People in this world are still in awe of this kind of person who can pray for blessings and avoid disasters, just as they fear God. It is for this reason that Fang Shoucai has listened to Wu Niang’s opinions many times and it is incredible. Every time after listening to her words, he can always avoid danger for a long time, and he once doubted it until he believed it completely, and many people in Qingfeng Mountain also know that he will obey her words. Only this time seems to have failed.

"After hearing you say that, does this girl really have a prophecy?" Li Yan looked at the woman again and couldn’t help smiling.
Wu Niang’s pale face also gave me a smile. "The general joked that I was not an Oracle, but that praying for disaster was a harbinger. For example, the ancients recorded that a comet hit the moon, and Bai Hongguan and the goshawk fell to the ground. Many people didn’t pay attention to this, but ignored it. If someone can master these things, they can naturally avoid disaster."
"You said frankly that you didn’t pretend to be a ghost, but this blessing and disaster avoidance is not as mysterious as you thought, which makes people feel like an avatar. Everyone can learn to learn this avatar, and there are fewer people who are not known," Li Yan said.
Wu Niang said, "The general’s insight was extraordinary, and he knew that I wanted to see the general today. In fact, there is a question that I have the safest way to avoid this disaster. The general will die in the Qingfeng Mountain. I have heard the war several times and have not had a result. The omen before the disaster is that I don’t know if I hope the general can solve my confusion."
Li Yan laughed. "I heard that fortune tellers can’t calculate their own lives. I wonder if this sentence is true?"
Wu Niang didn’t know that the general said such a thing. She replied, "The general is well informed. This statement is true. I can help others take refuge but I can’t avoid myself. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been caught by traffickers in those years. It’s also to seek the protection of these thieves and robbers. I have always been safe."
Li Yan added, "Since the girl knows this is true, there is another sentence. The girl should also know that if everything can be counted in this world, will it be so turbulent?" In addition, since the girl is worried about her own safety, she will not grant this blessing and disaster avoidance technique to one person and two people to stay together. You and I will avoid disasters. Can’t heaven kill you if you avoid disasters? "
"This ….." Wu Niang’s pale face was shocked. I didn’t expect that just a few words would directly give such a simple truth to the fortune teller. Why didn’t I think of it before?
"Man can conquer nature? Is this why the former master always said that everything is variable? No, it’s impossible. The master said that everything has a destiny, and the variables are also destiny, but I can’t figure out the blessings of the Qingfeng Mountain. Unless the problem is not clear, the general is the variable. "Wu Niang muttered to herself, her hands and fingers kept beating."
Chapter nine hundred and seventeen Karma
When Li Yan saw Wu Niang like this, she felt more and more like a goddess, just like meeting a magic stick in a previous life. Maybe she would cheat people by reading fortune-telling and praying. It would be nice if she were really cultivating immortality, but she could live forever as a fairy couple.
"All right, Fang Shou, take this woman back and put her in the village like everyone else," Li Yan said.
"It’s a general." Fang Shouyi was about to take this witch Niang away, but he didn’t want this witch Niang to suddenly rush over and grab Li Yan’s arm and say, "I have a request and the general will agree."
Li Yan said, "Oh, what request?" He did not move to show this female hand, and he still understood the truth that men and women were not close.
Wu Niang said, "I hope the general will let the Nu family join the army."
"Join the army?" Li Yan looked at her and said, "No, if you are a male general, you can consider it. Unfortunately, you are a woman."
"Soldiers in the army should be male and female, right? I can’t join the army even if I move to a new planet?" Wu Niang said
Li Yan replied, "It is true that people in the army can join regardless of gender. It is my army that different women join the army, which is easy to break the army style. I don’t want to give this precedent because of you alone."
On hearing this, Fang Shou secretly agreed that mixing women into the army would indeed make the army lose its spirit, but all elite divisions would not allow women to join the army. If anyone lets women join the army, it can be said that the fighting power of this army will never go unless you have something to stop men and women from loving each other.
"General, I can disguise myself as a man so that no one can find out that I am a woman," said Wu Niang.
Li Yan said, "Don’t importune. The general said that women can’t appear in the army. You can have the heart to vote for the army. The general is very worried that the rules can’t be changed so categorically. Let Fang Shou take her."
Although he also wants this witch’s ability to pray for blessings and avoid disasters, it is a pity that this witch can’t appear in the army, and this witch is bent on joining her own army, and she is afraid that she can’t work for herself.
