Lost the flying sword, the large array blocked the curtain, and the momentum of the black vortex suddenly skyrocketed, and it seemed to be instantaneous when it came around.

An instant but see Wan Xiu city dense nine colors glow is also a spin.
In the rhythm fluctuation, the nine-color glow represents the golden yellow glow, which is suddenly pulled out, and the huge golden light spot quickly converges towards the Wan Xiu city.
"hmm? Deer sword spirit is desperate! Although we are not afraid of anything, we need a lot of trouble to let him burst into strength. Don’t keep anything in your temple. The remnants of Wu Man have joined hands with the shemale and the shemale families. When they sit in the array and the monks change people, they will come to support us. Maybe there will be an accident. Don’t keep anything! " Labu’s teeth sounded sharp.
"Kill them!"
Several demon kings roared and made efforts to make moves.
Vibration and roar in the sky, the black vortex turns over and the power of the boundary curtain of several demon kings becomes huge one by one.
Pop! Pop!
Yalman’s demon king, a huge pterodactyl-like monster, flapped its wings around the black curtain and then rolled over to condense Yalman’s core and turned it into a giant pterodactyl-like monster with indomitable spirit.
A clear cry rushed directly towards Wan Xiu City.
Baderou, the demon king of the four-hoofed beast Dels, has a pair of goat horns and Harba … All three of them are the same figure, and one by one, they mobilize the curtain force to condense a bigger figure and follow Yalman closely behind them.
Yulabuya’s eyes are going round and round, and his body flashes and disappears out of sight in the world.
The whole battlefield was violent, the airflow fluctuated strongly, and the momentum was accompanied by inch-by-inch disintegration. Even if Teng Lin and others were interested, they only saw Labuya disappear and didn’t know where he had gone.
"Beware of Labuya’s sneak attack!" Rattan forest shouted while dealing with the shield ge attack.
God knows that Fucang and others are all fiercely.
Lord Labuya, this is an old devil who has been famous since ancient times. If there is anyone in the inferno who makes the witch barbarians more afraid, it is Labuya.
And Yalman and Dells’ theory that although the qualification is not as good as Labuya’s, it is also very difficult to deal with it by virtue of physical toughness.
The sudden disappearance of Labuya can’t help but make people alert.
The black vortex on the top of the head whirls violently to cover the pressure, and without the nine-color flying sword, the suppression power is even more amazing
Rattan Lin and others looked at it, but they were not surprised. They denied that they and others would join hands with LuJianLing and flee without fighting. At this time, the flying sword was withdrawn. Look at the golden rule and you will know that it is brewing a stronger attack.
Chapter six hundred and forty-four Gold field
Yalman and others’ huge bodies flashed through thousands of rays like giant meteorites and crashed into the city of Wan Xiu.