"This archipelago is almost occupied by xuanyan crocodiles, and few other monsters can be seen."

"At present, we encounter few Xuanyan crocodiles in the outermost part of the islands, and their strength is very low. The deeper we go to the islands, the more Xuanyan crocodiles there are and the stronger they are."
The monster beast is more wrong than human beings, and the stronger its strength, the better place it can occupy.
There is no doubt that the best place in this archipelago is the island with medium-sized veins, and the closer it is to the island, the better it will be. The stronger the strength, the more the number of Xuanyan crocodiles will be.
To put it bluntly, these xuanyan crocodiles on the outermost edge are a group of losers in competition.
"There is a medium-sized island more than 600 miles to the east, where there are a large number of more than 20 second-order xuanyan crocodiles with two or three thousand first-order xuanyan crocodiles."
Wen Yanling said, "A total of one year has passed since the competition, and now almost two months have passed. We have no more time to spend. I propose to give up cleaning up the surrounding islands and directly attack the largest island, the Xuanyan crocodile."
"We have no meaning"
Yan Hui said first, and then more than a few people also said it was meaningless.
Seeing this, Ling Youxian said, "In that case, let’s discuss about directly clearing the largest island, Xuanyan Crocodile."
There’s not much room for discussion.
There are so many xuanyan crocodiles gathering on that island that there is a storm in addition to nibbling away at it step by step.
It is obviously not in everyone’s interest to nibble away too much time
But it’s too dangerous to storm. After all, there are so many xuanyan crocodiles on the island. If they are surrounded by many xuanyan crocodiles, it will be a life-and-death war, and someone will definitely throw their lives there.
All the people took a compromise.
In this way, although the risk is still much smaller than before.
People can follow this method without thinking of a better way.
So in the next few days, eleven players went out to sneak into the island and secretly kill those first-order xuanyan crocodiles.
Because everyone did a clean job, all the crocodiles who saw them were killed, which did not attract the attention of the island crocodiles at first.
However, with the death of more and more xuanyan crocodiles, it still attracted the attention of the second-order xuanyan crocodiles on the island
Limited by wisdom, those second-order Xuanyan crocodiles were invaded by foreign enemies, so the former lazy Xuanyan crocodiles suddenly became diligent and walked around the clock with heavy steps swinging their big tails.
And the island’s first-order xuanyan crocodiles are slowly gathering in groups, and the result is that they become more and more violent and even kill each other.
The second-order xuanyan crocodiles on this island did not stop them, but were killed by them. Maybe they thought that fighting was the only way to produce the strong.
A member of the 11th Team said somewhere on the Hidden Island that "those second-order xuanyan crocodiles have dispersed to inspect their respective territories after passing through our former Action Island".
Immediately, he said, "Everyone hunts the first and second order Xuanyan crocodiles alone, and the storm pressure is reduced."
Everyone left with their own swords to find the second-order xuanyan crocodile
Ling Youdao found that it was a second-order medium-xuanyan crocodile. When the second-order xuanyan crocodile saw Ling Youdao, it rushed at him with a roar, and the surrounding first-order xuanyan crocodile also quickly gathered.
Ling Youdao hides his breath and then cuts it out with Yin and Yang Xuanguang Sword.
At that moment, his breath suddenly rose, whether it was the first-order Xuanyan crocodile or the second-order Xuanyan crocodile in the front.
But when the enemy was too strong in front of it and was about to turn around and escape, Yin and Yang Xuanguangjian had already cut his breath and carried it back with great momentum.
"Damn it, it’s so hard!"
The hardness of the second-order Xuanyan crocodile nail plate is far from that of the first-order Xuanyuan crocodile. According to the calculation of Ling Youdao, just that sword foot will kill the first-order Xuanyan crocodile.
However, the actual situation is that the sword completely broke the armor piece of the second-order Xuanyan crocodile, which seriously injured it but did not kill it.
Seize the opportunity, the second-order Xuanyan crocodile immediately turned and fled, and the huge size of its hooves slammed the first-order Xuanyan crocodile in front of it directly.
Ling Youdao has the intellectual man’s lightness skill to bless the first-order xuanyan crocodile.
In his hand, Yin and Yang Xuanguangjian kept waving the first-order Xuanyan crocodile and was dismembered.
Xuanyan crocodiles are not known for their speed, but for their strong defense
How can the second-order Xuanyan crocodile escape Lingyoudao after being seriously injured?
In a short time, he solved the problem of the first-order xuanyan crocodile that was in the way behind, and chased the second-order zhongxuanyan crocodile in front.
Ling Youdao quickly jumped to the tree and then jumped to the back of the second-order middle xuanyan crocodile.
Xuanyan Crocodile arched its body and smoked it with a nail tail.
Ling Youdao’s face changed into a horizontal sword block.
Wearing a nail tail and pumping the sword, he turned over a fine fight in the flight and flung the injured Xuanyan crocodile off with one foot.
Yin and Yang XuanGuangJian "whew" a shot out into the XuanYan crocodile white belly.
Xuanyan crocodile is unwilling to struggle, but the white flame of the blade seems to have been pulled away from its life, and then it will not move after a while.
Just at that moment, the whole process is only seven breathing hours.
Ling Youdao jumped to the body of Xuanyan crocodile, pulled out the Xuanguang sword of Yin and Yang, and then wielded the sword to break its body and took out the demon Dan inside.