In addition to a wry smile, Hu Xiaoyue couldn’t find the words. It was still a thousand years ago that the society was peaceful and sunny, but she firmly recognized that the two foxes were girls and couldn’t confess their identities. It seems that this confused account can be so confused.

Chapter 76 Vinegar sea two girls
Chapter 76 Vinegar sea two girls
In such a short time, the debate between two beautiful women has risen to the height of personality.
"You just confuse black and white, whether you lost money or not, and you even sold your soul!"
"You’re the one who doesn’t know whether you are lucky or not. You don’t have the spirit of obeying four virtues at all."
"You’re done. You’re hopeless."
"You’re finished! You’re hopeless!"
Hu Xiaoyue is obedient to Xiao, but not so respectful to Ningqing, the mistress of a bottle of vinegar. Fox didn’t have much experience in personnel, and he didn’t know what it meant to be patient and avoid being scolded by Ningqing. Suddenly, his eyebrows went up and he started work with a wave of his sleeve.
"Brush" a white air-cooled suddenly rushed at Ningqing.
Hu Xiaoyue is no ordinary fox. As I have said before, she is the most talented fox woman in this line of ten-hole foxes. When the advanced foxes practice for thousands of years, they send her to attract the attention of the Emei Sect, which can fully say that she is strong. Although she is excited, she doesn’t intend to kill Ning Qing, but if she hits this skill, I am afraid that Ning Qing will lie in bed and rest for half a year.
When Xiao Yi saw this anger, he was frightened and shouted "Stop it!" The sound has just started to rush toward the two people.
Small this robot xiao yue daylights out immediately desperate to palm to recycle, but send out power spilled out water which is so good to recover watched that white gas hit the small chest.
A charming body suddenly appeared in front of the small key moment, and Xiao Xin’s body was blocked for the first time by the airflow, flying back and slamming into the small arms, holding Xiao Xin, continuing to fly back and slamming Ningqing’s charming body.
"Hua" is a mess, holding Xiaoxin to the ground and playing for three or four times to stabilize himself and turn to see that Ningqing has been knocked down and then slide all the way to the smooth ground and slide directly to the door.
"Crash!" The doorframe wind chime beads fell and hit my little girl’s towering chest, then bounced high and fell to the edge of her face, ringing and breaking into two pieces.
My little girl cried on the spot, and her face and expression were broken. "Blare … you bullied me in partnership … you still hit me … blare, I want to tell my grandpa …"
I was dumbfounded when I was young.
"Ning … Ning Qing, don’t cry. We didn’t mean to …" Little stammered to explain "She just … she just didn’t want to hit you … she really …" He muttered for a long time and couldn’t think of how xiao yue could explain this sentence.
Ningqing is not a fool, of course. She struggled with tears in her eyes, and her white ankle was a little red. It seems that she scraped her skin, her knees were blue, and her hair was messed up. She curled her mouth and looked at it with a miserable look and ran away sobbing all the way.
The room was horribly quiet, and the two sides were lying with Xiaoxin in their arms, presenting a very ambiguous posture. Xiaoxin was lying flat, pressing his small body and towering his chest just in front of him, and so on, and suddenly he had a physiological reaction.
"melody nowadays!" Small hin gently hum a immediately at such as silk silver teeth gently biting red lips greasy way "master you …"
The snack was shocked and turned over from the ground. When I climbed up, I heard a "plop" behind me. xiao yue trembled. "Master, are you … are you hurt?"
"I’m fine." I turned my head and got a fright. "What are you doing on your knees? Get up."
Xiao yue didn’t get up and insisted, "xiao yue almost hurt his master on impulse and has made a serious mistake. Please ask him to punish him."
Xiaoshi is her, but Nai sighed, "Get up, get up, I’ll be grateful if you don’t make trouble for me again."
Xiao yue turned pale with two tears in his eyes. He bowed his head and whispered, "It’s the master."
"Now clean up the room" trail "Have a good rest after cleaning up. I’m going to work, so stay at home."
"I … can’t we go with the host?" Xiao yue whispered, "The heads of families want us to take care of our master personally …"
I’m a little impatient when I’m in a bad mood. "I’m going to class, not to play. I’ll take you there. If you want to stay at home, stay at home."
Xiao yue’s face grew whiter and drooped lower, saying "good master" lightly.
Xiaoxin saw that the atmosphere was not busy. "Then I’ll tidy up the master and you sit down first."
Small shook his head "of course I also want to start work for such a long time didn’t go home, the room is very dirty, how can you be busy as a girl?" He said as he got up, he was going to get a mop. Xiaoxin grabbed the mop and pressed it to the sofa. "Master, just watch it with peace of mind, I am very capable."
As soon as she turned her eyes and saw that xiao yue was still there, she quietly walked over and touched her arm and winked.
Fox is a clever and lively creature. xiao yue is unworldly but not stupid. He immediately reacted and walked carefully to the little side and whispered, "Master … I’m going out to buy food and cook at noon?"
"Well, you can cook. That’s great." Xiao is a little surprised. "Then you go. Oh, I’ll give you money."
Watching xiao yue’s gentle and graceful figure disappear, Xiao Chang at the door breathed a sigh of relief, comfortably lying on the sofa, closing his eyes and slowly remembering what happened these days.
It’s like a dream. I can’t believe it when I think about it at this moment.
It was a hard time when I was young. After thinking for a long time, I fell asleep in a daze. When I was sleeping soundly, I smelled a fragrant fragrance, followed by a moist and sweet thing. I heard a gentle voice like water in his lips and ears, "Master, you eat grapes."
Little startled, I quickly opened my eyes and saw that xiao yue was on his side with a peeled grape in his hand. Looking at that hand at such a close distance, his fingers were as white as spring onions, and some of them were slightly transparent. It was so beautiful that people wanted to stick out their tongues and lick their little hearts. Suddenly, "No … No"
"Don’t mention it, master." xiao yue smiled. "We are the master. The life of the slave from the body to the vitality of the achievement method belongs to the master. It is only natural that we wait on the master."
A little startled, I heard that the bed was being made in the room. Xiaoxin Avenue "Yes, yes, it’s not at all welcome to serve the host as our glorious host."
Xiao yue watched the little girl make a mistake just now. At this time, she was even more interested in trying to please the little girl with big eyes and a sparkly face of hope.
"But … but … I’m really not used to it." Touch your head and smile. "Little … you don’t have to start work."
It’s nothing. It’s enough for you to buy the grapes back. I can do it myself. Just rest. But obviously xiao yue doesn’t think so. Fox’s pretty face suddenly flooded with red clouds and glanced at it. Even her neck was red as white as jade. She shyly said, "To satisfy her master, xiao yue is welcome."
"Uh …" Xiao Zhang opened his mouth a little confused.