and hurriedly informed the fleet that his ship was ready and could not be dispersed. He must make a superior force. Speaking of it, the breeze fleet was too fast to leave the main fleet for seven days, except for a distorted message sent back by the Qingluo. The result of the breeze fleet was definitely not ideal.
After hours of searching for blood, the fleet carefully cleaned up the floating thunder along the way. The black dragon Baxue finally reached the source of the distress signal. Looking ahead, it was seven pieces of hull that were pieced together.
Jakkula flew into a rage and made every effort to build a fleet of cool breeze. Who can bear this? He hurriedly sent a master to board the sunken ship and quickly rescued the collapsed cabin personnel.
"Go and ask me what happened to these people." Jakkula was livid. He had never suffered such a defeat. Worse, the man who beat him in a game was probably his younger brother, which made him more accepting of what he saw. The fleet he sent to Qingfeng was defeated and defeated so thoroughly. Maybe there was an ambush here long ago. Maybe Yagues was prepared for it. This is understandable.
About fifteen minutes ago, the deputy adjutant ran back to the main control room and was out of breath. He reported, "I told the head of the delegation that the Great Mighty had made it clear through the base before and after. Speaking of the fact that the mirror array was very powerful and the other side had transported a lot of metal materials with high energy resistance, it was despicable to sneak up on us. First, we divided the breeze fleet and then attacked it in the middle of fire. At that time, the Blue Screw …"
After hearing the report, Jakkula stood up with his eyes entranced and asked, "Are you saying that my good brother defeated the cool breeze fleet with a ridiculous C-class star cruise ship only by the mighty number and nine rotten ships? Without him, the star cruise ship ambushed here just the ten ships? "
"Yes! The captain of the sapphire told me that he had always had a good memory and would never forget the names of the ten ships, namely the Great Mighty Cactus, the Iron Magic, the Red Coral, the Sperm Whale, the Fierce Cloud, the Winter Moon, the Haiba, the Jidu Obsidian.
"pa!" Palm mercilessly fall agent adjutant left face cried swollen up high Jakkula roared "a group of waste his mama is waste even if Yagues posing as a mirror array fleet fighting capacity difference between the two sides? Won’t it be a bloody battle to the end? It must be that these bastards don’t work hard. It must be like this. "
The deputy adjutant was almost knocked out, covering his left face and not daring to say anything. It was terrible that the colonel was furious and didn’t kill him. It was luck.
"You said you just said Yagues he is dead? You believe that, too? Has anyone seen the body of that bastard Yagues? Who saw it? Find him out for me and I’ll gouge out his eyes. "Jakkula showed some signs of losing control.