See the young man took out a piece of antique bronze token from the pocket and handed it to Weichi in error.

Wei Chi just saw the token handed over by the youth, which was meaningful.
It’s coming, and it’s not coming, but it’s coming. What is this?
Wei Chi is confused.
In fact, Wei Chi’s false heart knows very well that this time he was posed by Albizia Sect. Even though heaven and man all recognize that the news of Yun Ze is leaked from the boundary gate, he knows in his heart that he and Yubeitang, the master of the boundary gate, are both from the Shenhuo Military Department. It is impossible for the boundary gate to betray him, but the news of Yun Ze is actually flowing out, not the boundary gate. So this day, the intelligence system can have such strength, except for the imperial court, which leaves Hehuazong.
It seems that Wei Chi’s court will not betray him. In recent years, Jinzhou has been flooded for years, and the court’s relief money has been delayed. Nowadays, these people in Jinzhou are living on their own spirits. Jianzong and fantasy wineries have always been very close to each other. Even the court’s eyes are bigger than Yun Ze’s, and he dare not attack himself at this time. All these accusations point to the acacia Sect.
According to the recent negotiations on the marriage of the two heads and children, it is estimated that there will be a result soon, and the soul of the town has always been guilty by itself, and everyone has the motive and possibility to sell their own information and seek for the Yun Ze boundary for the soul of the town in a chaotic situation, but it is only to take the blame for the soul of the town, but Wei Chi is puzzled that nowadays, heaven and man recognize that it is the boundary, and they are all waiting to see the spirit sword, such as questioning the boundary. It is reasonable that the boundary should avoid suspicion at this moment, but he does not understand it.
Wei Chi put the token in his hand and put it in front of his eyes. After studying it carefully for half a day, he muttered to himself.
"Why are they here? Is Beitang coming or is someone else coming? And how could this be the point? Is really think impassability, this fact is very strange. "
It took a long time for Weichi to turn around and stare at the youth behind him and ask again
"By the way, are all the people in Dayin Temple here?"
After Weichi asked in error, he frowned and waited for the youth to reply.
"We are all here. Master Hui of Musashi Academy is waiting for you in the temple."
While the youth quickly replied to the latest information from his householder Wei Chi.
"I know that Liaoping, you’re going to order it now. You must strictly investigate and don’t miss the news. I want to know all the news about the island these days clearly."
Then Wei Chi jumped up and waved his hand, then looked back at Yanhu Island and stopped talking, while Wu Liaoping, Wei Chi’s most trusted person, stood up and slowly withdrew, as if there had never been a conversation just now and there had never been this person.
It seems that this storm is far beyond what I expected. I hope that Dayin Temple and Penglai Pavilion will not oppose me. May my ancestors bless my Weichi family to survive this disaster.
At this time, looking at Yan Lake Island, Wei Chi can’t help but think of it in his heart.
In order to ensure that Lingjianzong can be invincible in this mixed game, it is not enough to rely on Lingjianzong itself. Even if the old people in Wuge will come forward to be afraid, it is impossible to beat the hero of this day. For Lingjianzong, Yun Ze must never fail. Jianzong will defend Yun Ze Yanhu Island to the death. He must find allies. He must rely on the strength of allies to resist the undercurrent against Lingjianzong, and he first considers that his allies are his own fantasy pub in the same state, but he does not want to be involved. After he declined this dispute, he sent Wuliaoping to contact many people urgently, and finally gave him an answer. However, the prices offered by the two houses really made others find it hard to accept. The price offered by Dayin Temple was that of Zongbao Donghuang Sword in Lingjianzong Town, while the price offered by Penglai Pavilion was that of his daughter Wei Chi’s glazed wedding theory, which made him extremely difficult to accept, but he had to compromise one by one so that the two factions could do their best to help themselves, even if it was his own daughter.
It is said that there is a pair of eyes staring at this wave of jugglers from the island for a long time, and then the owner of these eyes adjusted his clothes and walked over to one of the jugglers who looked more honest.
"You are blind. Where did you hit it? Can you afford to damage our equipment?"
A relatively honest juggler was packing his clothes when he was inexplicably knocked down by a young man watching him get drunk. Then the juggler hurriedly scolded the drunk man.
"You ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… (burps)! ….. Male but today … court … People … Don’t give male speed … Get out. "
After that, the drunk man got up hard and patted himself on the ground to go straight.
When the juggler heard that the drunken God elder brother in front of him turned out to be a courtier, he suddenly lost his arrogance and saw that he was embarrassed and went down to do his own thing after he lost his right.
