This is equivalent to dozens of supercomputers and the world’s most advanced flower demon chip to simulate a virtual reality stand-alone game. What you hear, feel and touch is generally true. Second, it is too extravagant …

Lin Chong was rather jealous.
The research on thread and big mushroom has recreated several incarnations.
Lin Chong drew three fingers in front of the big mushroom.
"Need 3,000 incarnations"
Big mushrooms are scared to death, shaking their trunks like shaking.
Little eggs can’t be so fast!
"You always have to find a way to come back and I’ll ask you for a plan. If it doesn’t work, just plant a few more trees of your kind. Look at this balcony. There are still four-thirds enough to plant three more trees."
Lin Chong pinched Ba while thinking, but when he looked back, he found that the big mushroom had recovered its firmness and seemed to have made a decision.
"Come on," Lin Chong patted the big mushroom. "If you are confident to finish this, I will reward you with a pot to replant you in the soil."
Considering the nutrition problem, Lin Chong should feed the horse if he wants to run.
The big mushroom seems to be more determined and full of momentum to grow taller and stronger.
Lin Chong felt that they had reached a consensus.
Another seven days.
Lin Buzhou’s Journey of the Sword and the Chivalrous Man is over.
He has made a very big road, which is as big as a football. It seems that there is a small universe in it, and the characters are ups and downs in the plot.
"I have never seen such a spectacular avenue!" This is Lu Sheng’s evaluation.
"This kind of road is my thousand-year-old fairy sword and chivalrous man!" Lin buzhou gloated.
"Go and kill the Great Sage of Bones. I’ve wanted him for a long time," said Lin Chong.
"You warm a cup of black mushroom coffee and come back to drink it when I chop his skull!" Lin buzhou walked with two short legs to form a plane wall on the two-dimensional figure of Zhuang butterfly.
Lin Chong listened to Lin Bu’s words and made a cup of black mushroom coffee, waiting for Lin Bu’s return from Zhou Kaixuan. As a result, the coffee was cold, and Lin Bu’s two short legs were not out of the snow valley yet.
After all, if the lines are reduced, they will climb more slowly. At this speed, the flowers will be withered if you climb to the bones hole in Wansheng Mountain.
It’s also impossible to get a ride with birds when all the animals in Kunlun Mountain are extinct. Obviously, the traffic problem is beyond the expectation of having a thousand-year-old Xianxia Avenue. After three hours, Lin Zhou climbed back silently.
"When King Dapeng wakes up, let him take me to the mountain!"
"Why don’t I shoot you?"
Chapter one hundred and thirty-six Big bird out
This is what Lin Chong knows.
In the dream, you can take the road on weekdays, and the other party’s dream presents a kind of’ thousands of earthly’. At the same time, if you are not careful, you can attack the other party with’ thousands of earthly’ forces.
Of course, you can also cross each other’s pipe road to have a chance.
One avenue cannot be used repeatedly.
However, it takes dozens or hundreds of years to get one without the help of the Zhoushan project team.
Lin Chong also asked Lin Buzhou, "What will happen if the other party is attacked by the avenue?"
Lin Buzhou replied, "If the theoretical partner consciously dies in his dream, he will die in reality, that is, just as three souls and seven souls have died in his dream, he will naturally not live."
Lin Chong asked again, "What if the other party is strong enough to survive?"
Lin Buzhou sneered at "You killed Zhou Tai in the Three Kingdoms."
The real forest is not well developed and there is no confidence. After all, it has not been tested.
Lu Sheng didn’t kill anyone. He said, "When I entered the Huangliang Fairy School for hundreds of years, I was a female leap in the spring dream and never got blood on my hands …"
"Hey hey really never touched?" Unified interjection
You vulgar!
Lin Chong and Lin Buqi despised the unification.
Before King Dapeng woke up, the immortals in Kunlun Mountain and Cave suddenly discovered that they had no mobility.
Lin rushed out of the wall, not to mention the Lu Sheng circle. Lin couldn’t climb out of the snow valley for half an hour. The little tiger can run, and the tallest one is only one meter high now …
Lin Buzhou misses the two hairy legs of Dapeng King.
To this day, King Dapeng has been closed for a month, and the black avatar has been sucked back by his department, sitting on the side of the snow valley with his back against the cliff, and the whole person has been submerged by the snow and polished into a snow shell by the hijacking wind.
"This is not dead, is it?" Lin thoughtless wondering
"It’s okay, the big bird will be out soon," interrupted Little Tiger.
"How do you know?" Lin buzhou asked him
"He’s’ full’ with a brainwave." Little tiger-shaped.
"Which is full? Why can’t I see it? " Lin buzhou was curious.