Another monk in the main hall binge drank "Gankun borrows the law from heaven and earth, and I am angry and angry … poof …" One mouthful blood sprayed his fingertips in binge drinking.

A twinkle in her eyes looked at her fingertips and fingers moved quickly, and said, "Dafagen Borrowing Method is a human method, and the dragon’s falling demon is now dry …"
With that, the monk threw himself forward.
General Xingwen quickly caught his body in one hand and shouted, "Master Xuekang, Master Xuekang …"
The atmosphere in the hall is tight.
All of them were stunned by the last two sentences of Master Xuekang.
Sun Hao a slight sigh in my heart.
If the lucky dragon column wants to live in this world, it really needs a real dragon to offer sacrifices.
What will happen then?
And will your own plan be realized smoothly? Sun Hao looked at the founder and meditated. Emperor Zhao’s face showed a slightly bitter smile.
Chapter DiYiSanYi Fate Dragon Column 2
Master Xue Kang’s hair turned white instantly and passed out due to excessive consumption.
However, he gave a clear calculation result, and now it depends on how the emperor decides.
A few can pinch will be full of monks general qi qi looked at Zhao Wendi.
Emperor Zhao Wendi stood up and said, "Good agarwood will be led by you immediately. People need to give things to people. As soon as possible, build a rooftop and cast a dragon column to pray for me personally …"
"Wait a minute, Emperor," said Brother Yang outside the hall. "This matter needs to be discussed in a long-term way."
Four or five monks dressed in Taoist robes have strided in, and the first monk is holding the dust and bowing slightly to the emperor, saying, "I have seen the emperor."
Emperor Zhao Wen smiled and said with a pleasant smile, "Elder Wei Li didn’t expect this incident to disturb the students. I don’t know what the delegation thinks."
Elder Wei glanced at Sun Haolang and said, "Blessing is an illusory thing. Nowadays, we still need to move a lot of manpower and material resources to pray for a high platform. I think it is very inappropriate for the delegation to do it now, and we should do it well, just as we should hold on to Anyang and wait for reinforcements after the magic disaster in his mainland disappears."
Sun Haowei smiled and made no excuses in the hall.
Emperor Zhao Wendi shook his head and said, "Once the outer city is broken, Anyang can’t hold on for long, and hundreds of millions of mortals can directly crush Anyang Dragon City."
Elder Wei motioned to the friar around him to show him a huge scroll. Elder Wei bowed to Emperor Zhao Wendi and said, "The Emperor has not been idle in managing Anyang City recently, and Anyang made some preparations in advance. Look at me, there are ten fairy mountains floating in Anyang City. Each fairy mountain has many spiritual fields and a lot of profitable fields …"
Elder Fengtuan Weibai obviously did his homework before this preparation. After a long time, he talked eloquently and finally summed up a sentence: "Even if the outer city is broken, we should make good preparations and fully benefit the top ten fairy mountains, so Anyang City should have strong vitality to stand in the East without falling down …"
Feng Tuan thinks that Anyang City should focus on making immortal mountains and praying for heaven, which is not reliable.
Emperor Zhaowen looked at Sun Hao.
I found Sun Hao standing with a smile as if he were with himself.
Emperor Zhaowen’s slight thought made him understand Sun Hao’s position. For Sun Hao, it doesn’t matter much how Anyang chooses, because it has no influence on Sun Hao. Even Sun Hao, a few people who have crossed the East after the fall of Anyang City, can escape safely.
After thinking for a while, Emperor Zhaowen looked at General Xingwen and said to Weibai with a smile, "Elder Aquilaria Resinatum should have a greater possibility of success, but we can try it. I think it’s better if we split up. Elder, you continue to plan the outer city of Fairy Mountain Lingtian according to the original plan, and our side will organize forces to cooperate with Aquilaria Resinatum."
Elder Wei glanced at Sun Haokou unhappily and said, "The emperor’s luck is illusory. Don’t be fooled by the nonsense of charlatans and do something that wastes people and money."
This is not pleasant to say. Wang Yuan was a little unhappy and said, "How is it a waste of people and money? As I said, it’s a bad idea for you to take Xianshan Bifantian and say that the light point is to lower the grade of Xianshan. The key point is to make Xianshan dye every dust and damage the big fellow’s fate … "
Wei Bai turned red with anger and pointed his finger at Wang Yuan. "You are talking nonsense."
Fate is the most unpredictable and it is difficult to measure Wang Yuan’s words specifically, that is, nonsense, but the speaker and listener are interested in Sun Hao’s heart when he hears Wang Yuan’s argument.
Wang Yuanshen Dragon will have many incredible abilities.
Sun Haoshi, the totem of the big fellow dragon, has some connection with the big fellow’s fate. Now Wang Yuan seems to be making a wild guess unconsciously, but maybe things will be lost to the big fellow’s fate just as Wang Yuan expected.
Emperor Zhao Wendi put on his sleeves and everyone said, "It’s just agreed that I will work separately with the elders. How many people do you need and the specifications of the rooftop and dragon column?" We should set it up as soon as possible. "
When the elder Wei saw that Emperor Zhaowen was determined to pray for blessings, he was dissatisfied with his sleeves and led the monks to take a long way, but he also went to Faxian Mountain to prepare.