When the people around me saw this, they all booed the vaudeville artist and scolded him for being drunk just now, but no one noticed that the corners of two people passed each other and an intriguing smile appeared.
Drunk people wait for a catwalk to cross several streets, then an alley drills in and enters, and then they change into a pale yellow blue shirt and leave quickly. A circle is printed on the neckline of the blue shirt, and the circle is embroidered with the word "Ling Jianzong".
The juggler who was knocked down felt the lost bronze token in his pocket and breathed a sigh of relief. Then he packed his clothes carelessly, but when he got up, he made a strange gesture secretly again.
The young man who was drunk before went back to Lingjianzong and presented the bronze token in his hand to a young man with an expression, and then he went back. When the young man saw this token, his eyebrows frowned and he quickly turned to Lingjianzong House halfway up the mountain.
This young man was called "Liaoping" by Wei Chi.
Later, Wuliaoping handed this token to Wei Chi-bian, who became more and more palpitation after seeing the token.
The wind and rain are coming, and there is a pressure on Yanhu Island. Everyone is planning something in their hearts. This night is bound to be no longer quiet, and this night is bound to be a river of blood.
Chapter 17 I am no longer important
A very ordinary wing Qin Gang sat in a bamboo chair in the wing and carefully observed everything in the room. Although from the outside, this wing belongs to the kind of room that looks good at most, once it enters the wing, it is not difficult to find that the owner’s heart is not too elegant for the whole house.
Tidy up the bed quilt, there is not a wrinkle, and the bedspread is also picked and hung at the hooks on both sides of the bed. Several pots of flowers that people can’t name are placed on the windowsill of the room, which makes the whole room full of fascinating flowers.
In the house, there is a root carving of tea sea carved from old roots, which is a lifelike bird flock, as if it were alive. Several books of bamboo slips in the tea sea were spread out, which made Qin Gang very interested. After he walked around the house with his hand on his back for two times, he grabbed a book of bamboo slips in the tea sea and read it alone.
This is a bamboo slip that records the anecdotes and important events in the mainland, but the author of this book is also capable of recording all the anecdotes and interesting things in the whole mainland, but I don’t know how much is true or not.
The weight of the bamboo slips in this hand made a burst of Qin Gang smile, put this bamboo slip back in its place and picked up another one to read.
"Ah, I said, how can you touch your sister like this? Don’t let my sister find out that she is angry and doesn’t like others to touch her things. "
Just when Qin Gang was fascinated, a young woman immediately denounced that this sound was the little girl named Ruxian who had just led herself all the way to this house.
Seeing as the fairy said, he rushed to the front of Qin Gang and almost bumped into his arms. He finally snatched bamboo from his hand and hugged his thin arms and stared at him with big eyes.
"Qin mou don’t know this such as frost girl about this wing is to talk about things? Why haven’t you seen anyone for half a day? If you don’t come forward, Qin will leave. "
At this time, Qin Gang has been sitting in the west wing of this mansion for half a day, and he has not seen the girl who is such as frost. Qin Gang not only asks questions like immortals.
What the hell is it? Will you ask me out?
Qin Gang kept thinking in his mind.
"Why are you in such a hurry that my sister will definitely come? Why are you so impatient when you wait?"
Such as immortal noodles don’t change color to Qin Gang staring eyes and said
And just then the wing door was pushed.
"If Frost makes an apology to the duke, he has kept him waiting."
See such as frost pushed the compartment door to Qin Gang and gave him a gift before he leisurely walked in.
"XianEr you go out"
As frost looked like a fairy with a smile and said quietly.
"Oh, hum!"
If the fairy said, she got up and walked out of the wing and gently closed the wing door, but she glared at Qin Gang before rimmon and snorted heavily.
Stay like frost sitting opposite Qin Gang, and after seeing the same arrangement before going out, he sneered at himself.
"My little sister is still young and can’t even pour tea, but my sisters have neglected the duke and hope that the duke can forgive me."
With that, he immediately put the tea book in order, got up and put it behind him, then turned his head and looked at Qin Gang and asked again
"I don’t know the duke taste like? I have some tribute tea here and I want to ask the duke to appreciate it. "
If Frost finished, he symbolically held a pack of unknown tea cakes in the palm of his hand and gestured to Qin Gang.
"Ha-ha, it’s like frost, girl island, but cautious and tight-minded. It’s good for a clown like me to drink tea just like a horse doesn’t pay attention to drinking water."
Qin Gang responded with a smile, but his eyes were always wondering something unknown.