When Wu Niang saw this general, she refused to agree to join the army. She was so disappointed that she came back. She said, "The general should bring the slave family into the army for nothing, so that the army can avoid disasters. Did the general ask for an unwritten rule and put the army in danger in the future?"
"Ha ha girl this is wrong. What is the army? It’s a war. If there is no danger, can you call the army? An army that tries its best to fight several times is a strong army. If you hear that you generally see danger, you will avoid generals. This army is also afraid of becoming a sissy army. If there is really no place to go, girls may as well go to Datang Capital and set up a booth to sit on the street and worry about their lives. Will be bent on joining the general army, "Li Yan said.
"The general doesn’t know that our fortune-teller has been hit by many disasters due to the open-air machine, and he needs to find someone to shelter him. Otherwise, he will not live long." Speaking of this, Wu Niang’s face has a strange color. She sighed, "Now that the Qingfeng Mountain is gone, once I get out of here, there will be disaster in three days, and I have avoided it for ten years. All these causes and effects must be worked out together. It is impossible for the slave family to find someone to shelter in just three days. Except for the general’s slave family, I have always wanted to join the general’s army
Li Yan eyes some different color "have such a strange thing? You will have a lotus flower disaster in three days? If you hide in the mountains for three days, will there be unexpected trouble? "
Wu Niang said, "The general doesn’t believe in destiny, so I can convince him that I won’t make fun of my life."
"What if three days of disaster arrival?" Li Yan is a little curious. Is there really such a fantastic thing in this world? Although things happen every day, it is impossible to accurately calculate your own misfortune when it appears.
Wu Niang said, "I have accumulated cause and effect for ten years, and it is bound to die. If someone helps me break it, the cause and effect will disperse before the game. Is it a big disaster to go to a small disaster or not? You must find a lucky person to shelter you from these small disasters. The general should have heard that those fortune-tellers are often beaten up by others and don’t fight back. This is why they have to bear the small disasters. Otherwise, if they accumulate in the future, they will form a big disaster that will kill you."
"So that’s the general’s understanding." Li Yan said that Wu Niang told her fortune because she wanted to let these thieves and robbers shelter in Qingfeng Mountain, so that they could avoid disasters, but at the same time, this cause and effect came to an end and it has become deeper and deeper. In the end, you dare not lose this shelter. If the accumulated cause and effect settle, it will kill you.
It sounds mysterious, but it’s the same as paying back debts. If you owe more money and don’t pay it back, you’re prepared to pay it with your life.
However, Li Yan still doesn’t believe it, because she says it’s mysterious, and she feels that it’s not that she didn’t report the time, which may be trustworthy for ordinary people, but it means bragging and farting for monks who don’t believe in god.
"Is this Wu Niang plausibly look also don’t like false, if this thing really happened wouldn’t it be said that this world is really a god? Well, in the Taoist words of past lives, there is heaven. "
Li Yan became more and more curious in his heart and felt it necessary to confirm whether this thing was true or not. He said, "The general really wants to know if this will happen. I will let you stay in the army for three days and discuss whether your disaster will happen after three days. The general wants you to leave."
Wu Niang’s pale face suddenly lit up. "Thank you, General. Thank you, General."
"Don’t thank me, you should thank you for what you said just now. The general has also contacted the fortune teller to get some information from you, so he will be cheated in the future." Li Yan waved and said, "Fang Shou, take her to the hall and let her leave in three days."
"General" Fang Shou didn’t know what general would be interested in this fortune teller, but he didn’t ask much and immediately left with Wu Niang.
Chapter nine hundred and ten Learn
Let this witch stay in the army for three days. Li Yan has another idea, that is, I want to know whether it is coincidence or human that I came to this world. It is absolutely no coincidence that you came to this world if you are in heaven, because it is impossible for a person to shuttle between the two worlds with his memory, and the mysterious heaven will not allow this to happen.
If this Wu Niang really encounters lotus flower disaster, then it is absolutely human for him to come to this world.
"Wait" Li Yan suddenly thought of something in my mind. "The place where I stayed in my previous life was a planet? Move the star … Is the earth a strong star? We all live life. If that’s the case, wouldn’t it be said … "
He suddenly raised his head and looked at the sky. Even in broad daylight, he could still see a few stars twinkling in the void. This witch’s words made him doubt everything. If his guess is correct, then the planet he took in his previous life is likely to be somewhere among the stars. If he is tall enough to cross the void, he may still have a chance to return to the place where his generation stayed.