Chapter sixty-four Seeking a sword

Hundreds of female brothers born in the ancient tomb were raped and killed, which caused an uproar. Although the wind gradually subsided after more than half a month, many brothers talked about it.
Bo Songyang and Blind came from the mountain with a face of distress.
"I told you, the master’s injury was just aggressive this time, but those old guys didn’t get all the benefits in this tomb. Now the master doesn’t know where he was angry. Oh, and the little brother has disappeared. I asked several elders for more than half a month. It seems that the little brother left the tomb with a female brother. I didn’t expect such a big thing that he actually got involved, and it seems to have attracted many people’s attention. Will something happen to millions of mountains when he didn’t come back for so long?"
Bo Songyang’s face was worried.
Blindly said, "no, he just left with a female brother in his arms. What will happen to you?" Maybe where love went? Don’t be careful. "
"Well, it’s a big improvement to listen to your analysis. If that’s the case, it’s all right for women. When they get old, they don’t have a mood." Bo Songyang touched the bar and recalled some things. "I remember that my first woman was met in millions of mountains, and I couldn’t say how carefree I was when I thought of the heroic rescue scene at that time. It’s a pity that after all, I was young and frivolous and didn’t cherish the woman. In retrospect, I still can’t help but regret it. I hope our little teacher younger brother won’t make the same mistake
"Wait, what’s that?" Suddenly blind, pointing to the front way
Bo Songyang looked intently. "Hey, why is there a black dog crouching in front of our house? It looks strong and fleshy. There must be many younger brothers. We’ll have it for dinner tonight. Getting a roast dog will definitely make up for it. By the way, please ask Master to relieve his hunger. He has just come out recently and hasn’t eaten yet."
"I’m blocking the back road, you catch it." Blind nodded.
Bo Songyang rubbed his hands. "Then I’ll do it."
I seem to feel someone approaching the main hall, and the black-striped unicorn suddenly opened its eyes. It suddenly jumped up and growled, showing its sharp fangs.
"How dare you grin at me? Bo Songyang has eaten all over millions of mountains. I haven’t seen anything yet. Just lie down so that I can tie you up and rest assured that I won’t eat you yet." Bo Songyang revealed a smile.
The black-striped one-horned leopard obviously felt the danger of this person in front of him. It could not help but slowly retreat, and its eyes were full of vigilance.
Bo Songyang otherwise came along. "Not bad, not bad, smart enough, very spiritual, and I know that I’m not easy to mess with, but it’s the same. The more I eat you, the more intelligent you are. A lot of meat is estimated to be very delicious." He swallowed saliva as he spoke.
"roar! !” I can’t stand Bo Songyang’s creepy eyes and black-striped one-horned leopard, but I can’t help roaring and jumping out. It’s so fast that it can be said that it’s a rabbit.
Bo Songyang smiled, "I want to eat at this strength, but I can’t do it." Then he reached out and listened to a bang, and the black-striped one-horned leopard was shot out.
"Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you. If you have blood stasis, the meat quality will be bad. Why do you want to run around and help it?"
Blindly flicked a finger, a divine power formed a rope and flew out, tying the black-striped unicorn bag that wanted to escape firmly.
"Hey, I said you can’t escape. Blame it on your bad life. Where are you going? Why come here? Gee, if I saw such a big guy before I put it away, I’m sure I’ll raise it, but I’m sorry for my teacher and younger brother." Bo Songyang waved and the black-striped unicorn leopard was pushed into the hall by a force. It struggled but it didn’t help. Finally, it couldn’t help but whine.
"Someone has been here," said the blind man suddenly after entering the hall.
Bo Songyang hurriedly asked, "Who is it? It’s bold enough that no one is guarding the house, and someone dares to come in and out here at will. If I catch him, I will directly strip off my clothes and tie him to a tree to bask in him for three days and three nights. "
A blind silence said, "It’s not someone else who seems to be a little teacher younger brother. It seems that teacher younger brother has broken through to the late stage of practicing gas."
"What? What did he eat and grow up and practice so fast in the later period of practice? Can he break through with women’s love? I thought that at the beginning, my wife and I had repaired for a month, but instead of advancing, we had a lot of faint retreat. This is unfair. Take me to ask my younger brother to come out and ask him if there are any tricks. "Bo Songyang suddenly shouted and hurried away.
But Li Yan suddenly came from one place before he took two steps. He slept for a long time and suddenly felt a burst of noise. He simply didn’t continue to sleep and came out to have a look.
"Hello, two senior brothers." Li Yan bowed his hand and what happened? It turned out that these two guys came back.
Bo Songyang hey hey smiled. "I said, little brother, I didn’t see you for more than half a month. I heard that you left with a woman in your arms. Tell your brother what you were doing. Don’t be shy. There are no strangers here except us."
