Burning the lamp in my heart frightened Pilu’s corpse Buddha, which could be so rigid if practiced! He has to listen to Xuan Nv’s way before, "Let me do it!"

He can’t see the pool full of lights when he retreats to the pool of nature. He will realize when he closes his eyes and sits at the bottom of the pool and swings around in such a big pool. One person can’t help crying when he lights the lamp. Although the pulse of nature is very important, it is still lonely and cold at this moment.
God apes have become the most tortuous and bumpy pulse of this world in a few days, but when the world is in danger, they want God apes to save the lamp. Looking at Wu’s heart, they can’t help but give birth to a lot of pity.
When Xuan Nv arrived at Pilu corpse Buddha, he first taught Ju Mang to collect the longevity tree.
Pilu’s corpse Buddha, look at the Xuannv’s static exercise. Previously, it was eroded into black by the burning lamp cover, and the bones gradually turned white. His bones can heal on their own like flesh!
Xuan Nv asked, "Did you get this body from a corpse and abandon the Buddha?"
Pilu’s corpse Buddha was slightly surprised. "How do you know?"
Xuan Nv asked, "Where else is there such a hard thing besides the giant jade column?"
Pilu’s strange eyes turned over twice and said, "Pilan Bodhisattva, are you somewhat knowledgeable and attached to the world?"
Xuan Nv sneer at a way "as you do a generation of walking dead? Why don’t you ask the Tathagata that he might upset me? "
Pilu corpse Buddha listened to Xuan Nv’s Tathagata and stood up and shouted, "If you don’t enter Buddhism, you will enter my hell!" His arms closed and he hugged Xuan Nv.
Xuan Nv shipped the secret of Xuanfa early, and this spell made it clear at a glance that Pilu’s corpse Buddha was hard, but after all, it was not as good as Tathagata’s body for a while, and there were still many flaws to be found.
Xuan Nv gently pointed out a feminine force and drilled in along the sternum gap of Pilu corpse Buddha. Pilu corpse Buddha suddenly stopped and exclaimed, "How do you know?"
Xuan Nv urged this strength to wander around Pilu’s corpse Buddha, and when he saw Pilu’s corpse Buddha, he immediately changed into a puppet, and all kinds of strange movements emerged endlessly, which was difficult to control.
Xuan Nv said, "If you really practice into that body, I may have nothing to do with you, but it’s a piece of cake to kill you at this time!"
The face of Pilu’s corpse showed a look of fear and shouted, "Don’t kill me!"
Xuan Nv sneer at a way "you want to lure me to kill you? Wishful thinking! " Xuan Nv didn’t know that Pilu’s corpse Buddha was connected with the corpse abandoned Buddha. If Pilu’s corpse Buddha died, it would cause a drastic change in the corpse abandoned Buddha. The indestructible body was born, which was really not worth the candle.
Nazhi, at this moment, from the Buddhist hell, an invisible black creature quickly drilled into the Pilu corpse Buddha, and the Pilu corpse Buddha was first surprised and then showed relief, and his body fell backwards and died.
Xuan Nv frightened that this silk of black nature came just at the right time. The Tathagata must take off his work, but now the Tathagata has killed Pilu’s corpse Buddha, and it must be more powerful to recruit and use it.
Xuan Nv immediately thought of something, so he approached Pilu’s corpse to look for him. When he saw Pilu’s corpse in the skull, the Buddha was in a flash, and Xuan Nv stretched out his hand to catch it, but it was like a virtual light and suddenly disappeared.
The fourth volume The cat was the best Chapter DiSiSanEr capture resin abandoned.
Xuan Nv faintly had an ominous premonition that there was a loud noise from the south. Sanqing was guarding the mountain peak and suddenly collapsed and burst. Xuan Nv andao was not good. The golden Buddha must have come out. When she saw Sanqing’s figure flying lightly, her heart was slightly stable. Hum, these three people still didn’t try their best to be afraid that the corpse Buddha would be possessed by Pilu’s corpse Buddha, but they won many Sanqing before.
Yuan Qingyi shouted "Town!"
Sanqing is still surrounded by the word "town". I don’t know if the corpse abandoned Buddha will be pushed away. At this time, it is not better than giving me a strange smile from the front. A big body actually drilled into the ground and made the soil escape technique emerge from the pool!
He came out of this place just as the nearest Kirin stepped on the corpse and abandoned the Buddha. His big hand was extremely flexible. When he grasped the wrist force of Kirin’s foot, Kirin felt a bone-chilling pain and quickly turned back to his body and pulled his foot back.
Another slap came from Kirin, who knew that the corpse abandoned Buddha was very poor and hurried to hide from the corpse and abandoned Buddha. The golden body was majestic, and he didn’t need any magic to overturn the yellow Buddha around him for three or four people
Sanqing has taken out the banana fan and fanned it at the corpse and abandoned Buddha. His handle is a fan, and an evil wind blew, but when he saw the corpse and abandoned Buddha, he took two steps forward and praised, "What a wind!"
The old gentleman frowned and said, "Is his body capable of being fanned by your banana fan?" Xuan Nv come over "no! He has a treasure! "
"Hey? What treasure is it? " Yuan heard from Xuan Nv that there was a treasure and knew that it would be serious.
Xuan Nv said, "Earth Spirit Beads!"
The old gentleman heard that it was a spirit bead, and it suddenly dawned on him that this banana fan was most afraid of a magic weapon like a fixed wind. The spirit bead was transformed by an ancient axe, and I don’t know how many times it was better than a fixed wind bead. Even if I fanned it for one night, it would have no effect on abandoning the Buddha.
Lingbao said angrily, "Then take it away!"
Xuan Nv wry smile way "this corpse abandoned Buddha’s body is extremely strong, even if the spell can’t resist him. At the moment, the manipulation of Pilu corpse Buddha’s spirit is even more difficult."
Yuan Dao said, "Does that trap the array?"
Xuan Nv said, "That’s it!"
At this time, the corpse abandoned Buddha has fought a battle with all the people. He is stronger and poorer, and his body is stronger than all magic weapons. It is hard for all the people to seize the front. After being forced by the corpse abandoned Buddha, the unearthed avatar will abandon the corpse to the Buddha, otherwise it will be more difficult to resist.
Ju Mang danced the longevity tree, which made an endless life spread around the emerald trunk and abandoned Buddha body in a dense circle.
Abandoning the Buddha’s body is also confusing. He raises his hand and pulls the immortal tree to be extremely slender. Although the living tree will not break, it will almost affect the abandoned Buddha’s body. At this moment, a white circle falls in the middle, and the head of the abandoned Buddha is smashed. When he sees that it is the old gentleman Jin Gangzhuo, he thunders, "The nose of the cow knows the sneak attack!"
The old gentleman took back King Kong Zhuo Bonai, and this corpse abandoned Buddha turned out to be immortal.
Besides, I realized that he entered the pool of nature as a magnet and threw it into the pool of iron powder, and it surged into his body.
God apes are afraid of nature? Wu knows that there are many masters in the world. He protects himself by sitting at the bottom of the pool and sucking up nature. This time, he will worry about what nature is. If the strength is not good, it is not up to him to decide whether it is good or evil.
I don’t know how many strangers have been harmed by this pool of nature. While exercising their powers, they have secretly told me that this world has not seen the evil of heaven and earth, but that saints have destroyed creatures, which is a hundred times worse than natural bullying and tempering the soul.
The enlightenment is like finding a home and pouring into the enlightenment body.