Chapter six hundred and sixty-four Differences

There is nothing wrong with the king of Jin nodding his head. This man is really a rare talent. He has spent so much effort in those years. If Lin Feng and Li Jinglong join hands to solve it as soon as possible, it will be no easy task. Once two people disagree, it is the best time.
Windson manmu walked forward, so he was idle and wanted to take a look at Li Jinlong’s protection footsteps. A new army armed with torches approached and saw Windson far away.
"What for?"
First, the man shouted a voice and didn’t know windson. Seeing windson coming from the direction of the tent must be one of our own according to the rules or ask.
Windson flashed his waist tag. This thing is better than those nonsense pipes. The man glanced at it and hurriedly said, "Visit the commander’s adult". The dark token face is engraved with three words. The security face is the identity torch light. See clearly and impressively write the three words of the commander.
This surprise made Lin Feng, a great man, laugh. "Get up, is there anything unusual?"
"Back to the adults and abnormal" the man got up and leaned down upon replied.
"hard work"
Windson walked on and was in charge of the patrol. Those people couldn’t help but look back and whisper, "Boss, he’s really a royal guard commander. He looks so young."
Lin Feng’s age is only a few years older than these people, so he will show such a surprised expression. The man’s face sank. "The waist tag of the Royal Guards is really a great man."
"Is that him?"
"You can’t be wrong. Let’s go. If you delay, the general will curse."
Windson walked a circle along the camp, and Li Jinglong’s protection was not bad. There were both real and false, and there were people outside and high in the camp, so that we could avoid Jin and Wang Dajun from launching a night attack.
When Lin Feng walked back, he found that the man who was sneaking around just now hesitated and entered the camp with a cold hum.
"Lin Feng checked the general protection last night?"
At dawn, the man appeared in the Li Jinglong tent last night. It was indeed Li Jinglong who sent him to monitor those people’s actions. The man leaned down and said, "It’s true that he has been behind windson last night."
"Did he find you?" Li Jinglong sullen show is dissatisfied with windson such a move here is his new army camp is not believe in yourself.
"General trust BeiZhi has been secretly behind even if he windson again have something or can’t find" the man said satisfiedly smiled.
"Well done, keep monitoring and report as soon as something happens."
"yes, general"
The man turned to quit the tent Li Jinglong cold hum a clap a console table "windson no matter before you come here, you have to listen to me, Li Jinglong alone"
There are many reasons for Li Jinglong’s anger. First, Lin Feng’s fame is bigger than his own, and they are all young people. In Li Jinglong’s eyes, he is definitely a leader in the younger generation. Li Jinglong has always been extremely conceited because of his strength.
Second, this time the emperor sent Lin Feng Royal Guards to help him monitor himself. After all, these border officials or one of the commanders are extremely disgusted with the Royal Guards because their name is too bad.
Third, Lin Feng didn’t believe that he didn’t tell himself about secretly patrolling his camp. This kind of unbelief made Li Jinglong particularly angry. Li Jinglong didn’t think that he sent someone to monitor Lin Feng, and he also didn’t believe in Lin Feng.
I don’t see Jin Wang Dajun moving to Li Jinglong and returning to the tent to rest after simply practicing troops. Far away, I saw Lin Feng waiting for Li Jinglong to stop outside the tent with people, mostly because of early reasons, and I didn’t want to see this person.
It’s a pity that windson has turned around and looked at himself. There is no way for Li Jinglong to step forward again.
"general Li"
Li Jinglong ha ha a joy "Lin daren good leisure" Li Jinglong hinting something Lin Fengru couldn’t recognize Lin Fengxiao a "general army busy naturally Lin Feng can’t compare with Lin Feng if it weren’t for lunch."
"Lin’s adult is polite, since it’s an order to come, it’s a poor guest. Li Jinglong is a clown, afraid of poor hospitality." Those people behind Li Jinglong’s words don’t listen because there are thorns in Lin Feng’s face.
Windson coughed: "Today, the King of Jin did not think of reporting the emperor’s kindness to make a mutiny, which led to the people’s uneasiness. The emperor’s move was also to quell the rebellion as soon as possible, and a peaceful windson was bound to help the general."
Li Jinglong corners of the mouth moved a windson is weakness, this is a good thing, less their own place should distinguish between light and heavy, the host and the guest have their own decisions here.
As soon as Li Jinglong wanted to return to the tent, a fast horse approached the centaur and jumped down to bow down. "The general found the trend of the disorderly army ahead."
"How many people are there in what position?"
As soon as Li Jinglong came, he took his silver gun from a soldier on the side, and Lin Feng also came over. When there were random troops, there would be wars and people would die. This is a method to avoid facts.
"I didn’t see that there should be tens of thousands of people."
"Tens of thousands of people!" Li Jinglong eyebrows a wrinkly Jin Wang exactly what to do, if it is tens of thousands of people should do their best, this matter can’t be careless.
"Yes, but this is the position."
The soldier took out a painted thing and handed it to Li Jinglong Lin Feng. From the hand of the exploration soldier, it can be seen that the route taken by the King of Jin was actually around the Li Jinglong New Army Camp.
Li Jinglong eyes a turn "incredibly want to bypass the general sector".
Lin Feng’s eyebrows are wrinkled. There are several roads leading to the capital, which are occupied by Li Jinglong New Army. It is the most convenient road. If the King of Jin chooses to take a detour, it will take three or four more days. Although it can be avoided to carefully arrange the new army, there is also a trouble. Once the marching route is discovered, it can be bypassed from the other side and rearranged before the arrival of the King of Jin. Although it is a evasive method, it may not be the best way.
It is not clear what happened when Li Jinglong ordered the generals to come soon.
See Li Jinglong sullen big account after entering a few people hurriedly Jia Kui footsteps came near.
"You generals got a tip that the king of Jin was eager to March and chose to bypass our control area." Li Jinglong said and looked at these generals in front of him