Then Ariel lowered his head deeply.

The Delaney girl was so depressed that Duke sighed. Duke said, "Then I can study the soul box with Ai Luen to make the soul of Veyron see the light of day again. If it is a prophet, it is probably a problem to appease the Delaney people."
Willem had been the big three of Areda for thousands of years before he fled, and 30 thousand years before and after he fled. Is it better than Ariel, a little cute new leader?
This is the best result.
Duke clapped his hands to attract everyone’s attention. "Well, I guess there’s no need for a throne vote now."
All the leaders shook their heads with a smile.
Then Jaina said, "But if the holy light method kills Illidan and forgives Illidan, the reason seems to be easy for the Burning Legion to know?"
Tyrande shook his fist vigorously and then suddenly looked up. When she was about to say that she was pardoning Illidan in name, Duke shook his head and said with a smile, "As soon as I communicated with Yi Sela, I said Malfurion was angry with Yi Sela and hoped that Illidan would not be executed and Yi Sela would claim to have seen something."
This time everyone laughed.
Thanks to Duke’s efforts, the dragon is very powerful, and Yi Sela is in charge of the emerald dream. She is also the foster mother of Cenarius and the backstage boss of the druid doctrine of the night elf.
Yi Sela to first of all, the night elves dare not say that half of them are not used to the dragon cross. Who has the kind of objection to confronting the dragon? ?
Anyway, Duke and the Dragon are so good that it’s impossible for anyone to object when they turn around.
Maybe this is the guardian of azeroth.
Duke said this, and Tyrande immediately cast a grateful eye. Duke knew that he would be blessed again when he turned around.
Duke’s lucky luck has minimized the influence of Illidan’s imprisonment. First, Illidan Azeroth mainland really has no hatred for a race player, whether it is the night elf or human beings. Second, the Delaney people have a deep hatred for Illidan, and some Delano orcs have been attracted by one thing.
Duke and Ai Luen teamed up to fight the soul box, and a wonderful situation appeared. The souls of former tribal chief Ogram and Delaney prophet Willem were all bound and could not get out of the soul box.
Their powerful spirit ruled the soul box, but the souls were divided into each other like conjoined twins.
Now, if the tribe wants to communicate with Ogram, it is the big chief who comes out. If it is looking for Whelan, it is Whelan who comes out.
Okay, now neither side can live without these two.
So what should we do?
After some discussion, it is not too far for the tribe to come when it wants to find Ogram because the soul box is kept by the Delaney artifact and handed over to the Alliance for safekeeping.
At ordinary times, the tribe can be stationed in a small team. Selamo is a warehouse manager.
The body of the Chapter 152 Finally wait for you.
"Illidan was not executed? Punishing the death of an evil party is not the most severe punishment, and we need to find out who is our real enemy. Who is the real enemy who has forced us to wander far away from home for 25,000 years … "
In the magic mirror, the Delaney people saw the semi-transparent Veyron bathing in the golden holy light, which as always guided them. Several Delaney people cried and thanked the mirror.
"A new era has come, and we have met a powerful organization alliance that has the ability to share our beliefs and is willing to shelter us! We should cherish this opportunity to rest alliance hand in hand … "
The position in the heart of the Villeney people is that he has accumulated 30 thousand years of hope, which is not comparable to Ariel, a budding new leader.
The problem is that Willem hangs up in the soul box, and he can’t run out in 24 hours, because it will put an unnecessary burden on his soul. If he can’t hold back those resentful souls, maybe Willem’s soul will die with him.
This special situation made it impossible for Villengen to continue to be the leader of the Delaney people. It was precisely because of this embarrassing situation that Ariel became inevitable. Gavilen supported his brother. It can be said that unless Ariel died and broke up with the alliance, her position as leader was as stable as Mount Tai.
Selamo’s new soul tower, Ariel, kneels in front of the soul box and sits on a futon-like thing. She is relatively a kind shadow of Willem.
"Teacher, I am very upset."
"Please tell me the truth. This is before Master divided his duties. I was busy with race and reproduction, but I neglected to teach you. The reality is not too bad. At least I have more time to teach you and his Carrapo apprentice."
