"You’ve done very well."

Su Changsheng patted him on the shoulder and encouraged him, "The enemy camp turned the enemy around and instigated this coup. Comrade Jingfu, I must ask you to like it."
Zhang Wei sighed and shook his head.
"Let’s like his comrades first. Without them to help me spread the news and make Lin ‘an city panic, things could not be so smooth."
Chapter 1153 Zhang Wei is a revival member
What Zhang Wei said is not a pleasantry.
What he planned can be successfully launched. Apart from the excessive pressure of foreign troops in Lin ‘an, it also has the rapid spread of rumors in Lin ‘an. Those secret agents of Skynet Army who hide all walks of life in Lin ‘an have made great contributions to this coup.
Of course, the most important thing is that Zhang Wei’s contribution is irreplaceable and belongs to him, which is indisputable.
Then they sat down together and had a talk about this time.
For Su Changsheng, Zhang Yi’s joining was really a surprise. Because of Zhang Yi’s status and his position in the academic and ideological circles of the Southern Song Dynasty, he first imagined that Zhang Yi would be willing to join the Renaissance Association.
But the fact is that Zhang Wei not only joined but also took the initiative to join.
Yuelu Academy in Changsha has been an important ideological and cultural center of the whole Song Dynasty since the middle and early period of the Northern Song Dynasty. Many scholars and scholars have a close relationship with Yuelu Academy.
Although Zhang Wei is a famous minister, Zhang Juner, what he can do to preside over the Yuelu Academy is really his own business.
In fact, Zhang Shi’s foundation in Neo-Confucianism is quite profound. His guiding ideology of opposing imperial examinations and cultivating Dao Ji citizens’ talents has achieved great results and made great contributions to the revitalization of Yuelu Academy after reconstruction.
However, his best-known achievement is not his school-running achievement, but his first book "On Hongwu Politics" entered the Southern Song Dynasty on a large scale and caused great ideological influence. After that, the teachers and students of Yuelu Academy "bravely" came out and lashed out at it.
At that time, with the strong national strength and the pressure on the Southern Song Dynasty, the ideological and cultural circles in the Southern Song Dynasty were violently impacted, and a considerable number of scholars doubted what they had learned in the cruel reality.
Why did Su Yonglin make the country prosperous and maintain Confucian orthodoxy in the Southern Song Dynasty, but the two countries repeatedly lost in the struggle?
This great contrast greatly impacted some Confucian scholars’ thoughts, which made them study Hongwu Political Theory deeply and doubted the official thought of the Southern Song Dynasty.
When this suspicion gradually expanded, Zhang Wei and Yuelu Hospital came out.
They lashed out at the exhibition "On Hongwu Politics", arguing and criticizing the "crazy words" one by one, and called several discussion meetings to insist on criticizing the "crazy words" in Hongwu Politics.
Therefore, Zhang Wei was deeply appreciated by the ideological conservative Neo-Confucianism who were extremely disgusted with the country, and they were also the representatives of the people in charge of political affairs in the Southern Song Dynasty, so Zhang Wei was also highly praised by the government and even by the Lin’ an Central Committee
Later, when Zhang Wei took Yuelu Academy scholars to run Lin ‘an, he also got special treatment from Zhao Shen, giving him a good position and a generous salary.
However, no one thought that Zhang Wei was a revival member.
Zhang Wei was not the first person to watch Hongwu Politics. When Hongwu Politics was broadcast in the Southern Song Dynasty, he didn’t care about it.
Later, some of his students secretly watched this and had some private discussions. He learned about it and secretly watched it himself.
The more in-depth study of Neo-Confucianism, the more in-depth understanding of the Southern Song Dynasty officialdom through his father and his own experience, and the greater the ideological impact on him after reading Hongwu’s Political Theory.
Zhang Wei, a group of people who know the truth, goodness and beauty very well, has a sense of contrast in the practice of Confucianism.
He himself is a member of the scholar-bureaucrat group, and he knows the middle part of this group well.
It was only after he read Hongwu’s Political Theory and learned what really happened in China through some friends who had been to China that he was extremely surprised and desperate to find that the Southern Song Dynasty was lagging behind the country.
All kinds of meanings are decadent and backward, and a group of hypocritical villains take advantage of them to harm the country. It is strange that the Southern Song Dynasty can fight the country.
At that time, Zhang Wei still held the idea of "learning from foreigners and mastering foreigners", thinking about finding some ways to save the country from Hongwu’s political theory, then summing up a group of like-minded people, summing up a new deal, and then asking Zhao Shen to implement the new deal to counter the country’s growing national strength
However, when he shared this idea with some friends in his officialdom, his friends advised him not to do so, because "On Hongwu Politics" has been characterized as fallacy by the Southern Song Dynasty officials, and the Southern Song Dynasty will resolutely resist it anyway.
Zhang Wei is dissatisfied with this, thinking that this is the power of a blind country and that there must be something to hide in Hongwu Political Theory.
Officialdom friends persuaded Zhang Wei to calm him down. Everyone knows about it, but they are very disgusted with it, so they’d better pretend that they don’t know anything.
Zhang Yinai can sulk and then study Hongwu Political Theory by himself. One day, he suddenly realized that Hongwu Political Theory and Confucianism have something in common.
Both sides have the same pursuit of morality and human truth, goodness and beauty, and also pursue a "great harmony society" in which everyone is equal.
There is no doubt that the great harmony society is the pursuit of absolute political correctness by Confucian bachelors from ancient and modern times.
However, in reality, the Confucian bachelors did not realize the social action and subjective intention of great harmony, but fell into luxury and corruption, abandoned the morality of saints, left everything they learned behind and pursued money, power and women.
This social reality makes Zhang Wei deeply sad and dissatisfied.
When he read Hongwu’s Political Theory and learned what was happening in China, he realized that China was pursuing and building a Confucian society with high ideals and great harmony.
There is no oppression and exploitation, there is no huge gap between the rich and the poor, there is no contradiction between everyone and cattle and horses, and everything is honest.
The contradiction between the government and the people, the army and the people has almost been swept away, and everyone is working hard to build a beautiful home.
For those who are corrupt and oppress the people, the east and the west advocate revolution and liquidation to eliminate their sins, and distribute everything to farmers according to certain standards, so that the tillers can have land, neglect taxes, abolish unreasonable and exorbitant taxes, reduce the tax rate of agricultural taxes and protect the interests of farmers
These are what Confucians in the Southern Song Dynasty pursued verbally but ignored in reality.
They pay attention to agricultural production and farmers, but they do their best to oppress and exploit.