Sun Hao smiled at Elder Wei and said to Emperor Zhao Wendi with a smile, "Emperor, you can give me Xiangwen’s men to build a rooftop. In addition, please ask the monks of the four families to cooperate with the agarwood to cast the dragon column. Other things will be solved by agarwood."
Sun Haozhao, a huge Yuan Ye, came to Xiangwen’s office to arrange a dragon platform. At the same time, Dahan Metallurgical Bureau asked the dragon general Wang Yuan to urge the casting of the dragon column.
Wang Yuan had experience in reforming seagoing ships, and at this time he organized manpower to handle affairs and became familiar with them.
Zhu Ling and Shan Guan helped Sun Hao to quickly build a huge cylindrical platform with a bottom of 30 feet, a top of 10 feet in Fiona Fang and a height of more than 30 feet in Fiona Fang.
Three tall Panlong stone pillars were also cast in time and carried by Wang Yuan to set up a high platform.
The three Panlong stone pillars are more than 30 feet high, each with a diameter of about three feet, and each carved a lifelike dragon according to Sun Hao’s drawings.
The dragon circled the head of the stone pillar and rushed high as if to rise.
After the high platform stands the stone pillars, the three stone pillars are soaring to the sky, which is very close to the cloud group.
The number of square ceremonies is quite large, but the status is very high. The monks in Gao Dongfang think that the three Panlong stone pillars are more imposing than majestic, giving people a feeling of inspiring and powerful.
There is an altar in the center of the three stone pillars, including cinnabar, calligraphy pen, incense burner and calligraphy paper.
Sun Hao’s Buddhist altar is a bit like a magic stick.
Pretending that Sun Hao is mumbling something, Sun Hao himself doesn’t know what it is. Now Sun Hao’s magic is just a cover-up, but he doesn’t really want anything.
Sun Hao learned a lot of miscellaneous things, but he really didn’t learn the blessing method. Sun Hao really didn’t learn the method of mutual benefit.
Building a high platform and casting a dragon column are just some hush heads.
Sun Hao is very attached to the master of Kangxue. This guy predicted that the first sentence of Dafa should mean Sun Hao Dafa. It is purely based on borrowing the law to shake the mountain and shake the tiger. Find yourself and need to find a goal to realize your one-step plan.
Sun Haolang, who was busy for a long time with the calligraphy of cinnabar, said, "Please welcome Emperor Zhaowen to sit on the throne of three talents …"
Ready, Emperor Zhaowen flew up and took a big step, which has already left a pillar on the high platform.
The three panlong pillars have their own positions. Emperor Zhao Wen’s body represents a real dragon and three talents, but it is just right.
Sun Hao, the emperor seated, once again gently shouted, "Dragon Admiral, please join me in guarding Sancai, our town and your town to help the emperor pray for luck."
Zhu Ling’s eyes flashed with sadness, but Wang Yuan, the dragon general, had already flown, and Panlongzhu had risen and fallen in the position of three talents.
Sun Hao shook his head and sighed lightly. The sword in his hand hovered and flew off the last Panlongzhu in the rotation of his body.
Sun Hao of Gaotai looked at Wang Yuan and Emperor Zhaowen, but his knowledge extended to sweep around the Gaotai. Unfortunately, Sun Hao still didn’t find anything so far.
There is no hidden magic, no manifestation, and no trace of Tianzhu in the East Pole.
According to his speculation and wisdom, the Eastern Pole Tianzhu should be the pillar of the Eastern Fortune, which is not necessarily the dynasty fortune, but there should be a body supporting the eastern sky.
Sun Hao made such a big noise to set up a blessing platform, actually trying to draw out the hidden magic practice or the pillar of fate.
But it seems that there is still no response.
Then Sun Hao can crustily skin of head and really pray.
Perhaps Sun Hao really prayed for heaven to change the fate of the East, and those hidden magic practices would really launch a surprise attack to stop it, and the pillars of real fate would only appear.
Sun Hao looked pious and bowed slightly, and said, "Fengtian Carrier is praying for the gods today …"
Chapter DiYiSanSan National Dragon Column
Sun Hao came over in an instant when he saw the Dragon Column of the National Games+◆
This is to find the East Pole Optimus Prime by yourself. It seems that the East Pole Optimus Prime is not high, but if the fate of the East declines, the world in the east will naturally be ruined
The state of the Dragon Pillar of the National Games in the hands of the elder is bad at this time. The key is that the color of the hovering golden dragon is dim, and the whole Dragon Pillar also reveals a decadent atmosphere.
Strictly speaking, the Dragon Column of the National Games also reflects the current real situation of Oriental Wang Ting.
At present, it is strange that the East is caught in a border magic disaster and China is not prosperous. Many cities have been destroyed and a large number of mortals have been displaced.
It is normal for the Dragon Column of the National Games to be depressed.
Sun Hao is thinking about how to give the Dragon Column of the National Games to come over.
Emperor Bian Zhaowen has been right with Elder Wei Da.
Emperor Zhaowen sat cross-legged on the dragon column and bowed slightly in the face of the dragon column in the hands of the elder, but Lang said in his mouth, "What do you want, elder? Don’t you see that agarwood has taken effect and we are shaking my luck? At this time, please ask me to leave the Dragon Column of the National Games and let me give up halfway. I really don’t know what you think. "