No one thought beforehand that the Yanshi brother was killed.

Kang Jun first a surprised immediately angry look at the ziyun ZongDi.
The man with melon face and aquiline nose looks very gloomy.
"Gao Yanqing what are you doing?"
Kang Jun anger unabashedly also don’t know whether to show YanXiao.
That’s right. To kill the Yan’s brother, Brother Ziyunzong, is called Gao Yanqing. Although he has the strength to repair the foundation in the later period, he has reached the false Dan period.
I don’t know if Yanxiao understood Kang Jun’s meaning or if he did, he pretended not to see it.
"Well, you really dare to do it."
Next to a Yanshi brother cried, "Big Brother, what are you waiting for to kill this man, Yan Quge for revenge?"
Said the YanShiDi toward Gao Yanqing moves.
In the face of an incoming attack, Gao Yanqing ha ha smiled and came towards that attack, and Yanshi’s brother became a killer.
Yanxiao cold hum a has died for no reason. How can he watch another Yanshi brother die for no reason?
Gao Yanqing jumped in January and hid from Yanxiao’s attack. However, the attack that he escaped was hit by a true Xuanzong brother. Several cousins who listened to Taoge Xuan Yue were also hit by the wave and suffered some minor injuries.
Five sects of monks attacked Yanshi’s medium-sized monks, and the medium-sized forces immediately responded.
The two monks fought a battle and it was irreconcilable.
Ling’s four people don’t want to provoke the five major factions, but they don’t mind taking the lead with strong and medium-sized strength such as the Yans’ family and the Voldemort Sect.
The huge main hall seems to have become a challenge, and dozens of monks in the construction period have made ruthless attacks.
Only in the past dozens of breaths, the first casualties appeared on the side of the medium-sized forces. When the monks saw the blood, they became more exposed and the war escalated. Some people even used the third-order ofuda.
This hall is worthy of being transformed into a place where monks live during the Godly Period. The great power erupted from the third stage of the hall cannot damage a door and a window. It is like a regular hall, and it is made of extremely hard objects.
Gradually, someone actually fought in the earth square.
There are columns jumping and powerful attacks can’t do any damage to those columns.
Brothers of the five major factions died, and brothers of the medium-sized forces also died here.
In a short time, more than a dozen monks’ bodies were lost outside the temple.
When the war was heating up, five swords flew in, and it was to hunt down the five Taoist Tang Kun.
People are puzzled when they see their own people fighting, and they are very angry at the same time because they see their own corpses.
Tang Kun shouted angrily, "What are you doing? Still not quick to hold hands? "
The sound penetrated into everyone’s ears.
Hearing this, the medium-sized monk’s heart sank, because five big schools of helpers came, and it was the strongest one of the five schools. The return of five people and five people would definitely affect the victory day.
The anti-five-faction monks were very happy. Many people laughed. "Haha, the leader is back, and you are dead."
"Ha ha, you are dead."
Seeing that everyone listened to his own performance was very dull, Tang Kun was also angry and said, "Stop it."
At the same time, the leaders of the five schools offered their own formidable treasures, which instantly deterred many scattered brothers of the five schools.
Dozens of monks in the construction period stopped and retreated to form two sides.
Although the war was stopped when it was occupied, everyone’s eyes were still full of vigilance, and it was possible to fight together again at any time.
Looking at the team divided into two parties, the leaders of the five major factions were puzzled
So he asked, "What happened? Did you fight? "
As soon as this was said, Yan Xiao snorted, "Ask yourselves the younger brothers and sisters."