"What was the name of that amazing move just now? One shot after another directly defeated Zuo Dahai."

"Yes, yes, so domineering. I want to learn this trick."
They chattered around Moxiao City without noticing that Moxiao City was getting paler and shakier.
Guo Yunyao, a weak woman, didn’t come from behind as fast as they did. As soon as she saw Mo Xiaocheng like this, her horse became impatient and quickly went over to hold Mo Xiaocheng and shouted, "Stop arguing, don’t you see Xiao Xiaocheng, is he hurt?"
After Guo Yunyao shouted, everyone paid attention to the situation in Moxiao City, because Moxiao City’s face was really ugly at this time, and it was difficult to add his bloody arm to make people not worry.
"I’m fine, just let me sit down for a while." MoXiaoCheng gave a way.
Guo Yunyao immediately stared her way "that how line! Look at your pale face and so much blood left in your hands. Go to the hospital. "
It’s true that Mo Xiao looks a little scary. He just left the sea for World War I and spent more than 100 strokes, which consumed a lot of physical strength. In particular, he finally made a move of throwing birds at the phoenix, which can be said to be a cross the rubicon and decided to win or lose. Therefore, his face is pale and his body is crumbling. This is just a physical overdraft situation and nothing serious.
Guo Yunyao burst into tears. She complained, "You are still young. You are fighting with others everywhere. If something happens to you, you … what do you want me to do?"
As soon as this remark came out, it caused a quiet scene. Seeing Guo Yunyao in an alternative way has become even more alternative, and one eye can almost freeze with cold and stare at Guo Yunyao ruthlessly. That’s Zou Feifei.
To have been relieved, Mo Xiaocheng was almost swallowed. He said, "Yunyao, what are you talking about? You’re still crying." He got up again and supported Guo Yunyao to hold his hand and smiled. "Okay, okay, I’m fine. Don’t worry. I was just too strong just now. Let’s go. There’s nothing to see. Let’s go and practice martial arts."
My brothers MoXiaoCheng lobbied to practice martial arts in succession. Zou Feifei gave MoXiaoCheng a hard stare before he left, which made MoXiaoCheng stare inexplicably.
"Aren’t you sleeping in your room? Why are you walking around?" MoXiaoCheng to Guo Yunyao way
"I woke up early, and I was looking for you everywhere. Why are you walking around me? Are you hiding from me again? I didn’t expect to fight with others again." Guo Yunyao stared. "Fighting is fun. Don’t you know I’m worried about you?"
Mo Xiao Cheng Nai Dao "What fight is this? It’s a contest. People challenge us. We can’t help but fight it. This will be laughed to death by others, and I’ve already released my words to welcome experts from all over the world to challenge it." He then said politely, "Yun Yao, you know I’m a practitioner. It’s normal to get injured in a contest. Nothing big will happen. You don’t worry about me."
Guo Yunyao muttered, "I really can’t help you …"
Mo Xiaocheng couldn’t hear him go out first …
After dinner, Mo Xiaocheng and Guo Yunyao walked leisurely in the courtyard.
"Hey, I said, what are you doing hugging me on such a hot day in Yunyao? Aren’t you hot?" Moxiao City is very Naidao.
Hearing this, Guo Yunyao hugged Mo Xiaocheng even tighter. Because the weather has become hotter, she is wearing a low-cut T-shirt and painting a big red heart on her chest tonight, which looks very cute.
"I’m not hot, but you are cool and comfortable." Guo Yunyao laughed.
Mo Xiaocheng stopped talking and walked slowly in his own heart. Bai Guoyunyao could find a door this time. Somehow, with God’s will, he couldn’t avoid it even if he tried to avoid it. Besides, he said that this Los Angeles was half his root. He followed his brother Mo Weicheng and couldn’t go anywhere even if he wanted to.
Well, anyway, let’s drag on, he thought to himself
"Hey Xiao Cheng, you said that the American moon doesn’t look round, right?" Guo Yunyan upward said 1.
Mo Xiaocheng laughed. "This is a psychological problem. It’s also a moon. Why is there no sea circle in the United States?" He looked up at the sky and said with a smile, "Hey, don’t say that the moon is not so round tonight."
Guo Yunyao naturally knows that this is Mo Xiaocheng echoing his sweet smile "sweet mouth".
The next day, Mo Xiaocheng saw a news item that shocked him. The topic was to cover up the problem of Baodao. Do you want to be independent?
Mo Xiaocheng looked at the whole news as a whole, saying that Ma Tianlai, chairman of Baodao, published an inscription and made tough remarks on the return of Baodao, saying that he would never return to China.
President Hu Renbang then made a speech, saying that he was unhappy with Ma Tianlai’s attitude and would send representatives to visit Baodao to discuss the issue of reunification.
The next day, Hu Renbang was refused a visit, so the problem of Baodao immediately became serious, and the media from all over the world reported it one after another.
