"Er … nothing to thank. Isn’t that right? I … Aren’t we friends? " See spend four niang eye blurred sample Xiao Fan swallowed saliva some signs of confusion.

"Friends? We are simple friends? " Flower four niang suddenly asked.
"This … this …" Xiao Fan some fidgety way "that … that or what?"
"That you snow and rain? Also a friend? " HuaSiNian laughed.
"Both of them! Is … is a friend! " Xiao Fan embarrassed scratched his head prevaricated replied.
"Friends who are you kidding? They all confessed that it was your woman! " Flower SiNian pretended to be angry and pinched her waist eyes a stare way
"ah? You know? Ok, I admit it’s my woman! " Xiao Fan showed a cold sweat on his forehead. Even in the face of Yu Yu’s puppet, he was never so nervous. "But … it seems nothing?"
"Of course it’s nothing for you, but it will be for me!" Flower SiNian walked to Xiao Fan in the previous step and immediately put the towering chest a pretty uncomfortable and said, "They are really rare beauty embryos, but what about me? I don’t seem to be worse than them, do I? Why do you always hide when you see me? Afraid I’ll eat you? "
Chapter 214 Grateful
"This ….. see you say this, why am I avoiding you?" Xiao Fan embarrassed to stare at half an inch away from his face, I swallowed saliva and quickly released more force to stick to my mind.
"How dare you say you haven’t avoided me?" Spend four niang continue adamant4 asked.
"Well, whatever you say!" Xiao Fan hurriedly stand palm for mercy.
"Hum, you said it was so easy!" Hua Siniang sat beside Xiao Fan with a full face of bitterness and looked very uncomfortable. "Maybe … you don’t have feelings for me?"
"Er … what do you think?" Xiao Fan consciousness turned to the side.
"Don’t you think something crazy about me?" Flower SiNian words with suggestive and follow the body to Xiao Fan Ceng Ceng over there.
"Ah, how is it possible? You have been a great help to me since we met you. To be honest, I appreciate you as a rare friend! " Xiao Fan frowned and said, "Don’t come any closer. I’m about to fall out of bed!" "
"If you don’t hide yourself, you can’t fall?" Hua Siniang pursed her lips and said, "Are you just being friends?"
"That … that you think?" Xiao Fan snuffed flowers in her nose, and SiNian’s body exudes a faint fragrance, which makes her dizzy. At present, this woman is so close that it would be so beautiful if you look closely.
When I first saw Hua Siniang Xiao Fan, I recognized her as a beautiful woman, but even so, Xiao Fan was embarrassed to stare at others carefully.
Now it’s so close that Xiao Fan can’t even look carefully.
"From the first time I saw you, I felt that you were very unusual to stand up and help you. However, I didn’t expect you to be so good. In just a few years, you have reached this point. Even the whole Yunhe continent has been played and applauded by you …" Hua Siniang sighed and said faintly, "And when you fix the original, it seems that the distance between you and me is getting farther and farther …"
"Er, spend four niang you won’t be … see me?" Xiao Fan licked his lips and asked such a dementia question.
"You … are you really stupid or playing dumb with me? I have said this so clearly, can’t you hear it? " Hua Siniang glared angrily and said, "Are you still indifferent to letting my daughter’s family say such difficult love words?"
"I … I really don’t know, Hua Siniang. Don’t get angry!" Xiao Fan with a wry smile with the wave way
"Can you not be angry? And don’t call me Hua Siniang. She’s calling me old! I asked Huayou to remember it for me! " Flower four niang was tearing his hair out about the little face red shouted.
"Er Huayou?" Xiao Fan is one leng. He has known Hua Siniang for so long. I really don’t know what her real name is, and the other party deliberately took advantage of a generational name.
"Just accept me or reject me in one sentence. Give me a happy word. If you refuse, I will leave immediately and I will never bother you again!" Flowers leisurely said bluntly
"This … what are you looking at me?" Xiao Fan was at a loss.
"Nothing is very simple. When my eldest brother was in trouble, I swore that I would marry anyone who could help me save my eldest brother! Is this answer satisfactory? " Flower four niang didn’t good the spirit say
"ah? Is there such a thing? " Xiao Fan opened his mouth. "Isn’t this too serious?"
"What child’s play? Do you need a reason to like someone? " Flower four niang asks.
Yeah, do you need a reason to like someone?
I don’t know that once upon a time, Xiao Fan’s yellow sand holy city stood in front of him against Hongshi’s back, just like a brand, which deeply engraved the depths of Huayou’s heart.
That figure made her forget for a long time, and every time she closed her eyes, it would come to her mind and make her deer bump around.
Maybe this is what it feels like to like someone.
Hua You doesn’t know, but since she saw Xiao Fan again in the border town, her feeling has become more intense.
She hopes to be with this man forever, even if it is only to look at him from a distance.
After being rescued by Xiao Fan’s shadow, Straight Flower Gang saw Xiao Fan again. However, at this time, Xiao Fan was accompanied by several beautiful women who were as beautiful as her own.
At that time, Huayou’s heart tasted sour, and she knew it was jealousy and envy.
I have been back to Qingyang School for five years, and Huayou wants to see the man in her heart every day. However, this man is very busy every day, and he can occasionally see him far away.
But Hua You is no longer satisfied, so she doesn’t want to go like this again. She wants to let that man know that he is no longer in her heart.
But Huayou is a woman who knows the depth of things. She won’t bother him when she is busy. She keeps waiting by adding trouble.
Finally, five years have passed, and she has waited for this day. Xiao Fan’s great cause has settled, and everything is on the right track. He can finally stop being busy.
As long as she kept hesitating, such as expressing her feelings to her sweetheart, she suddenly heard that her sweetheart was planning to travel again.
At this moment, she can’t wait, and she knows that she can’t wait any longer.
"You like me?" Xiao Fan knows the past and asks.
"Don’t you like me?" Hua You asked this sentence with great courage, and she knew very well that if the other party rejected herself, even if she looked at the other party’s back from afar, her courage would be gone!
Looking at Hua You’s beautiful eyes with tears in them, Xiao Fan smiled as she clutched her skirt tightly with her hands.
He slowly reached out his hand and hung a strand of hair on Huayou’s forehead, provoking some fondly smiles. "Don’t be silly. How could I not like you?"
"You said … is true?" Flowers are hard to believe and ask.
"Is it true that such a beautiful woman sent the door on her own initiative? If I don’t show my respect again, will I still be a normal man?" Xiao Fan’s words are full of jokes.