"Knowing the teacher, we are going to see the flag-raising early that day."

"Come on, go home and take a day off."
"Goodbye, teacher!" The two men gave Li Chujing a gift and ran out with joy.
"Dad, what’s the matter with those two people? So happy? "
Go out to health Wenxuan Liao curtain came in.
"I gave them the pass to see the parade."
"No wonder, Dad, I’m going to pick us up every month. We’ll go back there tonight and stay with her mother. When we get back, we’ll go to the auditorium to watch the party."
"Ok, then you can go now."
After Wenxuan left, he locked the consulting room door and walked to the back administration building.
The more troublesome departments of logistics archives have moved to the new administrative building one after another.
After the holiday, the new dean will move as a whole. Today is actually the last day of the old dean because of the National Day holiday.
Dean Shan, by the flower bed beside the administration building, is alone and doesn’t know what to think.
Li Chu thought for a while or turned and walked past.
"What is the Dean doing here alone?"
"Yo, is the clinic over?"
"It’s over"
"Yes, it’s over. I’m over, too!" Single dean sighed with emotion
"It’s time for the dean to have a rest after a generation of revolutionary workers, and it’s also unique to have a grandson at home."
"Ha ha ha ha, you’re right. You really should have a good rest."
Dean Shan turned his head and stared at the flower bed in front of him and said, "I’ll leave it to you young people."
Li Chu beside him nodded silently.
Chapter six hundred and fourteen Gossip
"What were you talking about with the director just now? Make people running to see "Ding Qiunan asked when she saw her husband came in the office.
"Dean Shan is the last day of the hospital today. I think he’s alone in the flower bed, so I’ll go over there and talk to him casually. Those caring people are much ado about nothing."
Li Chu said nothing when it comes to pulling the chair at the desk.
"Don’t you worry about Lao Du?"
"Ha ha, what a joke? My file is not here. It’s just a temporary job here. Can he wear it for me? Besides, if Lao Du and I are not good at Wenxuan’s wedding, can he lead his lover to go there together? "
"I don’t care whether you are good or not. I’m just waking you up. Although I was shorter than you when I came to the administration building, I am much more familiar with you in this building. I can hear anything less than your ear."
Ding Qiunan said that this place where Li Chuxin’s women get together is definitely a place where all kinds of hexagrams are flying all over the sky
Especially in the logistics department, all kinds of women are in danger, and whoever looks ugly has a sky-high background.
So this is also the place where all kinds of gossip are broadcast.
And Ding Qiunan in this group of women is definitely a relatively heterogeneous one.
Apart from his appearance, he is behind his own men, unlike them, who rely on the shadow of their elders.
"It’s okay, wife. No matter what others say, let’s just be ourselves. These people still can’t influence me."
"My man is the best, okay?"
"That’s my bad not bad, you definitely have a deep understanding." Li Chu proudly picked his eyebrows at his wife.
He was greeted with a charming supercilious look.
"When I came back from lunch just now, I heard some of them say that Shen Shu turned down a proposal for high treatment a few days ago?"
"You logistics these women are really miraculous. You can know everything." Li Chu smiled and shook his head and then he nodded. "They said yes, I know about it."
"What? Why did Shen Shu do this? " Ding Qiunan frowning brows asked.
"Don’t think about it. We agreed that some people want to push me and achieve their real goal. Another thing is that I’m not in a hurry until I’m 50 years old."
"As long as you know it, I don’t understand it either."
Perhaps the former Ding Qiunan had the idea of seeing the scenery from a height behind his man.