MoXiao city murmured "huh? Baodao’s attitude is so tough this time. Is there any backup? Is Ma Tianlai the Kuomintang or the United States and Japan? "
He threw away all his distractions and meditated on it himself. Although this news looks ordinary, he has experienced a lot of news at ordinary times and feels that this problem is not so simple. Something is likely to happen this time!
Chapter three hundred and thirteen Back to the sea?
This is not his subjective judgment, but his thoughtful consideration of the first treasure island issue has always been a serious situation. The stalemate between the two sides has always been a sensitive international issue. Secondly, Ma Tianlai has always maintained a moderate attitude and suddenly became tough and published an inscription. This is almost equivalent to declaring the independence of Treasure Island. Third, it is even more obvious that president Hu Renbang sent a representative to visit Treasure Island and was rejected by Ma Tianlai. That is no different from breaking up.
It’s only been half a day since the media from all over the world rushed to report the instant world. If everyone who pays attention to the news knows about it.
When this news comes out, it will shake the world more than any Somali, Libyan and Afghan issue. At the same time, some experts have made an analysis of the seriousness and development direction of this issue. Some experts say that this issue will be gradually subsided, while others say that this incident will be a fuse, causing the war in China on Baodao.
But that’s the problem. Baodao is not a general place. The key is that it is at the top level in the world in all aspects of economy and culture, especially the main problem and the problem of territorial integrity. Since the founding of New China for decades, it has been treated in a peaceful way. Through the mutual integration of people on both sides of the strait, the situation of Baodao will eventually be achieved, and the problem will return to the trend.
According to the old saying, this peaceful solution is that it takes time to boil frogs in warm water, so we must persist in it and return to China one day.
However, the Chinese side was caught off guard when it suddenly became tough. I didn’t expect that sending representatives to visit would be rejected, which has not happened for decades.
Several old people sat in a wide meeting in a towering building in Beijing, surrounded by Zhongnanhai bodyguards.
An old man, these old people appear frequently, depending on one of the national leaders, especially president Hu Renbang 3!
"Ma Tianlai dared to be tough on the issue of Baodao, either because he got support, otherwise he didn’t have the guts, and his support was either the United States, Japan and other countries that wanted a piece of the action."
Hu Renbang took the lead in speaking.
Then a chief spoke. He was the Minister of Defense.
"Hum, I think Ma Tianlai doesn’t know how to write a dead word without eating bullets. Chen Ah-bian didn’t dare to do this before. He was able to get arrogant with the support of the United States. That’s childish wishful thinking!"
Another chief spoke. He is one of the nine standing committees.
"Yes, we have always adopted a peaceful solution. They dare not take their hands because we are soft persimmons. It is no different from declaring independence and establishing a new government."
"that treasure island problem must be sol, so it is a solemn and sacred mission of the people of China to recover it, solve the Taiwan Province problem and realize national reunification! Our country has always carried out the principle of "one country, two systems, peaceful settlement". It is a natural trend to recover the treasure island with a moderate attitude. When Ma Tianlai did this, it was the China people’s enemy. Our country would never let him do this, or it would become a laughing stock of the world! Madam President, I suggest that we make a public announcement. If Ma Tianlai goes like this again, we will have to take a tough attitude to solve the problem! "
"But …"
A moderate leader spoke.
"I don’t agree with this practice. First of all, Baodao is an inseparable part of our national territory. Although Ma Tianlai’s attitude is a little tough, he hasn’t directly declared independence. If he hasn’t announced it, then he hasn’t taken the last step. We must use appropriate means or have room for manoeuvre."
Paused, the chief added, "I don’t know if you still remember that on January 1, 1979, the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress of People’s Republic of China (PRC) issued a message to Taiwan Province compatriots, which solemnly declared the major policy of the China government to peacefully resolve the Taiwan Province issue and called on the two sides of the strait to hold talks on ending the military confrontation, saying that when realizing national reunification, we must respect the status quo of Taiwan Province and the opinions of people from all walks of life in Taiwan Province and adopt reasonable policies and measures. This is the practice of previous leaders, and I think our younger generation leaders would not. If you really violate the principle, don’t go out of the last step. After all, in this way, we can recover Baodao, which is also a ruin. It is also a waste of time and a waste of money. "
As soon as this was said, all the leaders were silent. If there was a fight, it would be that the people were in poverty. Even if there was a call, it would be mostly ruins. Since it was broken, it would be necessary to build a construction. It was a waste of people and money. Everyone knew that it would not be necessary to make moves.
At present, the world is generally in a peaceful situation, but the situation and wars are constantly going on, especially in the era of nuclear weapons. Once a war is launched, it is not a matter of two countries, and other countries will be involved in it to some extent, especially in the case of Baodao. What Ma Tianlai did was either supported by the United States, and it is very likely that the United States gave him some promises to control it.
Hu Renbang gently knocked on the desktop and said seriously, "We should take a long-term view on the matter of Baodao, mainly to see what opinions people from all walks of life hold on this matter before we plan."