Taiyi real people hold a treasure file and enter the array. Piluxian holds a treasure pestle and fights with it to roar.

Fearful grandson will tie the fairy rope around his waist and hold a sword to fight the golden hoop. Three golden hoop flying swords are hidden in the fairy’s chest and returned.
Lingbao exorcist fought the sword to greet the fairy with a sword, and you came to show me what you learned in your heart;
Huanglong real people hold the double swords, and Empress Shijie holds the Tai ‘a sword and the four swords, which must be divided into high and low;
The true gentleman with pure morality holds Mo Xie’s sword and hides the sacred sand, the heart-saving nail and the dragon dart in his arms.
Luo Xuan, a fairy in the flame, showed three heads and six arms holding two flying smoke swords and Wan Li lifted clouds and smoke, a crow pot, a five-dragon wheel, a seal according to the sky and other magic weapons
Twelve immortals in Jade Deficiency were waiting outside the array for four people in Guangcheng, and the immortals such as Taiyi Real People came in.
Although the Seven Immortals in Biyou Palace were taken away by the Taoist priest, Ling Qing, Zhu Guang and others saved Luo Xuan, the immortal in the flame of Shijie Niangniang.
The two sides meet, catch and fight together
Chapter one thousand two hundred and thirty-two Each looking for his opponent
The old man jumped up and down in the hands of the green cattle, and Yuan Tianzun rode four different treasures and jade, and knocked around, and there were two white lotus flowers to bless the gods.
The hierarch sat down in Kuiniu’s hand, and the green ping sword was bright and bright, and he tried his best to fight the three saints
At that time, the vitality stirred as if the water, wind and fire were repeated.
However, after all, the sage didn’t want Bo Gu to converge his mana, and the rest was eliminated by Wanxian Array.
Yu Xuxian fought against the six immortals who were attached to Shi Ji’s empress Luo Xuan, followed by Xuandu exorcist, Road flyover Burning Lamp, Antarctic Fairy Weng, Yunzhong, Kong Xuan and Road flyover Qi Qi came to Wanxian Array.
Jiang Ya and Nezha and other disciples also shouted, "Let’s break the Wan Xian array today to see the truth."
This war is the end of all the robbery, and the immortal here will kill the transport party
See Xuandu exorcist holding a sword into the array always palm Wanxian array Dolly Notre Dame will set up seven pig carts to meet.
After all, now that Taoist Duobao is gone, she is the oldest person to intercept the immortals. It seems that she should come forward when facing Xuandu exorcist.
But before she went out, there was a flash of green shadow, which was riding a nine-headed green lion.
He held Wan Hua’s dust in one hand and fixed the imperial whip in the other, and shouted, "Brother Xuandu is coming!"
Hands will be royal spirit whip offering up to the xuan exorcist.
"Waiting for you to come" Xuan greeted with a flying sword offering with a smile.
Lingqing lifted the green lion and came near, sweeping away everything to escape him.
But see exorcist reached out a pole latosolic red triangle flag fell into the hand is a flash, there are ten thousand red lotus horizontal make everything fall.
Once again, a picture of Gankun will be picked up in the sleeve of the robe to roll up Lingqing.
Lingqing looked at and reached a finger, pointing to a Qingque goalkeeper, and the figure stopped him from tearing his tunic into a ball of Milky Way to meet him.
Although exorcist, the capital of Xuandu, has proved to be a mixed yuan in the future, the realm at this time is just quite spiritual.
Two people, you come and I give each other all kinds of magic weapons, and they are deadlocked.
There’s a lantern-burning Taoist riding sika deer with a sword in his hand.
In this wall, the Duke of Zhao saw that iron whip was furious with Hei Hu, saying, "The road flyover who lit the lamp is crazy!"
Previously, although he fell into the right hand, he was fortunate that Qiong Xiao and Bi Xiao would take it back.
Now, how can you promise to be brave when you see the road flyover burning the lamp?
In the cloud, a demon mirror with a fixed light diffuses light, and whoever is shot does not show the demon body.
The virgin turtle spirit saw the great anger, sacrificed the sun, moon and beads, and shot two sun, moon and divine lights, which fell into it and broke him.
Holding a sword in one hand, he shouted angrily, "How dare you insult my fellow disciples in the cloud?"
The cloud greeted each other with a sword and smiled. "That generation is a generation with fur and horns. Why are you ashamed to see people now?"
The Virgin of Dolly thundered at this: "It’s hard for you to be kind in the clouds today!"
Say longitudinal seven pig car fly Jin Jian hand dragon and tiger ruyi will come to kill the cloud.
"Don’t bully more and hurt my brother less!" The Antarctic fairy Weng rode a sika deer to block the Notre Dame of Dolly with a faucet and a fan with five fires and seven feathers.
Turn the faucet to play, but it is stopped by flying Jin Jian. The Antarctic fairy Weng is busy shaking the five fires and seven feathers.
A fire rushed to the head of the Virgin of Dolly and four elephant towers rose, which made the fire almost inappropriate and sacrificed dragons and tigers to fight.
Following the Antarctic fairy Weng, Kong Xuan saw that the five-color divine light flashed behind him and he was going to brush the dragon and tiger.
The party is about to fall, but another golden Zhan Ran Baolun rises to resist the five-color divine light.
I turned my head and saw that it was when the Virgin Kong Xuan shouted, "It’s you again!"
"Kong Xuan, you have helped the Taoist priest abuse twice and again, and I will not spare you today."
When the virgin drinks, shake the wonderful tree of Wanbao, and the fruit will be scattered all over the sky.
Kong Xuan early victims saw the black face will five-color shekinah a flicker and then back.
When the virgin refuses to say "Kong Xuan, leave!" The golden wheel with merit above its head is chasing after the wonderful tree of Wanbao.
Road flyover Lu Ya flew in to hold the immortal flying knife, so he had to worship and listen to "Lu Ya, who do you think is here?"
He turned to look, only to see the angry Yunxiao Empress followed by Qiong Xiao and Bi Xiao.
Empress Sanxiao hates Lu Ya very much. Her big brother twice narrowly escaped death. This is the nemesis of big brother who will be tackled and killed.
So the three sisters didn’t care if he stared at him to fight.
Although the mixed Yuan Jin Dou and Jin Jiao scissors were taken away by the road flyover, the road flyover Lu Ya also had a fairy-cutting gourd.