Sure enough, as soon as he finished speaking, he trembled again, and then the sea of knowledge expanded again!

A thousand Li!
1,300 Li!
1,500 Li!
A thousand Li!
2,600 Li!
3,900 Li!
4,500 Li!
4,900 Li!
Knowing the sea has reached its limit! 4,900 Li!
Dayan 491 line of life 490 pole Su Ying knows that the opening of the sea has reached the peak of the number of days!
Knowing the sea, 10% Su should be broken by the body card, and he also completely entered the magical realm from the congenital third!
At this moment, his abdomen has become wider with the opening up of knowing the sea, and it is like a river surging into the sea when it exhausts its vitality and stars.
He is really liquefied and crystallized, and Su Ying’s strength and repair are also rising!
Life, sea, one, two, three
Life is six, seven, nine!
It was not until the ninth life sea that Su Ying’s speed of ascension slowly dropped.
Su Ying’s bones are remolded, and the bones become black and gold with light runes engraved on them, which seems to last forever!
And his bone marrow is as thick as nectar and thick as mercury bones, and it is purer than
Then, the five zang-fu organs were washed away repeatedly by the sea force, which made them purer than with a little crystallization, as if they were not human viscera!
In addition, his veins, blood, epidermis and facial features are all shaped one by one, especially the heart is like a dragon’s heart trembling slightly, which brings great strength!
When the body is shaped completely, Su Ying returns and slowly opens his eyes. He looks up to the sky, and the stars flag still absorbs Zhou Tianxing’s strength to support him. When he opens his mouth, he suddenly swallows up the stars and turns them into the abdomen.
Then the eyebrows opened, and the stars on Sunday gradually narrowed into the sea of his knowledge.
Sue should come down slowly, her clothes are shaking, and the whole person gives people a kind of legal temperament.
"Meet the Master"
Sue should first give a gift to Gu She’s baby, and then bow around and sink a way: "I’ve met all the peak masters."
Let’s shoot the baby shine at the moment and say with smile, "Good disciple, come and show the teacher how much life you have opened up. Hey, hey, these old bastards are all waiting to see your jokes."
Sue should be stunned and then Bai Gu nodded slightly and came to her side. Then she smiled, "Master, just check it out."
Chapter 165 With deep pockets (please subscribe! )
Let’s nod, the fingertips are cold, and Su Ying’s eyebrows are slightly pointed. She exhales like a orchid, and her beautiful eyes are closed. She begins to see Su Ying’s knowledge of the sea.
At the beginning, the baby separated a trace of spirit and entered Su Ying’s sea, and she saw that Su Ying’s sea was choppy and the sky was as clear as the sunrise sea.
At first glance, she went to the wrong place, and then she was shocked. "It’s a great fate, and it’s a great fate first. I’m a great disciple!"
"This Wang egg without saying a word has opened up a life of 4,999 miles. I blame him for seeing that his momentum is so amazing. Two people in the palm teaching of the Holy Clan have opened up a life of more than 3,000 miles. One is a big demon and the other is a virtual saint. Even the teacher’s brother is only 1,300 miles. Wang’s achievements after the egg are limitless! Old niang when really picked up the treasure "
The baby suppressed her excitement, and then her mind retreated from Su Yingshi’s sea. She smiled and scanned everyone.
"You guys, my brother’s development is the first destiny, and it’s not much to say that you envy and hate! Wow, ha ha ha "here she is a face of arrogance with laughter.
"Hum, my sister and I are all from the same school, but you said it to make us envy and hate!" Yang Zheng, the owner of the peak of law enforcement, sneered at this little thing. Although it opened up the sea of destiny, he didn’t believe it could exceed a thousand miles!
It is a boundary for monks to open up a sea of destiny for a thousand miles, and it depends on whether there is a fusion of the first destiny. If you fail to collect the first destiny, then breaking through the sea of destiny for a thousand miles is also a promising future. If you collect the first destiny and open up a sea of destiny for a thousand miles away, it will be great.
At the beginning, Gu Shooting the baby also opened up a hundred miles of life sea, and Gu Tianxing also opened up a thousand and three hundred miles of life sea.
But the two are already one of the best super masters of Shengzong.
"Bitch! I have to hit you in the face, don’t I? "
When the baby was scolded, he immediately smiled. "Well, now my brother’s life is over and the ceremony is over. You can go back."
Everyone looked at each other and nodded slightly. When someone came out, they laughed. "I’m the second brother of Shengzong, the elder brother of Enemy Peak. I have a brother of Yinyang Peak who wants to ask for some tips from Teacher Su."
"I also have a brother who wants to ask for advice."
"My Hundred Flowers Peak"
"And my law enforcement peak!"
One by one, the elders of the peak master came out and began to challenge everyone. Before they came, they had already combined well. Isn’t it strong for you to shoot? Isn’t it arrogant? We beat each other, but you can beat your brother, right?
Now the main idea of these elder peaks is to send a younger brother to challenge.
It makes sense to talk about it anyway. Is it necessary to learn from the same school?
"Ha, ha, ha, you brothers and sisters don’t have to say it again."
Suddenly, the baby burst into laughter all over the mountain. She looked at Su Ying’s life. Now she is very happy. "Since all your brothers want to see my apprentice, it’s all right. Why don’t you each send your brother Hai Jing to come to my apprentice and have a competition?" I won’t bully you, either. You can send one person to each peak. It’s up to you to decide whether to fight or fight. "
I don’t know what bad idea it is to shoot the baby and talk triumphantly and turn her beautiful eyes
"Sister Gu Shoots, where are you talking?" Yang Zheng, the leader of the law enforcement peak, smiled slightly. "Since it’s a competition, it’s naturally a competition with the same realm. It just lets me see the enemy peak, don’t you think?"
"It should be."
"Good good! See the enemy peak! "
Kiss the baby with a smile and nod, but secretly say to Su Yingyin, "The apprentice will beat their brother for me later! These king eggs dare to come to the enemy peak to pick the old lady’s farm. I want to make them all frightened out of my wits! "