Li Yan was at a loss. "I didn’t do anything. My friend was assassinated by a man named Ke Fengyang. I took her away for detoxification at that time. As a result, when I was chased by a group of fierce wild animals and found a place to shelter, where did you all want to go?"
Bo Songyang was suddenly embarrassed. "Hehe, I’m sorry that my brother misunderstood you, but you can’t help bullying your younger brother. As a result, I almost forgot my brother for more than half a month."
Li Yan smiled bitterly and wanted to come back, but the road was blocked. He suddenly saw the black-striped one-horned leopard tied, and suddenly wondered, "Brother, what are you doing tied with a black cat?"
Bo Songyang patted the black cat’s sturdy belly. "It was also said that it was baked and eaten at that time. Why is this black-striped unicorn called a black cat?" What are you and it? "
"Dissatisfied brother, this beast has been tamed by me. I’m going to use it as my strength. The two brothers still don’t want to eat it." Li Yan immediately had a narrow squeak. If he slept a little, he would have become a pile of bones.
Bo Songyang exclaimed, "What is this leopard that you can’t tame? It’s impossible. You’ve just broken through the later stage of practicing Qi. How can this beast be taken in?"
Li yanhao will tell the ins and outs of receiving this black-striped unicorn leopard.
Bo Songyang was suddenly embarrassed. "Hehe, you didn’t hang a pendant on this black-striped one-horned leopard. It’s still wild. It was almost baked and eaten by me and blind people. I’m really sorry. I’ll let it go."
As the trapped black cat’s divine power was taken back, it plopped down and quickly turned over and hid behind Li Yan to purr.
"It’s okay to be afraid of what two senior not haven’t eat you? Hey, how did your spiritual wisdom become so high? I know it must be the effect of Qiqiao Qingxin Dan. Well, I’ll feed you a few more after this Dan is good. "Li Yan nodded with satisfaction. He believed that when Qiqiao Qingxin Dan was fed for a while, this black-striped unicorn leopard would surely turn into a monster beast.
Bo Songyang suddenly grew up with a big mouth. "What … what teacher younger brother? You can’t feed this beast with Qi Qiao Qing Xin Dan. Teacher younger brother, are you crazy? You can buy a black-striped one-horned leopard with Qi Qiao Qing Xin? When will it let the elder brother kill her and eat meat while the medicine has not disappeared?"
Li Yan quickly stopped Bo Songyang. "Brother, I don’t want this beast. I am destined to let it go. Besides, this black-striped one-horned leopard is still a younger brother of Elvis Presley, and it can lead the way to treasure hunt."
"Ha ha ha brother recklessly sorry to listen to the teacher younger brother said this, this beast is also a bit of cultivation value. Well, I won’t pay attention to it if I am blind." Bo Songyang was reluctant to look back.
Li Yan’s heart is still not at ease. After making up his mind, he has to watch his black-striped one-horned leopard and be eaten by these two foodies.
The black-striped unicorn leopard is very wronged at this time, especially when it hears that it wants to eat itself, and it bites Li Yan’s skirt for fear that it will be peeled and roasted by these two wicked people.
"Don’t come out when the black cat goes to my room and squats." Li Yan patted its head and looked at Bo Songyang and blind with vigilance.
The black-striped one-horned leopard flew away.
Looking at the look of disbelief on the younger brother’s face, Bo Songyang coughed awkwardly. "Younger brother, you have to trust the elder brother. I promise I won’t move your leopard. Don’t you think so?"
Nodding blindly "never eat"
Hear two people promised Li Yancai slightly at ease.
"By the way, brother, I want to forge a long sword. I have some materials here. I wonder if brother can help me." Li Yan took out the stone of tears of blood and diamond jade.
"oh! No problem. I’m just blind. I’m not good at refining metaphysics, but I’m good at it, "said Bo Songyang."
However, I just said that I was blind and rushed over to grab the blood-weeping stone and diamond jade. I was intoxicated and rubbed my mouth and kept muttering, "Blood-weeping stone is a good thing. It’s the best thing for top refiner materials to refine refiners and cauldrons. This diamond jade is also a jade pole. If you want to build a sword, it is not only light and bright, but also hard and sharp enough to practice a good sword with almost no ore added."
Li Yan asked, "When did the elder brother help me practice a long sword? My hand was short of a weapon."
Blindly shook his head. "I can’t refine the ordinary to the Xuanqi, but I’m not sure about these two things. I have to find a master to refine them. Although I can’t make an inscription, it’s also a top Xuanqi, but now the master doesn’t know where to go. I’ll talk to him when the master comes, but you must be prepared. The master is very stingy …"
I haven’t finished yet. Suddenly a gust of Gangfeng rolled up and suddenly my face changed. "Bad master is coming."