Of course, Xiahou Chaojun and Monsieur beaucaire Ling remembered that Roulei was punched through the chest by Ciren Valley. At that time, Roulei was also suspicious. Later, they were all eager to take revenge with hatred. Ciren Valley played as hard as they could, and they didn’t see Roulei climbing into the hot sun to assimilate.

"You mean Soft Ray assimilates with you …" Xiahou Chaojun hesitated to look at the scorching sun and asked.
The scorching sun smiled and nodded before speaking. The voice and tone have changed a little. "It was the old summer that I assimilated the aquarium and the fire clan. The assimilation will definitely enhance the strength of the scorching sun. Our revenge has not been repaid yet. Now that you have decided to step into the domain again and find out about the ghost clan, I will certainly do my best to accompany you to the end."
"This is, this is Joule!" Monsieur beaucaire ling exclaimed, pointing to the scorching sun
"Monsieur beaucaire don’t cry. Although I am here in the hot sun, I will always be by your side." The hot sun looked at Monsieur beaucaire with a smile, but it was not him.
Monsieur beaucaire Ling wondered what she was about to ask again. Suddenly, the scorching sun smiled and converged, shook her head and said in a low voice, "The soft thunder has receded."
Monsieur beaucaire ling still didn’t believe it, but she stopped crying after all.
South Magic looked at the scorching sun all the time, and he suddenly felt that the scorching sun was different from the past, and when the scorching sun finished speaking, South Magic looked at him, and he also found that South Magic was abnormal.
That’s a change in the aura around two people’s bodies, which is definitely a sign of a substantial increase in strength.
"Red Bi, are you saying that Ciren Valley is another person now?" Xiahou Chaojun looked at Yang Ye and asked, "What kind body does he control his mind and body now?"
Yang Ye nodded, "It’s all in the old summer. If you really want to ask him something, now is a good opportunity, because there is no regularity and time for the two original bodies to appear alternately in Ciren Valley."
Xiahou Chaojun turned to look at Cirengu, hesitated in that direction, took a look back at Monsieur beaucaire Ling, and then turned and walked over there.
Crazy Xiang is accompanying Cirengu, listening to this cowardly state, killing crazy and talking to himself. Suddenly, I heard a step aside and turned my head to look at the past. There were already several figures in front of me.
Xiahou Chaojun and Monsieur beaucaire Ling are followed by Yang Ye, Sun, Southern Fantasy, Baobaolong, Muyangzheng and the Promethean manipulated by Long Xiao.
Crazy eyes crossed every face. When I saw Long Xiao Promethean, my eyes widened. But when I saw Long Xiao’s eyes became blood holes, I took a look at the baby. What happened?
Long Xiao is dead. That’s his body. It’s a baby dragon clan stunt.
Hesitated, got up, stepped aside and whispered, "Xiahou Chaojun, right? Be careful, Ciren Valley may turn back to the cruel original body at any time. "
Xiahou Chaojun glanced at him and nodded wildly. There was no hostility in their eyes, which was cold.
CiRenGu also lifted up her head to see so many people in front of her expression became tense mouth kept muttering "don’t come here! Don’t push me. Don’t push me. I don’t want to kill you. I don’t want to … "
Xiahou Chaojun sighed slightly and squatted down in front of Ciren Valley and asked in a low voice, "Ciren Valley, if you are really kind now, I won’t treat you as an enemy, and we don’t need to start work, but I want to ask you a few questions. I hope you can tell me what you know?"
Unexpectedly, Ci Rengu answered very happily, "Yes!" After speaking, he took another look at Xiahou Chaojun and added, "Don’t force me to kill people. Just leave me alone after asking questions …"
"good!" Xiahou Chaojun nodded and looked back at Guiling, then turned to ask, "Cirengu, tell me what happened when the ghost clan was destroyed?"
CiRenGu eyes zheng and then dim to low said, "the ghost clan was destroyed but I didn’t kill the ghost clan, none of them."
"What does that mean?"
"I’m good friends with the Ghost Clan Hidden Blade. I don’t kill people, even if the Lord orders me to." Ciren Gu Yin is very light, but his eyes seem to be blurred with resentment, as if remembering something.
"Friends? You said that you are friends with the ghost clan Hidden Blade? " Xiahou Chaojun exclaimed in surprise, "Why haven’t I heard about Zang Blade?"
Behind Yang night, south magic, hot sun and so on, all of them also showed shocked expressions.
"We are friends and have always been friends." Ci Rengu continued to whisper without looking up. "I know my name is bad. I killed many people, so I won’t let Zang Blade tell others that I can’t ruin his reputation."
"Is this really the case?" Xiahou Chaojun was surprised that this sentence seemed to ask Ci Rengu and seemed to ask himself.
Ciren Valley is a friend of Zang Blade? But when he hid the blade door for so long, he didn’t know that the most he heard was that the blade had crossed Ciren Valley. When Xiahou Chaojun and his monks sneered at Ciren Valley, the blade seemed to have said, "Don’t look at the surface. Ciren Valley may not be so cruel."
Is it true? Ciren Valley is friends with Zang Blade?
The most when Yang night asked him, "looking for CiRenGu? Isn’t he crazy in the domain? He will tell you everything so easily? "
Xiahou Chaojun will answer him, "He won’t tell me, but he should tell you that you will be white when you see him."
But at this moment, Xiahou Chaojun remembered what Zang Blade had said, and his mind suddenly shook. He once thought that Zang Blade and Ciren Valley might have some origins, but he never thought that they would be friends!
Without hesitation, Xiahou Chao Jun Ma turned around and stretched out his hand to pull Yang Ye over and whispered, "The red dagger makes the hidden blade red!"
Yang night wondering but didn’t ask the horse tightened his left arm "shua" to a hidden blade red refining stretched out more than a foot long with a dark red light.
"Since this is the case, Ci Rengu, you should take a closer look at him and see the ghost clan red Bi". Xiahou Chaojun pushed Yang Ye to his front and said to Ci Rengu in a strange tone.
CiRenGu listen slowly raised his head and took a look at the Yang night and slowly went low, but low to a moment and suddenly raised his eyes and quickly stared at Yang night with his mouth wide open for a long time before slowly saying, "Like! It’s very similar! Don’t … "
"Hehe, this red dagger is the descendant of the ghost family!" Xiahou Chaojun smiled gently and said, "Why can’t you see Ciren Valley?"