Ariel winced a little and looked at the soul box, which was beautifully shaped like a carved decorative box. "Will the Ogram Pavilion hear me talking to you?"
"I don’t want him to hear it. He can’t hear it. It’s a teacher’s pride." Speaking of it, if you play with your soul, Ereda is home!
"It’s at the Alliance Throne Meeting." Ariel broke her fingers uneasily. Don’t look at her now. She will always be a student before your leader Willen.
"Why? Has that alliance made any policy against the Delaney? "
"No, it’s not. It’s Marlard who told me that since this is a multinational and multi-ethnic joint organization, Delaney needs to find a firm ally and increase the discourse of the alliance department, but I have made no progress in my efforts."
Ariel broke his fingers and counted up.
"Dwarves and dwarfs don’t care about the holy light at all. I said that we lost those high-tech inheritors, and they thought that we should pay attention to the quality and quantity of holy water."
"The night elves … it seems that I hoped to execute Illidan before. Tyrande was the high priest’s childhood friend. Tyrande may be a little disgusted with me now. Everything is business to me, but the alliance has assigned us that the Delaney people are about to land near Danasus …"
"On the human side, Varian Ulyanbi was lukewarm about my visit and then said that Storm Kingdom was not responsible for Delaney’s affairs and refused to further communicate with me in faith and military affairs."
"Then there is the problem. The three sisters of blood elf Windrunner, Queen Lordaeron menethil, Queen Outlankbarov and Queen Kurras Proudmoore seem to have formed an invisible alliance that I can’t see, but I can feel that they are alienated from Delaney. Although they don’t seem to be doing anything to Delaney, it gives me the feeling that they are more enthusiastic and positive about the tribe than Delaney. This feeling is very bad."
Later, Ariel also said a lot about what he saw and heard after joining the alliance.
When Ariel finished, even Waylon could not help but ponder.
Of course, Willem, an old man, reacted at the first time. Delaney was faintly resisted, and everything was from Ariel’s request to execute Illidan according to the wishes of the Delaney people
I feel that this is not meant by Duke or Tyrande, but the boycott is practical. From the current situation, it can be judged that the most financial resources of the alliance are the three Duke-administered Marcus families, the sea kingdom, the Kurras business alliance, and the Outlank.
It is better to calculate the grain output, and there is also a Lordaeron.
The Marcus family has done their best to support this outland expedition, and those three families are the only ones left to be able to migrate from Gu Delaney.
They have spare capacity but don’t contribute, which is definitely a big problem for Delaney people
Delano couldn’t have stayed even if his horse didn’t collapse. After defeating Illidan’s forces, Sal saved his orc compatriots. It is inevitable that the Delaney people will be able to support the Burning Legion for an attack.
In addition to having an anti-Titan magic circle, the roots of Azeroth Delaney people can go
If you touch the boycott of the countries of the Union Department again, it will be really bad.
"My child, have you found that leaders who boycott your national power have one thing in common?"
Ariel suddenly realized, "All women?"
"Yes, it’s very likely that they are close friends or sisters. I suggest you ask them to apologize sincerely, not only to give up pursuing Illidan, but also not to ask Vaschi. These two did cause great suffering to Delaney beforehand, but now they are all members of the Alliance Department."
Ariel nodded.
Then a few days later, Ariel went to visit according to Whelan’s instructions.
Unfortunately, there are still no eggs.
There was no cynicism, but the soft nails were still sent to Delaney girls one by one.
Ariel wants to find Duke.
Duke, however, encountered a more critical problem.
On June 2, 2004, Jiduc Karazan received a drift bottle.
It’s very interesting that this bottle actually went into Karazan along the flow path of time-lapse crack elements, and Duke deliberately left a gap to float into Karazan.
That’s exactly where the virgin guarded.
Duke hit the bottle with his hand and suddenly a paragraph of text bounced out of the bottle, forming a line of lingua franca characters "Morning Star Village, Queldanas Island on May 1"
Duke couldn’t help laughing. "I finally waited for you."
The body of the Chapter 153 Desperate sun king
The Sun Well, Quel ‘Danas Island, once an absolute place for high elves, is now quite bleak.