Zhang Yang knew that he could no longer bear the blow.

It’s over! It’s over!
After crossing for decades and crossing for the first 20 years, the average person has almost lived longer, but most of the crossing for decades has been closed or hundreds of thousands of mountains … Zhang Yang is really unwilling!
"I don’t know if a thunder will let me continue to cross. If I cross again, I hope I can wear it back to modern times and become a second generation of cattle! Eat, drink, and have fun … that’s life! "
Zhang Yang mouth murmured.
However, it was expected that the lightning did not fall, and the dense weather ratio in the sky formed a huge energy.
However, this energy is not thunder, but a strange energy.
As soon as it rings, the whole world is a rhythmic fluctuation.
With this rhythm fluctuation, Zhang Yang felt that his mind was thin and strange, as if there were many things in his mind instantly.
The huge amount of information made his head swell.
At this time, Zhang Yang’s powerful gods played a very important role in quickly decomposing this information.
An inexplicable feeling is like suddenly losing a lot of things. Zhang Yang believed that blood slaves probably felt the same way when they woke up.
Talent avatar-shaping the avatar!
Zhang Yang absorbed the huge amount of information that suddenly came, and he felt something more in his mind and body. He knew that he had mastered a powerful talent-shaping the avatar!
Shaping a doppelganger means that you can reshape a doppelganger. This doppelganger is like a left hand and a right hand, and it is generally under the command of the same soul. There will never be any bad accidents.
This is a powerful talent, which is completely different from Yuan Ying Johnson’s incarnation.
The strength of the avatar outside the body is generally at least one level lower than that of the weak, and once the statue falls, the avatar will also fall with it.
However, the strength of this kind of talent can surpass the statue and keep the soul alive. Even if the statue falls, it can consume a lot of mana to reshape a statue.
The strength of the gifted avatar can surpass that of the venerable avatar and the venerable avatar at the same time. If one side breaks through the realm, the other side will lose the threshold and can break through with it.
All this information flashed into Zhang Yang’s mind.
Zhang Yang was ecstatic! Does the absence of lightning mean that the lightning robbery is over and you don’t have to fall?
And every cloud has a silver lining!
Genius avatar! I actually woke up with a talent avatar and was so unlucky. A talent avatar!
Shape the avatar!
Having two places at once is equivalent to more than one life! Zhang Yang won’t fall if you don’t fall at the same time.
Will Yu be annihilated by people?
Zhang Yang didn’t consider this problem. What’s there to worry about when "Taiyin Refined Shape" suppressed the knowledge of the sea?
Chapter two hundred and eleven Promotion Mao Jiang
Thousands of miles away, a flying shadow suddenly stopped.