Although this thing looks unremarkable now, it has just let Zhang Yang know that it is definitely a treasure and put it away.

After an explosion, the ghost master was suppressed in ancient times, and now a similar seal has been formed in the part that is in contact with the Five Elements Mountain.
Now the seal suddenly broke into a powerful explosion wave.
Of course, this explosion wave is visible to all three people. After all, the power of self-formed seals is not much stronger.
"Ha ha ha I’m out! I finally came out! "
In this explosion wave, the ghost Lord bounced and the aftermath dispersed, looking down at his body and feeling the flow of the body, the magic was indescribable.
"HarmonyOS! You despicable guys, I will come to you for revenge! "
"Dream cloud! Do wait for me! Definitely! "
The ghost master clenched his fist.
Zhang Yang and Tasson both understand that the spirit master’s mood gave him a moment to calm him down gradually.
"Thank you for saving my life!" Ghost spirit calm to immediately thank Zhang Yang.
"You’re welcome! Let’s go! The temple will take you away from here first. "
Zhang Yang said that with a wave of his hand, the barrier channel hit several people and stepped away one after another.
Entering the meteorite world, the rich aura naturally makes the ghost master sigh with emotion again, which is very strong.
"Ghost spirit temple now give you two choices first take refuge in my galactic temple loyalty; The second temple set you free because the temple respects you. Even if you set you free, you can take you to the secret realm of the monument. It’s up to you to decide whether to choose, "Zhang Yang said overlooking the ghost Lord.
There is no need to force a monk with more than a few roots in this realm.
Therefore, Zhang Yang is very obedient
And the ghost Lord obviously has already made a decision.
In this vast universe and sea, if there is no god to rely on, it is difficult to be born. He has been away from his family for so many years, and his strength has not risen, but even if he goes back, it will be difficult to get a good treatment.
So it’s better to join the galactic god directly
The universe and the sea are very powerful, and the knowledge in this article is very extensive. He looked up and saw the tree of life in the central part of the mainland, and then felt the rich aura around him, knowing that this god resource is absolutely very rich.
That’s a tree of life that can produce life fluid! And Zhang Yang gave him that drop of life liquid, which is several times as energetic as the standard energy liquid, which is enough to say that this tree of life has pure blood.
What’s worse, this great man promised to take himself into the secret land of the monument even if he didn’t join God, but he just took himself in. Whether he joined God or not and got help is definitely different.
There is nothing to hesitate. The ghost Lord immediately replied, "Thank you for your willingness to join God."
Take the oath immediately after you say that.
Zhang Yang accepts the oath of God to take effect.
"Here are ten drops of life liquid to help you get to the best."
The ghost Lord has surrendered to Zhang Yang, and naturally he is generous in giving life fluid immediately.
"Xie Dian!" The ghost Lord promised one.
Take the liquid immediately.
The powerful life fluid urges the realm of the ghost to rise all the way to the state of dzogchen, the Lord of God, with only two drops.
The main body of the ghost flashes the law of wave turning.
"The feeling of the realm of the temple has already reached the realm of the king of God. Now I want to make a breakthrough and ask the temple for permission." The ghost Lord asked for instructions
Because of the breakthrough in the meteorite world, the energy is absorbed from the meteorite world, so it is natural to ask the master for instructions first.
"good!" Zhang nodded naturally without stopping the truth.
A god breaks through the god king and consumes these energies, which is negligible for the meteorite world with the tree of life.
"Xie Dian!" The ghost Lord is grateful.
Finally, the law breaks through the rhythm fluctuation in the depths of the universe, and the high law comes.
The energy vortex spins wildly.